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Profitable Business Ideas in Montenegro 2023! There are several excellent business ideas in Montenegro that you may start and earn from. Situated in the Balkans, Montenegro gained its independence in 2006. It is now rated eighth in Europe for startup performance and is a member of the European Union.

To demonstrate the degree of devotion and admiration Montenegro has for successful business leaders in their nation. Since 2018, Montenegro has allowed investors to become citizens through an investment program. Two advantages of becoming a citizen in Montenegro are the low corporation tax rate and the simple process of setting up your own business.

After completing a number of paperwork requirements, setting up a registered business in Montenegro takes between seven to twelve days. We’ll examine a number of lucrative business ventures in this post that you might launch in Montenegro to make money for yourself.

Profitable Business Ideas in Montenegro

Why Montenegro is a good place to start a business

The very good reason why Montenegro is attracting foreign investors into their country is that Montenegro itself is a country that doesn’t have high rate of crime and terrorist aside that their economy is very stable and predictable for start up to start their business.

How can a foreigner start a business in Montenegro

I know if you are a foreigner and you are reading this article you maybe wondering how can I start a business in Montenegro as a foreigner if you are a foreigner in Montenegro you are permitted to start up a business only if you have 1,000 euro as capital aside that you must also be a business owner or director before you are approved as a private limited liability company in Montenegro.

Profitable Business Ideas in Montenegro

Montenegro offered opportunities for various profitable business ideas, including:

1. Tourism: 

Tourism has been a source of revenue for so many countries they used this generate income for themselves if you think about setting up a profitable business ideas in Montenegro think of tourism you need to be high rated in the field all you have to do is to find out the major tourist location in Montenegro and you render your tour guide services to the investors that is moving into the country.

It is necessary you consider the location that you site your office so that it can be easily accessible and you will also get people that will pay well for it some of the major location that you can consider is airport load because of the number of traffic that is coming from this location.

2. Restaurant and Fast Food:

Many workers and business owners are always on a busy schedule as such many of them doesn’t have time to eat their breakfast at home because they leave to work very early in the morning setting up a nice restaurant at a good location that attract business owners and CEOs will help you to generate more income for yourself especially if your food taste very well with a little touch of know how to prepare international delicacies because here in Montenegro we don’t just have the citizen of the country we have foreign investors who deserves to eat their own delicacies aside that you if you can render home delivery you will generate more customers online.

3. Catering Services:

People are celebrating birthday and wedding party everyday because of this there is high demands for catering services people in this area are in charge of providing all the food that they are going to eat at this event all you have to do is to reach out to those celebrant and pitch your services to them if you are good in what you are doing and you can also impressed them with your services you will be able to close more deals from this alone always get your team ready because celebrant will always reach out to you for your services.

4. Real Estate Agent:

Real Estate is one of the business that is very profitable you can easily generate alot of money for yourself since this business involves buying and selling of house you don’t necessarily need to own property before you can generate income for yourself in this sector all you have to do is to become an agent and help them to sell their property while you earn commission from it there is no business that is as easier as this all you have to do is to register with the authorized body that is in charge of real estate agent in the state to certify that you are authentic agent.

5. Event Planning: 

Corporate organizations are constantly looking for event planners to assist them in making their parties or events run well. If you are skilled in this field, all you need to do is establish yourself, get in touch with this brand, and offer your services. The majority of the abilities you’ll need to ensure the seamless operation of event planning revolve around team management; you must be able to lead a team effectively in order to achieve desired results.

I hope you enjoy reading this article. Feel free to check back on us for more interesting articles. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Montenegro is the country with the easiest form of citizenship. With just an investment program, you can become a citizen in Montenegro. This is very important if you are a foreign investor in the country because it will allow you to visit and leave the country anytime.