Profitable business ideas in Papua New Guinea | best business ideas

Papua New Guinea, is one of the countries that their government is investing on so much because of this Papua New Guinea has been able to attract foreign investors into the country.

Through this foreign investors alone Papua New Guinea has been able to increase their revenue. According to Doing Business Ranking Papua New Guinea was ranked as one of the most top countries when it comes to business as said by the World Bank.

Because of the way this country is doing well and the kind of investors that they are attracting into the country. We are going to look at some of the profitable business ideas that you can do that will increase your income.

Profitable Ways to make fast money in Papua New Guinea 

Making fast money in any country requires careful consideration of various factors and opportunities. While Papua New Guinea (PNG) has its own unique economic landscape, here are some potentially profitable ways to make money quickly:

1. Start Small:

There is nothing in life that is big that was achieved overnight it was a gradual process. Even when you were child you learn how to crawl before you started walking. Our elders use to say you need to count 3 before you will count 4. Don’t be ashamed of start small while growing it to become big some of the small business you can start that guarantees profitable income are: smoke, betelnuts and lollies.

2. Agricultural practice:

Many things agriculture is for the poor masses that is why people are living agriculture to seek out for white collar job but let me tell you if you can make a small garden on your own or employ the service of another and plant some like vegetable products that is of a high demand you will be able to make some money for yourself and invest it.

3. Invest in Painting and Caving:

Country that is well developed like Papua New Guinea there is need for caving and painting because the country is already developed and is attracting foreign investors it already shows that they will be need for tourism and this will generate a lot of money to you on a low key

4. Affordable loans:

You need to start giving out affordable loans with low interest rates I will specifically tells you to target those startups business that is looking for funds to expand their business.

5. Promoting of property:

They are many property that is available that you can make a deal with the foreign investors for them to invest their money with you and you  can use their money to renovate this property and make to generate money to you.

What are the types of business in Papua New Guinea 

Some of the businesses that is available in Papua New Guinea are:

  1. Forestry
  2. Education and Training
  3. Fisheries
  4. Agribusiness
  5. Financial Services
  6. Construction and Engineering
  7. Diversified Industrial Groups
  8. Business Services


The Best Business to Start in Papua New Guinea 

There are so many profitable best business in Papua New Guinea that you can easily get started some of them are:

  1. Digital Marketing business
  2. Freelancing website
  3. Mobile app development for businesses
  4. A food truck business
  5. Virtual Assistant
  6. Advertising agency for small business owners
  7. Affiliate marketing
  8. Travel agency

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