Top shopping malls in Egypt

Shopping is one of the most popular activities for tourists and locals alike in Egypt. The country offers a variety of shopping destinations, from traditional markets and bazaars to modern malls and outlets. But which are the best shopping malls in Egypt in 2023? What are the features and attractions that make them stand out from the rest? And how can you enjoy a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience in these malls? These are some of the questions that this article will try to answer.

Egypt has a rich and diverse culture, history, and geography, and this is reflected in its shopping malls. You can find malls that cater to different tastes, preferences, and budgets, as well as malls that offer more than just shopping. Some of the malls in Egypt are also landmarks and tourist attractions in their own right, featuring entertainment, dining, and leisure options that can keep you and your family entertained for hours. Whether you are looking for local or international brands, luxury or affordable items, or simply a place to relax and have fun, you can find a mall that suits your needs in Egypt.

In this article, we will present some of the top shopping malls in Egypt in 2023, based on their size, location, variety, and popularity. We will also provide some information on how you can use valU, a leading buy now, pay later service in Egypt, to shop at these malls with ease and convenience.

Top shopping malls in Egypt

What are the best shopping malls in Egypt in 2023?

Here are some of the top shopping malls in Egypt in 2023:

  1. Mall of Egypt: Egypt’s largest mall, covering 400,000 square meters and housing over 400 stores Situated on the 6th of October, it boasts a wide selection of local and international brands. Entertainment options include Ski Egypt, VOX Cinemas, Magic Planet, and Little Explorers. Diverse dining choices, from fast food to fine dining, make it a family-friendly destination.
  2. City Centre Almaza: Opened in 2019, this modern mall is located in Heliopolis, with a total area of 103,000 square meters and over 260 stores. It features a mix of local and international brands, a hypermarket, a department store, and a home center. Additionally, there’s a 13-screen cinema, a family entertainment center, and a food court, making it a convenient shopping destination for Heliopolis residents and visitors.
  3. City Centre Alexandria: The largest mall in Alexandria, situated near the airport and the Mediterranean Sea. Covering 60,500 square meters and offering over 160 stores, it provides a wide range of local and international brands, along with a hypermarket, a department store, and a home center. The mall also features a 10-screen cinema, a family entertainment center, and a food court, making it a popular shopping hub for Alexandria and the surrounding regions.

How can I use valU to shop at Majid Al Futtaim malls in Egypt?

You can use valU to shop at Majid Al Futtaim malls in Egypt by following these steps:

  1. Download the valU app from the App Store or Google Play and register with your mobile number and national ID.
  2. Choose your preferred payment plan from 3 to 60 months and get instant approval for your credit limit.
  3. Scan the QR code at any participating store at Mall of Egypt or City Centre Almaza and pay with valU.
  4. Enjoy the benefits of Sha2labaz, the redemption product introduced by valU in November 2021, which allows you to receive cash reimbursements against any purchase you make. You can either use the cashback to pay your valU installments or withdraw it to your bank account.

What are the features and attractions of Mall of Egypt?

Mall of Egypt offers a range of unique attractions, including:

  1. Ski Egypt: Africa’s only indoor ski resort, spanning 22,500 square meters, lets you enjoy winter sports and meet penguins.
  2. VOX Cinemas: A 21-screen multiplex with various screen types like IMAX and 4DX, as well as a food court and lounge area.
  3. Magic Planet: This family entertainment center has arcade games, rides, bowling, and more for all ages.
  4. Shopping: With over 400 stores featuring local and international brands, it’s a shopping paradise. Carrefour, Egypt’s largest hypermarket, offers a wide selection of products.
  5. Dining: Mall of Egypt has diverse dining options, from fast food to fine dining, representing various cuisines.

How can I get to City Centre Almaza from Cairo airport?

There are two ways to get from Cairo Airport to the City Centre Almaza: by bus or by taxi.

