How to check Google play store gift card balance – Simple Guidelines

Do you want to see how much money your Google Play gift card has left on it? Knowing how much money is left on your Google Play gift card helps you to keep track of your spending and, if necessary, rein it in.

Because of the Google Play gift card’s widespread popularity and acceptability, the majority of its users will need to know how to check the gift card balance.

In this post, you will learn how to check your Google Play gift card balance, how to redeem a Google Play gift card, how Google play gift card works, and many other vital updates on how to check balance on Google play gift card.

How To Check Your Google Play Gift Card Balance

A Google Play gift card may be used to purchase books, applications, newsstands, and even subscriptions from the Google Play Store.

But how can you know whether the card has enough money to cover your expenses? If you want to know your Goggle play gift card check out the steps below:

Utilize the Google Play Store app – you can check your Google play gift card by using the Google play store app and here is how

  • On your Android smartphone, go to the Google Play Store and check the balance of your Google Play gift card.
  • A pop-out menu will appear if you click on the horizontal lines in the upper-left corner.
  • Click on “Payment Methods” under “Account.” It’s at the very top of the “Account” menu. Your account balance will be shown next to “Google Play balance” at the top of the menu.

Make Use Of A Browser – another way to check your Google  gift card balance is by using a browser, here is how to do so

  • Navigate to the main Google Page website by going to on a smartphone or a PC.
  • If you are not immediately logged in, sign in with your Google account email address and password.
  • After logging in, select “Account” from the “Devices” menu. This displays your Google Play account balance in the “Payment Methods” area at the top of the page.
You may check your Google Play gift card balance on a computer, Android phone, or iPhone, or you can contact Google Play at 1-855-466-4438.  Speak with a customer service agent and request that they verify the balance of your gift card for you.
Finally, you may go to a Google Play shop and ask a cashier to verify your card balance. Bear in mind in mind that your “Google Play” balance and “Google Pay” balance is separate.
Google Play can only be used to buy products from the Google Play Store, such as applications, movies, music, and so on, but Google Pay can be used everywhere that takes Google Pay.


How Google play gift card works

Your Google Play balance is a credit that you may use to purchase Google Play Store content. Gift cards, digital gift coupons, and promo codes can all be used to boost your account balance. It is not possible to transfer your Google Play balance.

How do I redeem a Google Play gift card?

A Google Play gift card could then be useful. If you’ve been handed a Google Play card and want to put it to good use, here’s how.

To begin, scratch the grey strip on the back of the card with a penny to reveal the card’s code.

  • Go ahead and open on your browser.
  • You will be prompted to enter the gift code in a popup window. Type the code.
  • Click “Redeem” after entering the code.
The gift should be applied to your Google Play balance immediately.
Select Payment methods from the left menu, and then look at the top method
This Gift Card has no fees or expiration dates. Unless otherwise required by law, any refunded Google Play amounts will be paid back to your Google Play balance for Gift Cards for future use under these terms of service.
Note that the Google Play gift card has no refund policy and cannot be returned once purchased.
Please leave your comments below if you have any further questions or queries about how to check your Google Play gift card balance.

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