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Are you prepared for an adventure in Botswana in 2023? You’re in for a treat if you’re a tourist with a love of shopping and a desire for adventure. In addition to having some of the best malls in the area, Botswana, an icon in Southern Africa, is noted for its profusion of animals, lively culture, and magnificent landscapes. To satisfy all of your needs and preferences, these shopping havens provide a veritable treasure trove of goods and services.

Botswana’s shopping malls offer everything from regionally produced gems to worldwide recognized brands, chic clothing to cutting-edge technology, stunning jewelry to engrossing literature, wonderful cuisine to exotic souvenirs.

You will get to know the top Shopping Malls in Botswana, how to find local crafts and souvenirs in Botswana, the tips for shopping in Botswana, the safety and security measures in the shopping malls in Botswana and a whole lot more in this article.


Top 10 Shopping Malls in Botswana 2023

Here is a list of 10 shopping malls in Botswana:

  1. Airport Junction Shopping Centre: One of the largest and modern malls with over 150 shops, international brands, gym, clinic, and more.
  2. Riverwalk Mall: Located in Gaborone, it features 100+ shops, international brands, cinema, food court, and children’s play area.
  3. Railpark Mall: Near Gaborone railway station, this new mall has 80+ shops, international brands, cinema, food court, and bowling alley.
  4. Nswazwi Mall: In Francistown, one of the older malls with 50+ shops, local brands, food court, bank, and pharmacy.
  5. Motsana: Found in Maun, it offers curated stores, a coffee shop, and a cultural center for events like music concerts and art exhibitions.
  6. Botswanacraft: Located in Gaborone, it’s the place for local crafts and souvenirs, featuring pottery, baskets, jewelry, and traditional cuisine.
  7. Sebele Centre: A popular mall in Gaborone with 40+ shops, offering clothing, accessories, cinema, gym, bank, and more.
  8. Kagiso Shopping Centre: In Serowe, it’s one of the largest in the Central District with groceries, produce, and various amenities.
  9. Galo Shopping Centre: An older mall in Francistown with shops for clothing, electronics, food, and more, including a food court and pharmacy.
  10. Legae Shopping Centre: Located in Maun, one of the newest malls offering clothing, cosmetics, and more, along with a clinic and pharmacy.

How to find local crafts and souvenirs in Botswana?

If you’re seeking local crafts and souvenirs in Botswana, explore top shopping malls like Botswanacraft, Riverwalk Mall, Nswazwi Mall, and African Mall in 2023. They offer a blend of traditional items such as pottery, jewelry, and woodcarving, alongside international brands.

For a more authentic experience, visit curio shops near wildlife areas like the Okavango and Chobe regions. Places like Kalahari Quilts, Gantsi Craft, Chobe Women’s Arts & Crafts, and Shorobe Baskets Cooperative showcase local crafts inspired by Botswana’s wildlife and culture.

You can also purchase crafts directly from rural producers in villages like Oodi, Gabane, Thamaga, and Thapong, where you can witness traditional craftsmanship and learn about local culture and history.

Which shopping malls in Botswana have international brands and luxury items?

In Botswana for 2023, you can explore top shopping malls offering international brands and luxury goods:

  1. Riverwalk Mall: Located in Gaborone, it houses over 100 shops with brands like Aldo, Woolworths, and Samsung, along with entertainment and dining options.
  2. Airport Junction Shopping Centre: Near the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport, it’s one of the largest malls with 150+ shops featuring brands like Edgars and Game, plus additional services.
  3. Railpark Mall: Situated near the Gaborone railway station, this new mall boasts 80+ shops with brands such as Truworths and Foschini, alongside entertainment options.

These malls are your go-to destinations for international brands and luxury items in Botswana

What are the tips for shopping in Botswana?

Some tips for shopping in Botswana are:

1. Budget and Itinerary:

Plan your budget and travel itinerary carefully, as Botswana can be expensive. Consider low-season travel, camping, public transport, and self-catering to save money.

