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Brazil, the largest country in South America, features significant cities and dynamic communities teeming with ex-pats. Employees may choose to go to Brazil to work in a new place due to the dynamic culture, magnificent beaches, and amazing natural features. However, the organization must understand how to obtain a work visa in Brazil for all international employees before they can begin working there.

Brazil has one of the largest labor forces in the world; as qualified and competent native workers have increased through time, employment chances for foreigners have decreased. In Brazil, it is simpler for a foreigner who speaks Portuguese to get a job. English-speaking immigrants also have an advantage because it is not widely used in Brazil. The majority of the data needed to look for work is available in Portuguese. Employers must always favor qualified local applicants when they are available due to rigorous labor rules.

Both Brazilian firms and international workers who want to work in Brazil must take certain factors into account. It is difficult to comprehend how a Brazilian corporation may efficiently sponsor a single employee.

We discuss some of the most crucial elements of the employer sponsorship procedure in Brazil in this post. You will get to know the requirements for working in Brazil, the jobs that will sponsor visas for foreigners in 2022/2023, and what attracts people to work there, the top employment agencies in Brazil among other things.

Qualifications for employment in Brazil

Before one is qualified for employment in Brazil, they must have the following:

  • One needs a Brazil work and residency permit in order to be able to legally dwell and work there.
  • Certificate for the designated position.
  • required qualifications for the position.
  • Medically sound.

Jobs in Brazil that will sponsor visas for foreign nationals in 2024

For foreigners, Brazil offers a wide range of employment opportunities, including positions like sales executive, sales development representative, customer service representative, etc. Engineers, physicians, and other professions, however, are frequently held by foreigners. Some positions demand particular educational credentials and expertise, while others do not. Some jobs also allow for visa sponsorship.

Check out the list of Visa sponsorship jobs in Brazil for foreigners below:

  • Service Desk Technician
  • Quality Inspector
  • Sales Specialist
  • Machine Maintenance Technician
  • Houskeeper – Room Attendant
  • Front desk agent
  • Assembler
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Developer
  • Construction Management Professional
  • Electronic Technician
  • Business Development Manager
  • Business Development – Key Account Manager
  • Senior Java Developer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Software (Android developer)

Foreigners’ Salary Jobs in Brazil

In Brazil, an outsider makes an average of 8,560 BRL each month. This is substantially less than what it takes to live and exist, especially considering that Brazil while being ranked third in America, isn’t regarded as being a great economic superpower.

How Foreigners Can Apply For Jobs in Brazil

The steps to apply for jobs in Brazil for foreigners are listed below in the list:

  • When routed to the official website, use the application link below to seek a job.
  • You may filter the job of your choice using the search box, which is separated into numerous categories.
  • Examine the job description and advertisement.
  • Before going, ensure that you have met all of the prerequisites.
  • Choose the ‘Apply Online option.
  • Fill out and submit your application.
  • Check your inbox for an email verifying your application.

How to Establish “Professional Experience” in Brazil in Order to Obtain a Work Visa

A statement from the employer where the candidate worked attests to their professional experience, demonstrating a minimum of four years of experience for medium-level candidates for positions that do not require a technical or graduate level, three years for candidates with technical education, two years for candidates with bachelor’s degrees, and one year for candidates who have completed postgraduate coursework with a minimum of 360 class hours. Master’s and Ph.D. degree holders are exempt from submitting letters of experience.

A letter of experience may be created in Brazil and signed by an officer of the Brazilian firm if the Brazilian sponsoring company is a member of the same economic group as the candidate’s present employer. In this situation, the letter should be written in Portuguese and no additional notarization or legalization is required.

The applicant must have at least five years of experience and a letter from each former employer if they have not been employed by the same economic group for the requisite minimum amount of time.

