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Jobs in Chad that sponsor visas for foreigners! Are you searching for Information about the employment in Chad? Do you want to know the work visa categories in Chad? Are you looking for Jobs in Chad that sponsor visas for foreigners? The you should definitely read this post.

Chad has abundant mineral resources, but instability and its remote location have prevented further development. Oil, livestock, and cotton are its top three exports, and it has close trading ties with the USA, India, and Japan. Although its GDP is increasing year after year, the economy is still mostly based on agriculture.

The Jobs in Chad that sponsor visas for foreigners provided in this article, you will also get to know about the employment in Chad, the conditions for Obtaining Work Visas for Chad and a whole lot more.

Employment in Chad

Agriculture has historically provided the majority of employment opportunities in Chad, but since the discovery of oil, the country’s economy has experienced rapid growth. There’s are several chances for highly skilled individuals in early career and senior roles due to the export of cotton and oil. Since public healthcare and education systems frequently lack funding, it’s critical to have access to private services. People considering relocation find the nation to be particularly alluring due to its rich cultural legacy.

Chad Work Visa Categories

To enter Chad, all foreigners must have a valid passport and visa, unless they are citizens of Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, the Republic of Central Africa, Congo, Gabon, Niger, or Equatorial Guinea. Citizens of any of these countries can enter Chad without a visa and remain for up to 90 days. Furthermore, certain people can receive visas on arrival if they have an Entry Authorization letter issued by Chadian officials. Only citizens of Benin can acquire a visa on arrival in the absence of a permission letter.

Business and tourist visas are the two overarching visa classifications for everyone else. Individuals who need to attend sales meetings, conferences, or seminars, or who need to travel for business or to deliver services, are granted business visas. Tourist visas are available for anyone traveling to Chad for family emergency, family visits, sightseeing, or other tourist objectives.

The categories are divided into single-entry and multiple-entry alternatives. Visas are valid for one month for single entry and three months for multiple entry. Depending on an employee’s employment agreement and the length of their stay, you can extend a visa and acquire a work permit.

Jobs in Chad that sponsor visas for foreigners

For employment in Chad, a VISA is required. Before applying, it is advised to find a job there because your new employer may frequently sponsor your application.

Check out the list of Visa sponsorship jobs in Chad for foreigners below:

  • Social Development Specialist
  • Project Development Manager
  • Front End Lead
  • Teachers
  • Senior C# Cross Platform Software Engineer
  • Senior Health Coordinator (SHC)
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Communication Consultants

Conditions for Obtaining Work Visas for Chad

The kind of visa your employees require will determine the conditions for a Chad working visa. However, some of the most typical records required for both are as follows:

  • a genuine, signed passport good for an additional six months beyond the intended stay
  • Having two unfilled visa pages in your passport
  • a completed application
  • a single current passport-sized picture
  • an invitation letter from your business or another local sponsor outlining the applicant’s trip objectives
  • Evidence of duration of stay, lodging, host’s name, and contact details
  • A letter presenting the candidate and outlining their work position on your company’s letterhead
  • Identification of the applicant’s financial supporter
  • a copy of the airline tickets, an airline or travel agency’s confirmation of the flight itinerary, or both
  • a declaration of vaccination against yellow fever

Visas for Chad are typically processed in four business days, however depending on your demands, you can pay extra for a speedy or emergency service.


The Application Method

To remain compliant, everyone who wants to work in Chad must have a work permit. Before starting a labor contract with a foreigner, you as the employer must submit a request to the National Office for Employment Promotion (ONAPE). For all expats to qualify for a work permit, the proper legal documentation is required, including:

  • a year maximum for the duration of the work permit
  • a residency permit
  • a lengthy visa as well as a return visa
  • an employment agreement with a set time limit
  • Additionally, employers will need to enroll their staff in social security and tax programs.

Additional Crucial Points

Within 72 hours of their arrival, all visitors must register with the police or risk being fined. Your staff members might need to provide parental responsibility documentation if they are traveling with their kids.

Please feel free to leave your questions or comments in the comment section below if you have any more regarding Chad employment that require a visa sponsorship.

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