2. Compare Prices:

Shop around and compare prices in different stores and markets. Bargain respectfully in markets and curio shops for better deals.

3. Support Local Artisans:

Embrace Botswana’s culture by buying local crafts and souvenirs. Look for authentic products in cooperatives, galleries, and villages specializing in pottery, jewelry, weaving, and more.

4. Know Customs and Regulations:

Ensure you have the necessary travel documents, vaccinations, and malaria prophylaxis. Respect local customs and laws, including dress codes and photography restrictions. Be aware of import and export regulations for certain items.

5. Enjoy the Experience:

Botswana offers diverse shopping experiences. Explore malls, markets, and shops, and savor the local food, entertainment, and attractions available.

With these tips, your shopping experience in Botswana will be enjoyable and culturally enriching.

How to get to the shopping malls in Botswana from the airport?

There are several ways to get to the shopping malls in Botswana from the airport, depending on your budget, time, and preference. Here are some of the options you can consider:

  1. Taxi: The most convenient but expensive option, with fares ranging from 100-200 pula (9-18 USD) to Gaborone shopping malls.
  2. Bus: The most budget-friendly choice, costing about 5 pula (0.5 USD) to the city center, but it may involve waiting and crowded conditions.
  3. Car Rental: Offers flexibility but comes with responsibility and costs ranging from 300 to 1000 pula (27-90 USD) per day, plus additional expenses.
  4. Shuttle: A comfortable and mid-priced compromise between taxi and bus, typically around 50-100 pula (4.5-9 USD) per person for a one-way trip.

Choose the transportation method that aligns with your preferences and budget when traveling to Botswana’s shopping malls

What are the opening hours and facilities of the shopping malls in Botswana?

  1. Most shopping malls in Botswana generally open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturdays, and 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on Sundays. However, specific hours may vary by mall and season.
  2. Shopping malls in Botswana offer a wide range of amenities, including shops, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, gyms, banks, pharmacies, clinics, petrol stations, and parking. Some malls also feature additional attractions like bowling alleys, children’s play areas, art galleries, and cultural centers.

For example, Riverwalk Mall opens from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm on weekdays, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sundays, and offers various facilities. Airport Junction Shopping Centre boasts over 150 shops, including international brands, and has amenities like a gym, clinic, bank, pharmacy, and petrol station. Motsana features curated stores, a coffee shop, and a cultural center hosting events like music concerts and art exhibitions.

What are the cultural and historical attractions near the shopping malls in Botswana?

Near shopping malls in Botswana, you can explore cultural and historical attractions, including:

  1. At Airport Junction Shopping Centre or Railpark Mall in Gaborone, visit the Three Chiefs’ Statues, symbolizing Botswana’s unity and independence.
  2. Near Riverwalk Mall in Gaborone, experience serenity at ISKCON Gaborone or ISKCON Gaborone (Krishna Balaram Palace), Hindu temples with stunning architecture and vegetarian food.
  3. Close to Nswazwi Mall in Francistown, see the Boab Prison Tree, a historic baobab tree used as a prison by colonial authorities, featuring a hollow trunk, metal door, and carvings.

These attractions offer insights into Botswana’s rich heritage and diversity.


What are the safety and security measures in the shopping malls in Botswana?

To ensure the safety of shoppers, tenants, and staff, Botswana’s shopping malls implement or recommend:

1. Focused Security Personnel:

Security personnel remain vigilant, minimizing distractions and using gadgets only for communication and monitoring.

2. Even Distribution:

Security staff are strategically placed throughout the mall, including blind spots, to deter criminal activities.

3. Training and Drills:

Mall staff and security officers receive training and regularly practice emergency response protocols to ensure preparedness.

4. Surveillance Systems:

Malls have comprehensive surveillance systems, with well-staffed control rooms for monitoring and recording activities.

5. Secure Entrances and Parking Lots:

Adequate lighting, fencing, gates, guards, and patrols in parking areas prevent car theft and vandalism. Entrances have security measures like metal detectors and checkpoints.

These measures prioritize safety and security in Botswana’s shopping malls.

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