How to check Target gift card balance | simple steps

Having difficulties checking the balance on your Target gift card? Have you recently received a Target gift card and want to know how much money is left on it? Do you want to know how to use your Target gift card to make an online purchase? Then we’re here to assist you.

Target gift cards are used to make purchases on, on the target app, and in target stores. Target gift cards come in a variety of formats, including mobile gift cards, eGift Cards, and physical gift cards.

Here you will get to know how to check your target gift card balance, how you can get the access number for your target gift card, how to redeem a target gift card online, and a lot more.

How to check the balance on a Target gift card

There are different ways to check your target gift card balance which are :

Using your phone – To know your target gift card balance and recent transactions made you can call 1-800-544-2943.

Online – you might not need to create a target account if you do not have a target account because it’s not required. If you have a target gift card saved, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • First, you need to open the Target gift card checker page
  • Next, you need to type in the 15-digit card number and the access number. You can find these numbers by simply just scratching off the silver strip located on the back of your physical target gift card.
  • Finally, click on check balance to see your current balance.

How can I get the access number for my Target gift card?

You can get the access number for your Target gift card by following these simple steps

  • On – currently, the Target Gift card cannot be requested in the Target App but on
  • Once you are on you will go to the Account/Name tab
  • Then you will select Gift cards
  • Select Get access number after you have to find the target gift card you want to use
  • The target Gift card access number will be sent to the email tied.


How can I redeem my Target gift card online?

If you want to redeem your target gift card online then you need to follow these simple steps below

  • Access your Target account on
  • Then navigate to the checkout
  • Click on I’m ready to checkout
  • In the payment section, you will select Edit and then select the Apply a Target gift card checkbox
  • Then you need to select which gift card you want to use
  • Finally, after making your decision complete your checkout.

Can I return a Target gift card?

The Target gift card is non-returnable. It is, however, subject to change, and your best defense against gift card expiration is the Federal Credit Card Act of 2009, which forbids gift cards from expiring for more than five years (and although Target does not currently levy inactivity fees).

Even if it is printed on the gift cards, the Target gift card does not lose its value or expire, according to Target. A account is necessary to access and redeem monies from email and mobile gift cards for online and in-store purchases. To redeem gift card funds on or in-store, you’ll need an access number.

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