Recruitment Agencies in paraguay 2024/2025 for Foreigners and Citizens

Desiring to know more about the Recruitment Agencies in Paraguay? Well,if you intend to move to Paraguay for work purposes, then you also need to know about Recruitment Agencies in Paraguay.

Paraguay, known for its large water bodies and its stable economy, provides a friendly environment for citizens and foreigners. recruitment Agencies or International ex-pats as well can find a platform to express their expertise in Paraguay.

There are several top recruitment agencies that offer jobs to foreigners in Paraguay. On this page, we will be considering the 2023 Recruitment agencies present in Paraguay.

2024 Best Recruitment Agencies in Paraguay for Foreigners and Citizens

There are several agencies in Paraguay that recruits foreigners and Citizens for jobs in Paraguay. Here is a list about best recruiting agencies in Paraguay.

  • Jobs Experts in Human Resources
  • Manpower,Consultoria de Recursos Humans
  • Deriv Paraguay S.A
  • Oficina de KOICA Paraguay
  • USAID Paraguay
  • Unilever de Paraguay S.A
  • Embassy of the United States
  • The American School of Asuncion
  • Gonzalez Acosta and Wood
  • Sheraton Asuncion Hotel
  • British Embassy Asuncion
  • IPAMS Industrial Personnel and Management
  • Malta International Recruiting Agency
  • Petra Recruitment
  • O’Grady Peyton International JobStreet
  • Expat Recruitment
  • Job News
  • Athletes USA LLC
  • Impactpool
  • Seefar
  • Jobboard Finder
  • O’Grady Peyton


How can I get a Job in Paraguay?

Working in Paraguay is just like working in any other country. International ex-pats and foreigners will need to give their employers a working permit as it is a major requirement by employers in Paraguay.

Foreigners who already have secured a job offer can start the application process required for a visa.

What are the major jobs in Paraguay?

In Paraguay,major jobs that can be done by foreigners include labour force, industrial work,ease-of-doing business , cleaning job,management jobs,etc

What is the minimum salary in Paraguay?

Paraguay has one of the finest economies when compared to other countries and usually has many foreigners coming into its land due to its stable economy as an average citizen can earn about a minimum wage of about 2550 PYG and above.

Can Foreigners live in Paraguay?

Paraguay is known for its amazing scenery and river bodies. It is such a great place to live especially if you are an adventurous type and would like some adventures to discover the unspoilt land of Paraguay .

Not just that, the people are also welcoming and accommodating and are so proud of their culture that they are willing to share it with foreigner

Is Paraguay cheap to live in?

According to an article by Numbeo, the living cost in Paraguay is about 59.33 % when compared to the United States and several other countries.

Accommodations in Paraguay is at a massive 80.54% lower when compared with the accommodation cost of most countries, especially the United States. Interesting isn’t it?

Recruitment Agencies in Paraguay present a platform where foreigners and Citizens can afford to live with good job opportunities in Paraguay

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