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Morocco is one of the country in Africa starting a profitable business in Morocco is one of the best thing that can ever happen because Morocco already is a country that is acting as a stepping to many African countries and for the Middle East.

Considering some good business ideas in Morocco, the last time we checked on their GDP their average GDP was 4.4% which has remain like that for the past 15 years, and as of 2014 Morocco was ranked the 3rd largest recipient of foreign investment, other good thing in Morocco include their favourable finances and telecoms sectors.

Are you struggling with a profitable business ideas? Do you need a business idea in Morocco? Are you new into business and you are wondering where to get start? Am going to list out most profitable business ideas in Morocco that you can actually get started.

Profitable Business Ideas in Morocco 

  • Rentals Property:

Are you a house owner in Morocco and you are wondering how you can generate a profitable income for yourself there is no need for you to crack your head you can start renting out your vacant room for money with platform like Airbnb you don’t need to struggle with the advertising and marketing all you have to do is to upload the pictures of those rooms on Airbnb and they will determine the price for each rooms.

  • Render a Cleaning Services:

As time goes on there will be high demand for home cleaning services because some of this house owners are working class people who wakes up every morning to prepare for job and by this they don’t have much time to do house chores.

This is why they will be increasing demands for home service cleaner to help them and clean their home why they pay you for it if you ever think of starting a profitable business that doesn’t requires much capital you need to start rendering home cleaning service all you have to do is to get the proper license and a price policy that you will be using to charge your client.

  • Selling of Handmade Crafts:

Are you good at in making handcrafted goods there is no need for you to worry about which kind of profitable business ideas you need to get started you can start selling your handcrafted goods and be making your money this days you don’t have to worry about advertising and marketing your business because we have so many e-commerce platform that you can just go in there and upload some photos of your handcrafted goods and customers will be rushing to come and buy from you.

  • Event Planner:

Event Planner are those who makes an event to be a memorable one all those event that you go to and you are now wondering how they came up with this type of event is an accolade of event planner becoming an event planner requires you to get some license and certifications before you can offering your services to client.

Event planner are in charge of handling wedding party, birthday party, appointments party and the rest of the celebration stuff.

  • Home Inspector Service:

Home inspector are those that are in charge of overseeing a property before you can purchase them as a property inspector you can earn a good amount of money from it all you have to do is to pass the necessary assessment that is going to be done by the government and you are going to be certify as an home inspector from there you will be making your money because agent will be coming to patronize your services.


How can I start my own business in Morocco?

To start your own business in Morocco , you need to follow these steps:

1. Choose the type of company you want to set up

The options include Limited Liability Company (SARL), Limited Company (SA), Partnership (SNC), and Limited Partnership (SCS).

2. Hire a notary for the setting up of your company

The notary will help you draft the statutes of your company, verify the identity and capacity of the partners, and authenticate the documents. The notary fees vary depending on the type and capital of the company.

3. Open a bank account

You need to open a bank account in which you will deposit the capital of your company. You need to provide the identity cards or passports, resident cards, and proof of address of the founders and associates.

4. Register at the CEPICI.

The Center for Investment Promotion in Morocco , which is a one-stop shop for business creation. You need to submit the following documents at the Registration board: a copy of the statutes of your company, a copy of the receipt of deposit of capital, a copy of the identity cards or passports of the founders and associates, a copy of the lease contract or proof of ownership of the premises, and a declaration of non-conviction.

5. Obtain a company stamp.

You need to obtain a company stamp from a specialized agency, which doesn’t cost much.

6. Create an initial notary draft of your statutes with proof of paid-up capital.

You need to present this document to the notary who will finalize it and register it at the tax office.

7. Deposit your paid-up capital

You need to deposit your paid-up capital at a bank or an approved financial institution, and obtain a receipt that proves the deposit.

8. Register with a one-stop shop and legal notice publication

You need to register your company with a one-stop shop that will issue you a business license, a tax identification number, and a social security number. You also need to publish a legal notice of your company creation in a newspaper or online.

9. Create a company seal

You need to create a company seal that will be used for official documents and contracts.

The whole process can take less than 24 hours if you have all the required documents and information ready.


If you think of ever starting a business in Africa Morocco should be the country that should come into your because this country has a good GDP and they have been maintaining this GDP for the past 15 years alone this factor alone is what should encourage startup to move into Morocco and start investment.

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