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Recruitment Agencies in Turkmenistan for foreigners and citizens 2024/2025! A specific need is satisfied by recruitment agencies. Employers need qualified candidates for their open positions, but they may lack the time to actively seek for these individuals. They entrust this to staffing firms so that they can devote more of their time to interviewing potential employees.

Your business in Turkmenistan will save time and money by using a recruitment agency, and the process will go more quickly than internal hiring. Employers can save time and effort by hiring recruiters to collect and review CVs, check references, and interview talented job candidates. Make contact with a staffing company.

Do you wish to learn more about Turkmenistan’s hiring process? Are you looking for a list of local and international employment agencies in Turkmenistan? Are you curious about Turkmenistan’s employment laws? Do you want to know how to send a resume to a business that is hiring? Check out this article.

Turkmenistan’s recruitment 2024

Wherever you are, finding talent will be one of your first steps. The hiring process can vary from country to country. If you’re hiring in Turkmenistan, you could be debating whether to handle the task in-house or contract it out to a local business.

Find the most well-liked recruitment channels in your country if you decide to handle the hiring process internally. Since Turkmenistan’s media sector is still very tiny, posting job openings in regional publications might not yield much response. Online job searches are popular among job seekers.

Although Turkmenistan lacks a national job board, there are certain specialist websites that list vacancies in particular industries. For instance, Rigzone is a well-liked website for discovering job opportunities in the oil industry. You could probably check for comparable websites to post job postings for your business.

Working with a local employment agency or a worldwide PEO may help you expedite the hiring process if you’re on a tight schedule. Make sure to complete your homework and work with a company you can rely on to achieve the desired results.

Turkmenistan recruitment agencies for citizens and foreigners 2024/2025!

  • Globalization Partners
  • Lean Engineering Recruitment Ltd
  • Mindfield Resources Consultancy FZ LLC
  • RocApply
  • British Embassy Ashgabat
  • Job Aurora HR Consultants & Recruitment
  • Transguard Group
  • eLitmus Evaluation Private Limited
  • FloCareer

Employment Laws in Turkmenistan

The labor code and constitution of Turkmenistan contain a list of the requirements for employment compliance. The following are some of the nation’s fundamental labor rights:

  • Possibility to select a profession.
  • the freedom to select a profession.
  • right to pick a place of employment.
  • Right to a safe and healthy workplace
  • protection from being laid off.

Overview of Turkmenistan

Oil, natural gas, and cotton farming are the three main industries in Turkmenistan. Natural resource deposits are widely distributed along the Caspian Sea. More than half of Turkmenistan’s population is under 30 years old, making it a young country. A stable, democratic nation is Turkmenistan.

A presidential republic with democratic political discourse is Turkmenistan. The prime minister and head of state are the same person in Turkmenistan. Due to its dedication to neutrality, Turkmenistan is viewed as a stable nation both domestically and internationally.

Living expenses in Turkmenistan

For a family of four, the average cost of living in Turkmenistan is about 18,653 M (US $5323) without rent. For a single person, the monthly expenses without rent may total as much as 6,268 M (US $1789). In total, US $1057 is spent on living expenses, which is 1.43 times more expensive than the global average.

According to the list of 190 nations’ cost of living, Turkmenistan comes in at number 55. Refer to the table below for a breakdown of the costs.

How can I send a résumé to a company that is hiring?

Follow these steps to email a CV:

  • Choose the business email address of the recipient and enter it.
  • Explain why you are sending your CV in the subject line of your email.
  • Introduce yourself, say hello, and state your reasoning for sending the recipient your CV in the email.
  • Include your whole name and tie a pretty ribbon around the email.
  • Use the ‘attach’ button in your email’s interface to select and upload your resume and cover letter.
  • Make sure everything is in order before submitting.
  • With a recruiter on your side, especially while looking for work from overseas, you have a much better chance of discovering the ideal position.

How to Employ People in Turkmenistan

You want to begin with an employment contract if you’re attempting to figure out how to hire Turkmenistan workers. You can clearly define the terms of employment with new hires by using an oral or written contract in Turkmen or Russian. It is advisable to include terms like working hours, salary, health insurance details, and termination conditions. Ensure that the salary and compensation amounts are stated in Turkmenistan Manat rather than another currency in all contracts and offer letters.

If you intend to hire foreign nationals, you must provide them with a letter of invitation so that they may apply for a work visa. They must then pay the necessary fees and provide the employer with all necessary paperwork before beginning to work for your business.

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