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Do you want to know how to convert the target gift cards into cash? Are you stuck with an unwanted target card and looking for How to exchange a target gift card for cash? It’s a quite simple task in which we’ll explain how..

Target store offers one of the best gift cards that you can use to purchase goods in any of their stores but sadly this gift card is not refundable, or redeemable for cash or credit, unless required by law. How do you get cash back from your target gift card?

In this article we’re going to break down some ways you can use to turn your target gift card into cash, we’ll start by giving some of the basics of target gift cards.

Basics of target gift card

Target gift cards ranges from $5 to $500, and they’re used to purchase merchandise at company website and Target stores . Some Other uses of Target gift cards are:

  • Placing orders at Target Cafés
  •   transferring prescriptions at CVS Pharmacies in Target stores
  • Using to Shop at Starbucks within Target stores

Target cards don’t usually have an expiration date and don not lose value over time, so you can always wait for the best time to use them

How To Convert Your Target Gift Card for Cash

There are numerous ways you can exchange your Target gift card for cash or spend your remaining balance. Some of these ways include;

  1. Listing the gift card on an e-Marketplace List your used gift card on:
    Facebook marketplace
    Listing your Target gift card on one of these websites is a fast way to get cash for your gift card. Facebook marketplace place for example will offer you millions of people who might be interested in buying the gift card then you can ask for a direct bank deposit.
  2. Through A Refund: One of the few ways you can turn your target gift card to cash is through a refund. However, allow us to explain to you that it is not as easy as you might think, and you would need to put in a little extra work. The sense behind the refund, in this case, is that you would need to purchase something from target and later have to return it and ask for a refund in cash. So if you have a target gift card, you would need to purchase something a bit higher than the gift card balance as that is the only way it would be taken as a cash transaction. For instance, if your gift card balance is $300, you can decide to buy something worth $330. You’ll need to add extra $30 cash. Then After,you will be given a receipt for the transaction, and you need to keep it safely as you would need it when you decide to do a refund. Then, you would keep the item safely for some days, but make sure you return it within 14 days. If  target is considering to do a refund, they will give you cash since you paid some money in cash. This option will actually be perfect and work well for people who are not in urgent need of cash.
  3. Ask a friend,  or asked for someone who sell on a reseller website  There are many of reseller websites out there, but they will not pay you the complete worth of your card. Before selling your gift card this way, do thorough research so that you get the best deal
  4. Buy items from Target and resell them online: You can get a product from Target with your card and then sell it on one of the marketplaces like Facebook, ebay and others. This option could be profitable, you could buy a particular product at a discounted price and resell it on other marketplaces.
  5. Make use of gift card exchange kiosk or website

A good option for where you can exchange gift cards for cash is Gift Card Granny. As an aggregator of sites that let you sell gift cards online, you simply enter the gift card you want to sell and your balance.
It will then show you a list of sites that will pay you for this gift card.

You can find out more by checking out Gift Card Granny directly, including to see why we consider it the best online Coinstar alternative. By doing this, you also have the option of transferring the money to your own linked bank account or sending the money on your gift card to other PayPal users. This means that you can use the prepaid Visa to make purchases online or in person, make bill payments and withdraw cash.

With the above various methods outlined on how to convert target gift cards it is definitely impossible to complain about being stuck with an unwanted target gift card.

Target gift card is a good option it’s always good to be armed with information about any choice of the gift card so you know exactly what to do if you’re faced with any challenges.

For any questions on How to turn a target gift card into cash or inquiry leave a comment bellow

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