How to check iTunes gift card (Apple) balance – Simple steps

Do want to know a way you can check the current balance on your iTunes Gift Card without difficulty? Are looking for a way to redeem your iTunes Gift card? Do you want to know how you can utilize your iTunes gift card? Then you are in the right place for your search.

Physical iTunes gift cards and digital gift cards delivered via email are both options. You can buy, download, and watch music, movies, and apps using iTunes gift cards, which are prepaid credit optionsYou can sign up for Apple services like Apple Music with iTunes gift cards.

This article will show you how to use an iTunes gift card (Apple), check the balance on an iTunes gift card (Apple), and redeem an iTunes gift card (Apple), among other things.

why you should know how to check the balance on a gift card

You should be able to check the balance on your gift card for the following reasons, among others:
  • Verify the balance to make sure it is unused if you are buying from a third party.
  • The value of the gift card must be established before you can sell it again.
  • You must first ascertain how much money is left on a gift card before using it to make purchases.
  • Knowing the value of a gift card before giving it to a charity is essential.

How to check your iTunes gift card balance

The value of an iTunes gift card should be printed on the card if you have one and need to know how much it is worth.
The value of the card will be exactly what it says on it if it hasn’t been redeemed. The value will be zero if it has already been redeemed.
You should follow these steps to check your balance.
On a gadget – Go to the iTunes store app or your account home screen on your Apple computer, mobile device, or PC and select the option to view your account balance.
Online – you can check your balance by going to the Apple Account website, logging in with your Apple ID.
via phoneYou can log a balance inquiry by calling1-800-MY-APPLE and following the voice prompts.

How to redeem an iTunes gift card

  • Activate the iTunes Store.
  • The Music, Movies, or TV Shows tab should be chosen.
  • At the top of the screen, select Featured.
  • Click the Redeem button after scrolling to the bottom.
  • Depending on which method you prefer to use, tap either the use camera button or the You can also enter your code manually option.
  • Click the Redeem button after taking a picture of the card or manually entering the card’s code.

How Can I Use an iTunes Gift Card?

Once your iTunes credit has been redeemed, the following services are accessible:
  • a variety of games and apps from the iOS and Mac App Stores, including memberships to Apple Arcade.
  • You can stream movies, music, and TV shows from iTunes or Apple TV.
  • a selection of books from Apple Books.
  • a subscription service like Apple News+ or Apple TV+ that regularly charges your iTunes account.
  • iCloud should have more space.
When you redeem an iTunes gift card,the remaining balance is added to your Apple ID account. Try redeeming your gift card if you’re not sure if you’ve used it yet.

We hope that this article has been helpful.

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