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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Montenegro for Foreigners 2024/2025!  Looking for a country in the Balkans that can sponsor your visa as an ex-pat worker? Furthermore, you don’t want to bear the financial burden of paying for your own visa. Are you searching for a Montenegro -based company to sponsor your visa? Without a doubt, read this article.

A company or organization must sponsor the visas of foreign nationals before it may employ them for work or employment. They sponsor expatriates with credentials who reside overseas. Any company or organization may hire competent overseas labor. The employer in Montenegro accepts the foreign employee’s word that they will continue to work there. When sponsoring foreign nationals, the business must adhere to specific regulations.

Here you will get to know the visa sponsorship job in Montenegro for foreigners, the Montenegro work visa categories, conditions for obtaining Work Visas for Montenegro, and how to get employment in Montenegro, and a lot more.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Montenegro for Foreigners 2024/2025

Below are the Visa sponsorship job available in Montenegro for foreigners:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Head of Growth
  • Manager, Solution Engineering
  • Assistant Programme
  •  Account Executive
  • Waiter
  • Principal Test Automation Engineer
  •  Recreation Hostess
  • Assistant Waiter
  • Hostess
  • Barmen
  • Officer Manager
  • Retail and Groceries Lead

Montenegro Work Visa Categories

The Montenegrin government grants three types of work permits to foreign nationals in order to regulate their employment in the country:

  • Personal work permits: These licenses are available to foreign nationals residing in Montenegro. It can be issued for up to a year, and the bearer enjoys unfettered access to the job market for the duration of the permit’s validity.
  • Employment permits are provided to foreign nationals upon the request of a Montenegrin employer.
  • Work permits: A work permit is provided for seasonal employment, training, contractual work, and other short-term business purposes.

We advise getting employment permits for any foreign nationals who intend to work for your firm in Montenegro in order to streamline the application procedure.

Conditions for Obtaining Work Visas for Montenegro

The following paperwork must be gathered and submitted by foreign nationals in order to apply for a Montenegrin working permit:

  • current passport evidence of health insurance
  • an investigation into the applicant’s criminal history of local police
  • a Montenegrin police background check
  • an employment offer from a Montenegrin business

Montenegro loosened the conditions for work and residency permits in 2024 and no longer requires further verification, such as a bank statement or employer-issued proof of earnings, to show that the applicant has the financial resources to maintain oneself in Montenegro. A job offer now requires the employer to promise to pay at least the minimum wage in order to qualify as credible proof.

Application Method

Foreign nationals must first get a residency permit in order to live in Montenegro before submitting an application for an employment permit. To obtain this permit, candidates must go to the Montenegrin embassy or consulate in the nation where they currently reside and present all required documentation.

On the basis of a work permit, the Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs will provide a residency permit. It’s crucial to remember that applicants’ residence permits won’t be valid until they get a work permit.

The employer in Montenegro is in charge of starting the request for an employment permit for people who are not required to have a visa in order to enter the country. Foreign people who do require a visa must submit an application for permission at the embassy in their home country. In either case, the worker is free to go to Montenegro and start working after the employment permit has been granted and given.

The Montenegro Employment Bureau is responsible for distributing all work permits. Since obtaining a work permit in Montenegro normally takes about a month, it is advised that international workers start the application procedure well before their intended travel date.

Additional Crucial Points

Currently, Montenegro is not a member of the European Union (EU). Therefore, both foreign nationals from other nations outside of Europe and inhabitants of EU member states must comply with visa and work permit regulations. Nevertheless, because Montenegro is a prospective member of the EU, these specifications might alter in the future.

How do I get employment in Montenegro?

Zavod Za zapoljavanje is the name of the Employment Bureau of Montenegro’s official website. Its objective is to assist jobless people in finding employment as quickly as possible. You go to “SRM,” which stands for Slobodna radna mjesta, to view the open positions. You may discover a lot of chances here.

In theory, searching for a job in Montenegro is the same as searching for a job in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and other nations. There are several options for looking for additional jobs and freelance work.

1. Thematic sites.

“Jobs in Montenegro” and “Work in Montenegro” are frequent inquiries. You may find a ton of topical websites and online resources in Yandex and Google that provide information on working in Montenegro. You may upload your CV and browse job opportunities on these websites.

We’ve hand-picked the most well-liked workplaces in Montenegro just for you:

  • (State Employment Agency)

2. Social networking pages (Facebook, Vkontakte) and numerous specialist forums.

Offering goods and services on the social network Facebook is fairly widespread in Montenegro. There are dedicated sections and themed groups (“Work in Montenegro,” “Montenegro. Work,” and so on) where you may post job search advertisements or seek information from other members. As a result, it makes sense to sign up for social media and join organizations dedicated to Montenegro or working in Montenegro, and to check their news feeds on a daily basis.

Furthermore, in any of these groups, you may ask about any issue you have, and migrants who have been in Montenegro for a long time would be delighted to help, provide advice, or tell you where you can go or what you can do to fix the problem.

3. Employment agencies.

There are also various recruiting agencies in Montenegro that may assist with seeking work. These are usually either Russian or international firms.

4. Job postings in local newspapers.

On the pages of several Montenegrin newspapers, you may discover job advertisements from local businesses. One of the most well-known is “Tender Oglasi,” which is published every week in several Montenegrin cities.


Does Montenegro allow foreigners to work?

The law states that foreigners may be employed, or work, in Montenegro as long as they have the following documents: a work permit, permission for permanent residence (as opposed to a temporary residence permit), a labor contract, and proof that the taxpayer reported the foreigner’s work in accordance with the law.

How much does it cost to live in Montenegro?

Without rent, a family of four is predicted to spend $1,697 ($1,665€) per month. Without rent, a single person’s projected monthly expenses are 486$ (477€). The average cost of living in Montenegro is 50.01% less than it is in the United States. The average rent in Montenegro is 75.41% less than it is in the US.

What is the Montenegrin average salary?

In Montenegro, the average monthly wage for an employee is about 2,670 EUR. The lowest average wage is 680 euros, while the highest is 11,900 euros (the highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher). This is the typical monthly wage, which also includes housing, transportation, and other amenities.

The Dangers of Illegal Work

The basic labor legislation – Zakon o zaposljavanju I radu stranaca – governs labor relations in Montenegro. The provisions of this law explicitly control the entry of foreigners to work, the length of the working week, payment regulations, dismissal order, and much more. Furthermore, the terms of this law require the business to accumulate and pay taxes on each employee recruited. The law is very rigorous when it comes to the formal registration of employees on corporate staff, and unlawful labor can cost both the employee and the employer.

The employer has no authority to sign an employment contract with an employee who does not have a work permit or a residence permit in their organization. In this case, they face fines ranging from 500 to 20,000 euros. The foreign worker must retain their work permit at their employer. Otherwise, they and the director will each be fined 200 euros, and the firm that committed the breach will be penalized 400 euros.

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