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With Target gift cards, shopping has been made easy and brought to your doorstep. With Target gift cards, you buy purchase items from favorite shops and top shopping brands online.

Target GiftCards are basically for use at Target stores and on You can buy the Target eGift Cards that isĀ  available from $5 to $2,000 with no stress

You will be enlightened on how to redeem the Target gift cards, what to buy with the target gift cards. Ranging from toys and electronics to clothing and housewares, you can find exactly what you want to buy at Target with no fees.

Target gift card

Where can I buy a Target Gift Card?

Do you know that you can buy Target gift cards at every Target store location, online at, or through the Target app. You can also purchase them at other retailers, including Kroger, CVS, Safeway, and Rite Aid.

Buying Target Gift Card online

Through online buying, you can purchase Physical Target GiftCards, Mobile Target GiftCards and Target eGiftCards on by following these steps:

  • Visit the Target GiftCards page.
  • Select Target GiftCards to find and
  • select your gift card design
  • Choose options to select your gift card value amount.

How to activate your Target gift card

To activate your Target gift cards, follow these steps for a Physical Target gift card and a digital target gift card:

Physical Gift Card: Physical third-party gift cards purchased at Target are activated at the time of the purchase. However, you can check your receipt, as some receipts state a 24-hour activation period.

Digital Gift Card: Digital eGift Cards purchased on are active when the eGift Card email is delivered.

Types of Target gift cards

There are different types of Target card available for purchase at They are:

  • Physical Target GiftCards
  • Mobile Target GiftCards
  • Target eGiftCards


Where can I find the access code on my Target gift card?

Enter the 15-digit card number and the Access Number or PIN. These numbers can be found by gently removing the silver strip on the back of your physical Target GiftCard. Your card may also include an Event or Sequence Number.

What can I buy with Target gift cards?

With a Target GiftCards, you can purchase alcohol and other restricted items. At Starbucks within Target stores.

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