Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Libya for foreigners 2024/2025 available positions

Employment with Visa Sponsorship in Libya for Foreigners in 2024/2025! Are you a foreigner seeking for a job in Northern Africa that would sponsor your visa? And you don’t want to bear the financial burden of having to pay for your own visa. Are you looking for a Libyan organization that offers visa sponsorship benefits? You should definitely read this article.

Foreign people who seek to work in Libya are issued a Libya work visa. It is prohibited to work in the nation without a work visa. A small Libyan firm normally has the authority to bring in 20 foreign workers, unless the company already has contracts to handle major projects that often demand more people. The work visa application procedure in Libya must be commenced through the Work Department.

The visa sponsorship job for foreigners in Libya, the work visa procedure, what you need to get a business visa in Libya, and much more will be covered in this article.

Visa Sponsorship job for foreigners in Libya 2024

Below are the available visa sponsorship jobs for  foreigners in Libya :

  • Trade Finance Specialist
  • Budget Officer
  • Call Center Cusromer Serivec Represecnrtive
  • Reception Manager
  • Office Administrator
  • Medical Represntive
  • Account Manager
  • Rentention Specialist
  • Marketing and Communications Directioor
  • Sales & Marketing Director
  • Accountant at Tadawul Financial
  • Purcghasing Assistant
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
  • Hr Mnanager – Financial Sector
  • Marketing and Communication Manager
  • Guest Servixce Coordinator
  • Power Generation Sakles Executive

Work Visa Application Process

The following are the procedure for getting the Libya work visa

  • Step 1: The candidate must have a job offer from a Libyan firm in order to apply for a work visa.
  • Step 2: The firm starts the procedure by submitting an application to the Work Department for a work visa approval, together with a copy of the applicant’s passport, an invitation letter written by the employer, and the requisite costs.
  • Step 3: The application is approved by the work department, and a copy is sent to immigration.
  • Step 4: The immigration department prepares the “work visa approval” and emails a copy to the Libyan embassy in the applicant’s home country.
  • Step 5: The applicant goes to the embassy, pays the required payments, and receives the visa stamp in his or her passport.

What jobs are in demand in Libya?

Internet Media and Content Evaluator jobs in Libya, Software Engineer jobs in Libya, Finance Manager positions in Libya, and Area Director jobs in Libya are among the job titles that are in great demand in Libya and have numerous openings online.

What do I need to get a business visa in Libya?

Without the sponsorship of an employer, it is not feasible to get a business or work visa for Libya. Once a company approves an expert and begins the application process from within Libyan boundaries, the expat must formally seek a visa application from the Libyan consulate in the country form and submit all required papers to the consulate for processing, and be prepared to wait.

Requirements for a Passport

Please ensure that your passport satisfies the following legal requirements:

  • The passport must be valid for the period of your stay in Libya as well as for at least six months after you depart.
  • The passport lacks an Israeli stamp.
  • At least two blank pages must be included in the passport.

Work Visa Validity

Typically, the initial work visa is issued for three months. Once within Libya, the visa can be renewed or extended.


What are the main industries of employment in Libya?

Another significant area of employment in Libya is construction. The Organization for the Development of Administrative Centers and other branches of the government, such the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Infrastructure, commission projects from this sector.

The sponsoring firm will begin the application procedure by formally seeking the visa from within Libyan borders. To ease this procedure, expats will need to provide their potential employer with essential information. At this time, expats should indicate whether or not their family will accompany them.

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