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Top shopping malls in Moldova 2023! Moldova, a small yet vibrant country located in Eastern Europe, offers a unique shopping experience with its outstanding selection of malls. From bustling city centers to more serene suburban areas, Moldova’s shopping malls are known for their diverse range of products, modern amenities, and delightful atmosphere. In this article, we will explore the top shopping malls in Moldova and delve into what makes them so appealing to both locals and tourists alike.

From MallDova’s diverse range of stores to Jumbo’s family-friendly atmosphere and Sun City Mall’s refined elegance, Moldova’s top shopping malls offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for trendy fashion, modern electronics, children’s toys, or luxurious brands, these malls have it covered.

So, whether you’re a local resident or a visitor exploring the wonders of Moldova, don’t miss the chance to indulge in the retail delights these malls have to offer.

Best shopping malls in Moldova 2023

See Best shopping malls in Moldova 2023 below:

  1. MallDova (Chisinau): Moldova’s premier shopping destination with international brands and entertainment.
  2. Shopping Mall Atrium (Chisinau): Offers high-end fashion, dining, and a cinema complex.
  3. Galleria Shopping Center (Chisinau): Combines shopping with art and culture.
  4. Megapolis Mall (Chisinau): Known for affordability and a diverse range of stores.
  5. Malldova (Balti): Second-largest city’s shopping hub for various brands.
  6. SkyTower Shopping Center (Chisinau): Offers panoramic views and a mix of international and local shops.
  7. Sun City Mall (Chisinau): Vibrant mall with entertainment options and a food court.
  8. Jumbo Shopping Center (Chisinau): Specializes in toys and children’s products.
  9. UNIC Shopping Center (Chisinau): Modern shopping experience with numerous stores and dining options.
  10. Mega Mall (Chisinau): One-stop destination for fashion, electronics, and home goods.

These malls cater to diverse shopping preferences, ensuring a great experience in Moldova for 2023.

Top retail destinations Moldova

Here is list of top retail destinations Moldova below:

  1. Chisinau: The capital city offers a wide range of shopping experiences, from malls to markets.
  2. MallDova (Chisinau): Moldova’s largest mall with international brands and entertainment.
  3. Shopping Mall Atrium (Chisinau): Known for upscale fashion and dining.
  4. Galleria Shopping Center (Chisinau): Combines shopping with art and culture.
  5. Balti: Second-largest city with Malldova as a major shopping hub.
  6. Megapolis Mall (Chisinau): Budget-friendly shopping with diverse stores.
  7. Sun City Mall (Chisinau): Offers family-friendly entertainment options.
  8. Jumbo Shopping Center (Chisinau): Specializes in children’s products.
  9. UNIC Shopping Center (Chisinau): Modern shopping with various stores and dining.
  10. Mega Mall (Chisinau): Convenient one-stop shopping for fashion, electronics, and home goods.

These destinations provide diverse shopping experiences across Moldova in 2023.

Affordable shopping malls Moldova

Here are a few shopping malls in Moldova that were known for affordability:

  1. Megapolis Mall (Chisinau): Known for budget-friendly shopping with various stores.
  2. Malldova (Balti): Offers affordable shopping options in Moldova’s second-largest city.
  3. Mega Mall (Chisinau): Provides budget-friendly choices for fashion, electronics, and home goods.
  4. Shopping MallDova Outlet (Chisinau): Features discounted and outlet stores within MallDova.
  5. Piata Centrala (Chisinau): A central market with affordable fresh produce, clothing, and local goods.
  6. Local Markets: Moldova has numerous affordable local markets and bazaars for various shopping needs.

Local brands in Moldovan malls

In Moldovan malls in 2023, you can discover a variety of local brands that offer unique products. Here are some local brands you might find:

  1. Linella: Linella is a popular Moldovan supermarket chain offering local products, groceries, and household items.
  2. Iriş: This Moldovan brand specializes in chocolates and sweets, making it a delightful choice for those with a sweet tooth.
  3. Tucano Coffee: Tucano Coffee is a Moldovan coffeehouse chain known for its high-quality coffee and cozy atmosphere.
  4. Zarina: Zarina is a local fashion brand with a range of clothing and accessories, often reflecting Moldovan design influences.
  5. Noroc Beer: For beer enthusiasts, Noroc is a Moldovan beer brand that brews a variety of beer styles.
  6. Lumy: Lumy is a Moldovan cosmetics brand known for its skincare and beauty products.
  7. Verde in Stil: This brand focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable home and lifestyle products, perfect for environmentally conscious shoppers.
  8. Mobila Plus: If you’re looking for furniture and home decor, Mobila Plus offers locally made options.
  9. Moldova Wine Shop: Explore a wide selection of Moldovan wines, including those from local wineries, at specialized wine shops within malls.
  10. Artizanat Moldova: Discover handmade crafts and artisanal products that showcase Moldovan craftsmanship.

These local brands contribute to the unique shopping experience in Moldovan malls, allowing you to explore and support local talent and products.

Family-friendly malls Moldova

Moldova offers several family-friendly malls in 2023 where you can enjoy shopping, dining, and entertainment suitable for all ages. Here are some family-friendly malls in Moldova:

  1. Sun City Mall (Chisinau): Sun City is a vibrant mall known for its family-oriented entertainment options, including an indoor amusement park with rides and games.
  2. MallDova (Chisinau): MallDova, being the largest mall in Moldova, offers a range of family-friendly activities, from shopping to dining and even occasional events for kids.
  3. Jumbo Shopping Center (Chisinau): Jumbo specializes in toys and children’s products, making it an ideal destination for families with kids.
  4. Mega Mall (Chisinau): Mega Mall provides a convenient and family-friendly shopping experience with a variety of stores and dining options.
  5. UNIC Shopping Center (Chisinau): UNIC offers modern shopping and often hosts family-friendly events and promotions, making it an enjoyable visit for families.

These malls incorporate entertainment options and amenities catering to families, ensuring that parents and children can have a fun and convenient shopping experience together.


Entertainment options in Moldovan malls 2023

In 2023, Moldovan malls offer a range of entertainment options to enhance your shopping experience. Here are some popular entertainment choices you can find in Moldovan malls:

  1. Cinema Complexes: Many malls, such as MallDova and Shopping Mall Atrium in Chisinau, feature state-of-the-art cinemas where you can catch the latest movies in comfort.
  2. Indoor Amusement Parks: Malls like Sun City Mall in Chisinau often have indoor amusement parks with rides and games, perfect for families and children.
  3. Bowling Alleys: Some malls, like Mega Mall in Chisinau, offer bowling alleys where you can enjoy a fun game with friends and family.
  4. Arcade Centers: Arcade gaming centers with a variety of video games and activities are becoming a staple in Moldovan malls, providing entertainment for all ages.
  5. Food Courts: While primarily for dining, many malls incorporate food courts with diverse cuisines and seating areas, making it a social and culinary experience.
  6. Live Events and Performances: Malls occasionally host live music events, cultural performances, or art exhibitions, adding a cultural touch to your visit.
  7. Virtual Reality Experiences: Some malls may offer virtual reality gaming or experiences, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in interactive virtual worlds.
  8. Escape Rooms: A few malls might have escape room facilities where you can challenge your problem-solving skills with friends.
  9. Mini Golf: Some malls feature mini golf courses, offering a fun and casual entertainment option.
  10. Karaoke Lounges: Karaoke lounges within malls provide an entertaining space for singing enthusiasts to showcase their talents.

These entertainment options not only complement your shopping experience but also make Moldovan malls attractive destinations for leisure and social activities in 2023.

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