Top shopping malls in Jordan | best malls in 2023

Jordan is a country that offers a rich cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and diverse attractions for tourists. But what about shopping? If you are looking for a place to buy souvenirs, clothes, and electronics, or just enjoy a leisurely stroll, you might want to visit some of the best shopping malls in Jordan. In this article, we will introduce you to 10 of the most popular and impressive shopping malls in Jordan that you can visit in 2023.

What are the criteria for choosing the best shopping malls in Jordan? There are many factors that can influence your shopping experience, such as the location, the size, the variety, the quality, the price, and the ambiance of the mall.

Some malls may offer more options for entertainment, dining, or cultural activities, while others may focus on providing a comfortable and convenient shopping environment. Depending on your preferences and budget, you may find different malls appealing to you.

top shopping malls in jordan

What are the criteria for choosing the best shopping malls in Jordan?

Selecting the best shopping malls in Jordan can depend on various criteria, including the preferences and needs of shoppers. Here are some key factors to consider:

  1. Location and accessibility
  2. Store variety, including international and local brands.
  3. Shopping experience, cleanliness, and ambiance.
  4. Dining options.
  5. Entertainment and activities.
  6. Parking and transportation
  7. Safety and security.
  8. Promotions and events
  9. Price range to cater to different budgets.
  10. Accessibility for people with disabilities.
  11. Incorporation of local culture and design
  12. Sustainability practices.
  13. Customer service quality.
  14. Reviews and recommendations.
  15. Operating hours for convenience.

Top 10 shopping malls in Jordan 2023

The top 10 shopping malls in Jordan in 2023 are:

  1. City Mall: A family-friendly mall with various stores, a Carrefour supermarket, Starbucks, and more.
  2. Abdali Mall: Offers a wide range of restaurants, retail shops, a cinema, and arcades.
  3. TAJ Lifestyle Center: Known for its excellent movie theater, food court, and family-friendly activities.
  4. Mecca Mall: A downtown shopping mall with multiple floors, dining options, and recreational activities.
  5. The Galleria Mall: Features a diverse food court, cinema, and a bowling alley for an enjoyable shopping experience.
  6. Swefieh Village: A new shopping village with cafes, restaurants, a gym, spa, and a kids’ zone for relaxation.
  7. Arabela Mall: A small but clean mall with a coffee shop and various stores.
  8. Mosaic House Art & Mosaics: A place to buy or create mosaic art, popular for its Madaba mosaic techniques.
  9. The Plaza Outlets: Offers a wide range of clothing at reasonable prices.
  10. Al Alawi Dates: A shop for fresh and delicious dates and date-based products.

How can you find the best shopping malls in Jordan?

To find the best shopping malls in Jordan, you can follow these steps:

  1. Use online search engines, travel websites, and social media.
  2. Seek recommendations from friends and locals.
  3. Check mall websites and mobile apps for information.
  4. Read reviews and ratings from other shoppers.
  5. Visit multiple malls to compare.

How to get to the shopping malls in Jordan by public transportation?

Getting to shopping malls in Jordan by public transportation can be convenient, especially in major cities like Amman. Here are the general steps to help you navigate the public transportation system:

  1. Identify the mall’s location and the nearest bus or taxi stand.
  2. Use public buses by checking routes and fares. In Amman, the Greater Amman Municipality manages the bus system.
  3. Taxis, including ride-sharing apps like Uber and Careem, are readily available. Confirm fares with taxi drivers.
  4. Check for local transportation apps for route information and schedules.
  5. In Amman, the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, “Hail a Buss,” operates on specific routes.
  6. Use pedestrian walks and ask locals for directions to the mall’s entrance.
  7. Plan your return trip in advance.

How to plan a shopping trip in Jordan in 2023?

Planning a shopping trip to Jordan in 2023 involves several steps to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Here’s a guide on how to plan your shopping trip:

1. Determine Your Budget:

  • Set a budget for your shopping trip, considering expenses like accommodation, transportation, meals, and shopping.

2. Decide on the Timing:

  • Choose the best time to visit Jordan, considering the weather, events, and sales seasons.

3. Research Shopping Destinations:

  • Identify the shopping malls, markets, and districts you want to visit in Jordan. Key locations include Amman, Aqaba, and Petra.

4. Accommodation:

  • Book your accommodations in advance, preferably near the shopping areas you plan to visit.

5. Transportation:

  • Arrange your transportation to and within Jordan. You can fly into Amman’s Queen Alia International Airport or use land border crossings if arriving from neighboring countries.

6. Visa and Documentation:

  • Check if you need a visa to enter Jordan and ensure your passport is valid for at least six months.

7. Shopping List:

  • Create a list of items you want to buy, keeping in mind the local specialties and your personal preferences.

8. Currency and Payments:

  • Familiarize yourself with the local currency, the Jordanian Dinar (JOD). Ensure you have cash and/or cards for payments.

9. Local Culture:

  • Learn about Jordan’s customs and cultural norms to respect local traditions during your shopping trip.

10. Shopping Hours:

  • Find out the opening and closing times of the shops and markets you plan to visit, as these can vary.

11. Language:

  • While English is widely spoken, knowing some basic Arabic phrases can be helpful.

12. Safety:

  • Ensure you have travel insurance, take necessary health precautions, and be aware of your surroundings.

13. Shopping Bags:

  • Carry reusable shopping bags to reduce waste and for convenience during your shopping spree.

14. Shopping Strategy:

  • Plan your shopping route, making a list of specific items you want to purchase and shops to visit.

15. Haggling:

  • In local markets, bargaining is common. Be prepared to negotiate prices, but do so respectfully.

16. Tax-Free Shopping:

  • If you’re a non-resident, inquire about tax-free shopping options and the process for obtaining VAT refunds.

17. Souvenirs:

  • Consider purchasing traditional Jordanian souvenirs like handicrafts, spices, jewelry, and textiles.

18. Enjoy Local Cuisine:

  • Sample Jordanian cuisine during your trip. Seek out local restaurants and street food for a culinary adventure.

19. Explore the Culture:

  • In addition to shopping, explore the historical and cultural attractions Jordan has to offer, such as Petra, the Dead Sea, and ancient ruins.

20. Packing:

  • Pack suitable clothing for the season, comfortable shoes for walking, and any necessary travel essentials.


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