Top Brazil Employment Agencies List

The following is the list of top recruitment agencies in Brazil

  • Talent place
  • DevsData LLC
  • Alcor
  • Remotely Works
  • Sim Carreira
  • Combine Global Recruitment
  • Boyden
  • Gi Group
  • Soulan Recursos Humanos
  • WCA Brasil
  • Foxtime Recursos Humanos
  • Alliage
  • Martins Guerra
  • Hprojekt Group
  • RSG – Recruitment Services Group


Brazilian Work Visa Options

All workers in Brazil require both a work visa and a residency permit. Brazil offers a variety of work visas, including the following:

  • Permanent work visa (Visto Permanente): This visa is typically sought by foreign employees with permanent residence in Brazil. It applies to professional researchers, scientists, and investors who have more than $50,000 invested per individual or $200,000 invested per firm, as well as managers and directors. Some holders of a VITEM V visa in this category may apply for a permanent work visa after two years.
  • VITEM V visa: The most popular working visa, this temporary visa is generally provided to foreign people visiting Brazil for technical help, research talents, or professional services for a work contract or other arrangement. Employees in this category must get Ministry of Labor and Employment permission.
  • VITEM II visa (Business Trip): Foreign nationals going to Brazil for business often apply for a VITEM II visa. They cannot, however, receive funds from Brazilian businesses. This visa is valid for up to ten years and allows for 90-day visits every year.

Procedure for Applying

The application procedure for a working visa in Brazil must be handled by both employers and employees. All documentation for prospective employees must be translated into Portuguese and submitted by the employer to the General Coordination of Immigration Department. The Brazilian embassy or consulate in the employee’s place of residency is then notified to begin the work visa application procedure after receiving the paperwork from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The local embassy must then receive all documentation from the employees.

Because visa applications may only be created by legal companies in Brazil, your business must partner with a worldwide PEO or have a subsidiary that is officially registered there. To begin the work permit application procedure for employees, employers must present the following documents:

  • Application for a Work Permit
  • Forms for Applicant and Candidate
  • Company statutes or contractual amendments must be registered with the Commercial Board or the Public Civil Registry.
  • Document certifying the appointment of the applicant’s legal representative.

Employees will be required to supply residence information, a copy of their passport, evidence of education and professional experience, and other documents. Keep in mind that visa fees differ per country. US nationals, for example, must pay $290, while UK citizens must pay $225.

Brazil Work Visa Requirements

The VITEM V visa is one of the prerequisites for any Brazilian work permit. The majority of your staff will need to fulfill its standards because this visa is the most popular. They must have at least nine years of schooling and two years of relevant professional experience in the field for which you are recruiting them.

  • a degree from a reputable university and one year of work experience
  • No practical experience and a postgraduate degree in the field.

Employees are not eligible to apply for a work visa unless they hold a temporary or permanent residence visa. They must also have a job lined up since a prospective employer must begin the application process. If the individual changes occupations while in Brazil, they will need to apply for new permission.

Brazil usually issues temporary work visas and residency permits initially. Temporary permits are typically valid for two years and can be renewed once. After four years, an employer can request to have the temporary licenses converted to permanent ones, allowing staff to live and work in Brazil.

Additional Vital Points

You may or may not be able to bring family members to Brazil depending on the conditions of your employment and residency visas. You can apply for a family reunification visa to make spouses and dependents permanent residents if your employees are citizens of the United States. However, the applicant must demonstrate that they resided in the embassy’s territory and meet other qualifying requirements.

What draws people to work in Brazil?

In the Brazilian labor market, there exist rules that guard against your employer’s treating you unfairly. For the first 15 days of a sickness absence, the employer is required to pay the employee’s full wage; but, after those 15 days, the employee is entitled to social security benefits.

You are entitled to 30 paid vacation days after working for any employer in Brazil for a period of 12 months. The vacation payout is equal to your monthly wage + one-third of your paycheck. Monthly perks include meal vouchers, health insurance, life insurance, and housing for select employers.

A 13th salary bonus is another benefit that all businesses are required by law to provide to their staff members. Every year, a Christmas bonus equal to one extra pay is provided in two parts. The first installment is due between February and November, and the second is due by December 20th each year.

You are legally entitled to severance compensation if your employer decides to terminate your job. Additionally, employers are required to provide employees at least 30 days’ notice before terminating employment.

One should be able to choose which form of visa sponsorship jobs in Brazil is most advantageous and appropriate for them after reading the update to this page.

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