How to convert Best buy gift card to cash | Turn Gift card to cash

Best buy doesn’t do cash back on their Gift card, do you want to know how to convert Best buy gift card to cash? Are you searching for how to transfer your best buy gift card balance to Paypal or bank account?

While gift cards remain one Of the best way of sharing gifts to our love ones. You might happen to receive a Best buy gift card but the items you’re looking for are not found in the store or you just need cash instead of gift card, then you start looking for how to turn your best buy gift card to cash.

In this article we’re going to show you some ways which you can use to exchange best buy gift card for cash. we will also explain how you can transfer your balance to Paypal.

How to convert Best buy gift card to cash

They’re several ways in which you can use to exchange your best buy gift card for cash this include;

  1. Purchase items at Best Buy and return them for cash
  2. Buy items at Best Buy and resell them
  3. List your gift card on an e-commerce platform
  4. Use Reddit
  5. Ask a friend or family member to buy it from you
  6. Use a reseller website to sell the card

Buy Items at Best Buy and Return Them for Cash

To do this You can use your gift card to buy items online or in-store and return them later for the cash value, but you will add put an additional cash to make it look like a transaction for example if your gift card balance is $100 you’ll need to buy something of $110 so that when you’re going back to ask for a refund, they’ll consider it as a transaction and refund your money in cash since you have them some amount of money in cash . You shouldn’t do this multiple times, Buying and returning too many products may cause unnecessary suspicion.

Buy Items at Best Buy and Sell Them

While this option can be risky, reselling items can bring you more money than expected since you might buy items with discounted price and then sell them on other platform. Use your gift card to buy products at Best Buy and sell them online or to anyone.

List Your Gift Card on an e-commerce platform

listing your Best Buy gift card on an e-commerce platform, you can get more money than it’s worth. Craigslist and eBay are some of the best online platforms options. Another brilliant platform you can also list your card on is Facebook marketplace.

Use Reddit

There is a gift card exchange subreddit where you can list your Best Buy card and exchange it for cash, but to do this you will have to be ready to sell it slightly lower than the value of the best buy gift card . While on the website, you can also check others experiences and recommendations regarding the gift cards from Best Buy.

Ask a Friend or Family Member To Buy It From You
You may have a friend who wants to get something from best buy, you can ask to get it for them then they reimburse you.. Ask your friends or family members if they want to buy the gift card from you or use it and reimburse you in cash.

Use a Reseller Website To Sell the Card

Many websites specialize in gift card resale. Even though Best Buy does not officially accept that according to their term and conditions, you can sell your gift card on one of those websites. Just note that there are certain risk factors involved in this option, and always try to do thorough research on the reliable website to avoid being scammed.


How to convert your best buy gift card balance to Paypal

To convert or exchange Best Buy gift card to PayPal;

  • go to the company’s website
  • enter the merchant’s name and the gift card balance then click “Get Offer”.
  • If any offer is available, you will see the amount of PayPal balance you can exchange with your gift card.
  • Click “Continue” if you agree to the exchange offer
  • Proceed by entering your Best Buy gift card number and PIN, and click “Connect with PayPal”.
  • log in to your PayPal account and fill in the details required and click “Get my PayPal balance”.

The funds will reflect in your PayPal account in one business day. You can then use this balance to transfer your bank account.

It could seems so difficult to deal with an unwanted gift card or having to figure out a way you can use to convert your best buy gift card to cash. The above outlined ways could be an easy solution. Some of this options are actually fast some will take a little time it Al depends on how badly you need the cash. Considering converting to Paypal could also be a good option

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