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Recruitment Agencies in Brunei for foreigners and citizens 2024/2025! The southeast Asian island of Borneo is home to the tiny nation of Brunei. Malaysia forms its eastern and western borders, and the South China Sea forms its northern border. With its extensive woods, stunning beaches, and diverse fauna, the nation is renowned for its rich culture, history, and natural beauty. The majority-Muslim nation of Brunei has Malay as its official language.

Companies called recruitment agencies to help firms in Brunei discover qualified applicants for available positions. They collaborate with companies to comprehend their hiring requirements before using their knowledge and networks to find and hire applicants who are a good fit for the open roles. Job searchers can find jobs in a variety of areas by turning to recruitment agencies, which frequently have a wide selection of career possibilities accessible.

You can find career possibilities in Brunei by contacting one of the many recruitment companies there. While some of these organizations focus on a particular industry, others provide a wider range of employment options. Several recruitment agencies in Brunei are provided in this article. Additionally, you will learn about Brunei’s employment prospects, how to submit your resume to a Brunei recruitment agency, and much more.

Recruitment agencies in Brunei for foreigners and citizens 2024

Due to their frequent connections with numerous employers and potential access to positions that aren’t publicly publicized, recruitment firms can be a helpful resource for job seekers. Additionally, they may help job seekers go through the application and interview processes and write their resumes.

It’s important to remember that recruiting agencies frequently bill businesses for their services, and some may even bill job seekers for particular services like resume writing or career coaching. It’s crucial to investigate and contrast various recruitment companies to discover one that suits your requirements and your budget.

The following is the list of recruitment agencies in Brunei:

  • Sykt Makaseil
  • Ajeets Brunei
  • Gawi Trading Co
  • Nawar Corporation
  • T.S. King Employment Agency
  • Alliance U. R. Employment Agency
  • ROZE ROHAYA Employment Agency
  • NOR & ALLAN Employment Agency

Employment opportunities in Brunei.

Due to Brunei’s low unemployment rate and high level of life, both locals and foreigners can find jobs there in a variety of fields. The following are some of the main industries in Brunei that provide employment opportunities:

  • Oil and gas: Brunei is a significant producer of both, and the energy industry employs a sizable portion of the workforce there. Oil and gas exploration, production, refining, and marketing are all jobs in this industry.
  • Service sector: With occupations available in the tourism, banking, and finance sectors, the service sector is another significant employer in Brunei.
  • Manufacturing: Textile, food processing, and wood goods are some of the small sectors that Brunei engages in the manufacturing sector.
  • Agriculture: Although it makes up a small portion of Brunei’s economy, the nation does have a small agricultural industry where fruits, vegetables, and grains like rice are farmed.
  • Construction: With numerous significant infrastructure projects currently underway in Brunei, the construction sector is a significant employer in that nation.

There are work prospects in the government and education sectors in addition to these. There are numerous foreign businesses operating in Brunei that might be able to provide work for foreign nationals. It’s important to keep in mind that Brunei’s job market may be competitive, especially for foreigners, given the preference for hiring locals.

How can I send my resume to a Brunei employment agency?

You can take the following actions to send your resume to a Brunei employment agency:

1. Research recruitment agencies

Finding recruiting companies in Brunei that specialize in your line of work should be your first step in the recruitment process. You can accomplish this by conducting an online search or browsing local employment listings.

2. Visit the agency’s website to learn more.

A lot of employment agencies have websites where that list the services and employment opportunities they provide. To find out if they are now accepting applications and how to apply, visit the agency’s website.

3. Create a customized resume:

Make sure your resume is created to meet the specific needs of the agency and the positions they are hiring for. This can entail emphasizing pertinent knowledge, abilities, and education.

4. Send your CV and cover letter:

After customizing your CV, you can send it to the hiring company together with a cover letter that introduces you and explains why you’re interested in working there.

5. Follow up:

After sending your CV, it’s a good idea to get in touch with the agency to check on the status of your application and to make sure they received it.

It’s also necessary to keep in mind that different recruitment agencies could have varying specifications for sending in CVs and applications, so it’s crucial to adhere to their individual rules.


Economy of Brunei

Over 60% of Brunei’s GDP comes from oil and natural gas exports, which are vital to the country’s economy. Due to its wealth of natural resources and small population, the nation boasts one of the highest per capita incomes in the entire globe.

In addition to exporting oil and gas, Brunei also has a robust service economy, including significant sectors such as banking, finance, and tourism. The nation’s strong infrastructure and stable political climate make it a desirable location for business. Brunei likewise boasts a good level of life and a low unemployment rate.


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