Internet Marketing – Definition, Roles, Types, Benefits & How to Start Internet Marketing

In the rapidly expanding and ever_shifting digital age in which we live, the role of internet marketing in modern marketing is no longer a minor one. Internet marketing is a vital part of the success of any organization.

Internet marketing is beneficial to nearly every aspect of the business. Internet marketing encompasses buying and selling, transaction of goods through the use of the internet. The content of this article includes:

  • Definition of the term internet marketing
  • The role of internet marketing
  • The different types of internet marketing
  • How to start internet marketing
  • The benefit of Internet marketing

Internet marketing which also goes by the name online marketing, digital marketing, web marketing, e_Marketing and so on, is defined as the process of promoting brands, products or services over the internet. It includes any promotional actions that are done through the web or wireless media, including email marketing, blogging, SEO and social media.

What is internet marketing?

Internet marketing, also called digital marketing or online marketing, its involves promoting a brand and it’s product or services to online audiences using the internet and digital media. With internet marketing, you use a combination of online strategies to help you build better relationships with your audience and attract more interest leads.

It is a form of marketing that uses the internet to deliver promotional messages to customers through digital channels such as search engines, emails, websites and social media platforms.


What is the role of Internet marketing?

The world wide reach of the internet has made it possible for businesses to easily reach hundred of new customers and has redefined relationships between business to business and business to customers through the internet, marketers from organization of all sizes are now able to share brands, product and services on a global scale and can do all the time through website,blogs and social media platforms. Consumers are able to find and access information about and from an organization at any time regardless of their location.

Due to the major role of Internet marketing in modern marketing organization cannot afford to ignore marketing online. Because a vast majority of people spend a significant amount of time online, weather they are at school on a laptop or home with desktop or with a smartphone.

Marketing through the internet provides organization a more effective way to promote themselves. It also provides a more efficient way because it does not involve the costs that often come with traditional marketing.


What are the different types of internet marketing?

  • Content marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Display advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Referral marketing


Content marketing is the process of consistently creating, distributing and promoting relevant online materials in  a way that’s strategically designed to attract, engage and convert your target market into customers. Content marketing strategy focusses on sharing valuable, industry_relevant information with your audience with quality, relevant content, you can build up an attentive audience and get them to check out your business.

CONTENT comes in numerous forms including blog post, infographics, Ebooks, videos etc. The important thing to remember with your content marketing strategy is to create often.


Social media advertising is also another cost effective internet marketing strategy to Start generating an online presence. If you want to use social media advertising, you will need to choose which platforms you want to use to reach your audience. Popular social media advertising platforms include: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube etc.

Social media platforms gather a plethora of information on users that you can use to target your ideal audience. The ones that are most interested in what you have to offer.


Social media networks provide a great opportunity to markets online because of how easy it is to use the networks to share information. That’s why social media marketing is a great option for your business. Social media can help you:

  • increase brand awareness
  • interact with audience members
  • build your brand voice

Social media provides an essential means of engaging with your customers, building your brand and identify and providing people with great customer service.


Its a refinement of social media marketing which aids in bettering the position and visibility of the internet page at search engine benefit. Search engines optimization apps are intended to manoeuvre targeted internet search engines result high  in rank,if answers are exhibited to consumers of Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. The more complicated the standing of these outcome,a lot much more probable your crowd clicks over your internet connection and head into the focus internet sit.


Promotion at a stationary space which includes graphics, images along with the voice. It’s very similar for adverts from papers and publications. They are on important third party internet sites while in the shape of text or banner adverts.


Marketing predicated around the delivering of message as a result of email. Email marketing is composed of the text or graphics very similar to a display advertising or provide usage of a video into a site or people online video site including YouTube. Email marketing additionally could provide a URL to some particular internet site to generate traffic and earnings for this specific site.


This refers to the marketing by a third party that identifies client to a particular website it seller. Affiliates market their products by way of a site, nevertheless, they have links to various other website but have many interests in common for customers. Affiliates gets rewards using commission for the number of situations someone buys or links from their site to the specific internet site.


One of the most suitable forms of web marketing is referral marketing. Referral marketing focuses on one individual who is interested enough with a website or social media site or a product, or services to refer it to another person.

Who hopefully creates a chain reaction of referral from on group of individuals to another. It is a significant component of  SEO programs , it’s includes words of the mouths.

How to start online marketing?

1) Develop a marketing strategy:

The first step is to define your goals, your ideal customers, and what kind of return on investment that you are targeting.

2) create a powerful website:

Your websites is the hub of all your online marketing and lead generation, so it is very important to have an attractive website.

3) generating traffic:

Getting more traffic for your site and blog means more chances of conversions make sure to optimize your site properly as a single blog can get you 55% more traffic.

4) convert traffic to leads:

This is a process where you need the help of landing pages to convert your traffic into leads by keeping the focus on a single objective.

5) Convert your leads to sales:

Segment your audience and nurture your leads by keeping them aware and warm until they convert into your paying customers.

6) Measuring your performance:

If you have already set up your key performance indicators in advance,then  you have a starting point. This is the hardest part. An intelligent measurements system will help you to produce campaign reports that will help you to produce campaign reports that will show you what’s working and what’s not.

What are the benefits of Internet marketing?

✓ it allows the company to save money, so the companies marketing campaign do not require a large amount of investment.

✓ An online presence can expand a company from a local market to national or international markets at the same time, offering almost infinite expanding opportunities.

✓ it’s gives less importance to the difference between large and small companies and more on increasing the competition and giving that advantage to the customers.

✓ When you begin to create your web marketing plan, make sure to set up  a budget to determine which type of campaign will fit in it . Instead of investing in multiple marketing strategies that could fail ,it’s is advisable you focus on one or two campaigns that are strong and Will be cost effective.

What are the disadvantages of internet marketing?

1) E_commerce does not allow users to touch the merchandise before purchasing it, because of this,they have features of replacement and return.

2) one of the major disadvantages is that there is a lack of trust from the side because of the constant promotion that appear to be fraud. This deteriorate the image and reputation of honest companies.

3) Your competitors can copy any of your strategies, some marketers use  wrong photos and data to mislead their clients.

4)A slow internet connection can cause difficulties. If one company has built too complicated or large website,it will take users much longer to check and download its content.

5) Internet marketing has ithe disadvantages that are not found in it’s experience value. For a client who relies online for products or services,there is a caution not to reveal all their private data as it may be used against them.

6) You can not trust an Internet marketer fully as there is a rise of illegal and unethical practices.

7) Many users still don’t trust the electronic methods of paying and give up buying online because of this.

In summary, internet marketing or internet promotion could be the sole clinic that provokes online stations to disperse around an organization’s brand name, services and product to its own targeted and possible clients.

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