Recruitment Agencies in Dominica 2023/2024 for Foreigners & Citizens| Job opportunities

Do you desire to know about the recruitment agencies in Dominica for Foreigners & Citizens? Do you know there are several recruiting agencies in Dominica that can help make your dream of securing lucrative job within Dominica possible even as foreigner or a local citizen?

So congratulation if you need reliable Recruitment agencies in Dominica that can give you the right platform to build your career in whatever field you desire.

Recruiting in Dominica is just like every other recruitment process and procedure encountered in other countries which includes the requirement document needed for the position you are applying or seeking and meeting up the eligibility standard of the organization.

On these pages, we will be walking you through agencies in Dominica that will guide your recruitment process in Dominica.

Top Best Recruiting Agencies in the Dominican 2023

Looking for an ideal recruiting agency in Dominica? Here is a list of popular Dominican recruiting agencies.

  • Clear Harbour Recruitment Agency
  • The Business and Employment Agency, Carnefiel
  • Mampa Employment Agency Ltd. Saint Lucia ,Castries street,Lucia.
  • Caribbean Employment Services Inc,
  • The Belleville Corporate Center,38 Pine Road,Bridgetown,Barbados
  • Regency Recruitment and Resource Ltd,Port of Spain,Trinidad and Tobago
  • HRC Associate Limited,3 Mart St Queen’s park W, Port of Spain, Trinidad
  • The Business and Employment Center, Fortabelle Road, Bridgerton, Barbados
  • Sundus Recruitment and Outsourcing Service
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Red Rock Partnership Ltd,33 Broadway, Peterborough,United Kingdom
  • WESolutions Nursing Recruitment, Business center,657 the Crescent, High woods, Colchester.
  • Corr Recruitment Ltd Branch Greenfield
  • Vacantes Mundiales
  • Agencia de Empleos la Bendicion
  • Effie business Corporation,Artencia de Colocacion,Santa Domingo.


Are Jobs easy to get in the Dominican?

As an International expert in the Dominican, securing a high-paying job could get quite tasking as there are limited offers for such jobs except for menial jobs.

However, if you need to get a lucrative job, then you need a specialized skill set for jobs that are in high demand

Can Foreigners work in the Dominican Republic?

As a foreign seeking to work in the Dominican Republic, DR, you will be needing approved and valid paperwork, which will be submitted to the foreign ministry in Santo Domingo for vetting. After which, you can start seeking job opportunities and working in DR

What is the most common job in the Dominican Republic?

With an estimated workforce of over 4.9 million, Dominican Republic has a high employment rate as compared to other countries.

According to an article by Expertfinder, It’s service sector has roughly about 63.1% employment rate, 22.3% rate in the Industrial sector and the remaining percentage is found in the Agricultural sector. Quite interesting isn’t it!

Dominica Republic is an exciting county that accommodates for foreigners and international experts seeking greener pastures within it’s economy and the DR  Recruitment agency provides the right platform for that

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  1. Is there any job opportunities for a Chief Engineer with Dominica Licence in North and South America?

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