The bus option is cheaper but takes longer. You can take the Line 111 bus from Cairo Airport to Al Galaa Bridge, which costs $1 and takes 32 minutes. Then you can walk for about 10 minutes to reach the mall, which is located inside Al Maza Airport, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha.

The taxi option is faster but more expensive. You can take a taxi from Cairo Airport to Cairo Almaza, which costs $1 and takes 7 minutes. The mall has three entrances on Suez Road, so you can ask the driver to drop you off at the nearest one.

What are the best restaurants and cafes in City Centre Alexandria?

City Centre Alexandria offers a range of dining options, including restaurants and cafes. While the popularity of specific establishments can change over time, here are some places you can explore for dining and refreshments within or near the mall:


  • Buffalo Burger: Known for its juicy burgers and American-style comfort food.
  • Grand Café: Offers a variety of international dishes, from sandwiches to pasta.
  • Chili’s: A popular chain for American and Tex-Mex cuisine, known for its burgers, fajitas, and more.
  • Studio Masr: A restaurant specializing in Egyptian cuisine, serving traditional dishes.
  • Fuddruckers: A go-to place for customizable burgers and delicious milkshakes.
  • Pizza Hut: Famous for its pizzas and pasta dishes.
  • Mori Sushi: A great option for sushi and Japanese cuisine enthusiasts.


  • Starbucks: A well-known global coffee chain offering a variety of coffee beverages and snacks.
  • Cilantro: A café offering a selection of coffee, sandwiches, and light meals.
  • Costa Coffee: Known for its coffee and a range of pastries and sandwiches.
  • Dunkin’: A coffee and donut chain that offers a quick snack and coffee fix.
  • Café Supreme: Serving coffee, desserts, and light meals in a cozy atmosphere.
  • The French Bakery: A bakery and café with a selection of pastries, bread, and coffee.

What are the entertainment and leisure options in City Centre Maadi?

City Centre Maadi, located in Cairo, offers a variety of entertainment and leisure options to enhance your shopping experience. Some of the entertainment and leisure facilities at City Centre Maadi may include:

  1. Cinema: Many malls have a cinema complex, providing the latest movies for your enjoyment. Check the mall’s website or inquire at the mall for information about the cinema.
  2. Food Court: Enjoy a diverse selection of dining options in the food court, where you can savor a wide range of cuisines and snacks.
  3. Kids’ Play Area: Some malls have dedicated play areas for children, offering a safe and fun environment for kids to enjoy while you shop.
  4. Arcade and Games: Look for gaming arcades or areas with video games and other entertainment options.
  5. Fitness Center: Some malls may include fitness centers or gyms for those interested in staying active.
  6. Event Spaces: Check for events and activities that the mall may host, such as live performances, exhibitions, and more.
  7. Beauty and Spa Services: Some malls have beauty salons and spa facilities for relaxation and self-care.

What are the local and international brands available in Cairo Festival City Mall?

Cairo Festival City Mall features a wide range of local and international brands in various categories. Some of the popular brands you can find there include:

1. Local Brands:

  • Mobaco Cottons
  • Okhtein
  • Kojak Studio
  • Elaraby Group
  • Haggar
  • On Time
  • Mobica
  • Cottonil
  • B Tech
  • Vodafone Egypt

2. International Brands:

  • Zara
  • H&M
  • Mango
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Massimo Dutti
  • Pull & Bear
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Swarovski

What are the historical and cultural attractions near San Stefano Mall?

Near San Stefano Mall in Alexandria, Egypt, you can explore a mix of historical and cultural attractions, including:

  1. Qaitbay Citadel: A historic fortress with a maritime museum.
  2. Montaza Palace: A royal palace with beautiful gardens.
  3. Bibliotheca Alexandrina: A modern library and cultural center.
  4. The Royal Jewelry Museum: A display of royal jewelry and gems.
  5. Alexandria National Museum: Showcasing the city’s history.
  6. Pompey’s Pillar: An ancient red granite column.


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