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Are you looking for recruitment agencies in Austria for foreigners? Austria is one of the destinations of migrants intending to start a career in Europe.

In this article we’re going to talk about recruitment agencies in Austria; how to get a job in Austria as a foreigner, work visas in Austria

Austria is a highly developed industrialized country with more recruitment for available job vacancies with an important service sector. The most important industries are food and luxury commodities, vehicle manufacturing, mechanical engineering and steel construction, and chemicals.

In the agricultural sector, Austria is witnessing a strong trend toward organic farming. With an overall share of 22%, organic farms in Austria cover a leading position among the EU Member countries. Read more about Austria Recruitment Agencies hereunder.

Top Recruitment agencies in Austria for foreigners 2023

1. Michael Page Austria
Michael page is one of the best recruitment agencies in the world. This reputable recruitment firm specializes in the placement of candidates in permanent, contract, temporary, and interim positions with clients all over the world.

Michael Page area of specialization include:

Banking & Financial services
Engineering & manufacturing
Accounting & Finance
Human Resources
Sales & Marketing
Procurement & Supply Chain
Tax & Legal

2. Hays Austria

Hays is one of the world’s largest recruitment firms that’s also present in Austria. Hays brand in Austria helps connect top talents with organizations.For temporary work, contract work, personnel recruitment, or workforce management, Hays Austria has your back.

Hays Austria specialises in areas such:

Information Technology
Life Sciences
Sales & Marketing

3. Mondial Recruiting
Mondial Recruiting is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Austria.
They are well experienced in cross-border recruitment and also work in many sectors like the automotive industry, electronic industry, and automation industry.
For candidates seeking employment opportunities, Mondial Recruiting will help you find the right position as well as assist you in terms of relocation, VISA application, and any other tasks to ensure a smooth transition to your company and location

4. Manpower Austria
Manpower is a leading provider of recruitment, personnel consulting, and temporary employment in Austria.
This leading recruitment firm places qualified personnel in companies as well as find suitable jobs for applicants.
Their job offer includes commercial, technical, commercial and industrial jobs, as well as student and part-time jobs.

5. Experis
Experis is a specialist in personnel consulting and recruitment that offer a perfect match between candidates and companies.

This specialist recruitment firm places personnel from the fields of IT, engineering, finance & accounting, Human Resources, legal, banking & financial services, and sales & marketing.


How to get a job in Austria as a foreigner

To be able to work in Austria there are certain requirements you need to meet before standing a chance to get a job in Austria. For Foreigners outside EU, you will need a work visa to be able to work in Austria, you also need to demonstrate basic language skills and qualifications to work in Austria.

Which Jobs is in demand in Austria

If you’re a foreigner planning to relocate to Austria or already there Your best bet is to inform yourself about high-demand, high-growth job fields in the Austrian labor market so you can pick an area with the best outlook. Some of this jobs are:

  • Tourism and gastronomy
  • IT
  • Health
  • Retail, trade, and e-commerce
  • Media, culture, and entertainment

Work visas in Austria

As a foreigner outside the EU, you will need to obtain a work permit to work in Austria. An Austrian employer may recruit a foreign national but they must apply for approval and an employment permit from the regional employment office.

Additionally, foreign employees who are posted by their employer to work temporarily in Austria are covered by Austrian employment law.

Language requirements to work in Austria

The official language in Austria is German, and the majority of the population speaks German, it will be of great advantage if you learn the basics of the language .

Luckily, there are plenty of language learning apps and courses that you can use to do this. And because many other nations in the EU also speak German, it will certainly come in handy if you plan to travel to the region.

Qualifications to work in Austria

As with most things, if you are from an EU or EEC country, your university degree and other qualifications should be recognized in Austria and you don’t need to do anything.

However, if you are from another country, you will need a nostrification in Austria. In order to get this, you will need to apply to the relevant public university. You should know within three months whether you need to do any supplementary examinations.

Austria is a developed country in Europe, when considering traveling to Austria it is good to always have first hand information about recruitment agencies in Austria for foreigners, work visas in Austria, language requirement and qualifications to work in Austria. Best of luck in your job search.

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