Visa sponsorship jobs in Estonia for foreigners 2024/2025 | See Skilled/Unskilled Job Vacancies Apply Now

Visa sponsorship jobs in Estonia for foreigners 2024/2025! With the correct amount of persistence and ambition, it is possible for foreigners to find job in Estonia in 2024. Information technology and car transportation should receive special consideration when looking for a job in Estonia, whereas agricultural work is better suited for temporary employment.

For labor migrants from the post-Soviet space, Estonia is thought to be the most alluring nation in the Baltic region. This tiny nation, which only has 1.3 million citizens, is a part of the European Union, has a stable economy, and its level of living is fairly high. For instance, the typical income from labor in Tallinn is between 1,100 and 1,200 euros after taxes.

You can receive a resident permit in Estonia through long-term employment with Visa Sponsorship, and after eight years of nonstop stay there, you can apply for an Estonian passport. Of course, a foreigner’s line of work needs to be in demand by businesses in order to find employment on the local labor market.

Let’s look at the list of the current visa sponsorship jobs in Estonia, the employment and pay in Estonia, information on the Estonian job search, the work visa categories in Estonia and more in this article

List of Estonia’s shortage jobs

Check the list of shortage jobs in Estonia below:

  • Doctors (different directions)
  • Engineers
  • Business and Management Managers
  • Teachers to universities
  • Programmers (different directions)
  • Agricultural workers
  • Builders
  • School teachers
  • Lawyers

Estonia’s labor market and Visa Sponsorship jobs

Estonia’s unemployment rate is under 6%. There is also a slight scarcity of highly qualified and unskilled labor in several areas of the Estonian economy. To work in an official capacity in Estonia, you must first locate a job opening, sign an employment contract, get a work permit, open a visa, and submit an application for a residence permit.

In exceptional circumstances, such as for university professors, athletes, seasonal farm laborers, and some other professions, there is a streamlined method for labor migration to Estonia. However, typically, neither Estonians nor citizens of the European Union should apply for a job. The greatest place to look for work is in Tallinn, where more than 60% of all available positions are located.

List of Visa sponsorship jobs in Estonia for foreigners 2024

Check the available jobs in Estonia that can sponsor visas for foreigners below

  • Frontend Engineer
  • Tech Lead
  • Engineering Manager, Data Engineering Team
  • Senior Backend Engineer – Finance & Treasury Tribe
  • SMB Client Specialist Coordinator
  • Integration Manager
  • Localisation Specialist – Mandarin/Simplified Chinese Speaker
  • Python back-end developer
  • Due Diligence Agent – Relocation Sponsorship (Entry Level Role)
  • Customer Support Manager (Wise.Blue)
  • Customer Support Associate (English Speaker) – Relocation Sponsorship

Employment and pay in Estonia

The average net monthly wage in Estonia in 2022 will be 1,305 euros. For instance, this is a fairly excellent predictor because it is greater than in the Czech Republic, Poland, and other Baltic and Eastern European nations.

Additionally, in recent years, Estonia’s minimum wage has steadily increased. On January 1, 2022, the monthly amount will increase from 320 euros to 654 euros.

If you are in the right industry, Estonia is plenty with prospects for foreigners, and you have a decent chance of finding employment here in this Baltic country.

Estonian job search

If you want to work in Estonia, websites like CV Online and CV Keskus are a fantastic place to start.

In Estonia, there is always a demand for English teachers, and there are many job options in engineering and information technology. In Estonia, there are a lot of foreigners that own their own businesses.

Although many Estonians, especially in the cities, know English, it is advisable to become at least somewhat competent in Estonian if you wish to optimize your employment options. Although it is a difficult language to master, doing so will open doors for you that you otherwise would not have.

Work visa categories in Estonia

There are three separate visa types for Estonia:

  • Type A: Airport transit visas are available to travelers travelling through airports in Schengen Area members that have international transit areas.
  • Type C: A short-term visa that allows holders to spend no more than 90 days in the Schengen region in any 180-day period.
  • Type D: Long-stay visa that allows for a single or numerous admissions for up to 365 days in a row.

Criteria to Apply for Work Visas in Estonia

For them to be granted a work visa for Estonia, your staff must fulfill a number of requirements. They will initially need a job offer from you as an employer in Estonia. A legitimate employment contract serving as proof that they will work for you should also be provided.

It is crucial that you send a letter of invitation to the Police and Border Guard Board. The Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund may in some circumstances need to approve the applicant’s employment. If your employee is a top specialist, they might have to fulfill more criteria.


Application Method

To acquire a long-stay work visa in Estonia, employers must submit a number of documents, including:

  • a passport with two blank pages for visas that was issued during the last ten years, is valid for at least three months after the visa expires.
  • a filled-out and signed application
  • a picture
  • Documents proving the purpose of the trip, such as a letter from the host, work documents, study documents, proof of family ties, and housing documentation, must be submitted. The insurance policy must cover at least EUR 30,000 for the duration of the stay.
  • 10 fingerprints are included in the biometric data.
  • payment of the EUR 100 visa charge

Please feel free to post any additional questions or comments you may have on visa sponsorship employment opportunities in Estonia for foreigners in the comment box below.

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