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Jobs in Fiji with visa sponsorship for foreigners in 2024! It is not difficult to get work in Fiji. Obtaining a job in Fiji may appear complicated, but if you understand the requirements and have some assistance, it may be a simple process.

Foreign nationals are regularly granted entry into a nation in order to look for employment. Individuals often need to be sponsored by a company who has extended a formal job offer to them. The employer certifies that the employee will work for them, making them a lawful working resident of that country.

Here you will be enlighten on the Jobs in Fiji that Sponsor Visas for Foreigners, the type of work visa in Fiji, the requirements to Obtain Fiji Work Visas.

Jobs in Fiji that Sponsor Visas for Foreigners 2024

  • Van Sales Executive (Central)
  • Degree qualified Electronic Technician
  • Customer Engagement Specialists
  • Finance and Administration Assistant
  • Apprentice Joiner
  • Bar Tender
  • Service Coordination Team
  • Direct Sales & Activities operator
  • Boiler Operator – Fiji Dairy Pte Limited
  • Security¬†Officer
  • Packer / Driver
  • Grounds men
  • IT Support Officer (Hardware)
  • General Manager – BPO ( Outsourcing )
  • Sales Executive – Suva

Can foreigners work in Fiji?

To work in Fiji, you may be required to get a Work Visa or Permit.


Types of Work Visas in Fiji

Noncitizens have several work permit alternatives, and the sort of permission they need depends on the type of work they want to conduct.

  • Work permit: This standard permit covers any long-term work that does not fall into one of four categories. You must include a justification for not hiring a resident for this application as an employer.
  • Short-term work permit: This documentation applies to any job of one year or less.
  • Under education: This permit is necessary for educational activities and must be endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Heritage, and the Arts (MEHA).
  • Under religious: Individuals must apply for this permit before engaging in religious work. Employees do not need any endorsements, but they must be legally registered with the church for which they intend to work.
  • Under volunteer: This sort of permit is required if a person intends to volunteer while overseas. There is no need for industry approval.

Fiji also provides permission exemptions for government or diplomatic activity, as well as investment licenses for commercial ventures. It’s also worth noting that employment permits do not include housing permits. Before your workers may apply for a work visa, they must first get the necessary papers to live in the nation.

Requirements to Obtain Fiji Work Visas

When your staff submit their work visa applications to the Fiji Immigration Department, they will require the following documents:

  • A current passport.
  • An arrival card that has been signed and filled.
  • A letter of permission from the Immigration Department.
  • A physical address in the country.

The requirements for applying for a permit vary depending on the kind, but all require a curriculum vitae (CV) with appropriate professional experience and education.

Application Process

A work visa application requires a number of documentation and authorization for lawful employment. The process starts with you and the employee filling out the application together. This phase should be done before the person comes, which means they must have a position set up with your organization before arriving.

As the employer, you must file an application with the Immigration Department to recruit a noncitizen employee. You will then be presented with an application that will request a number of items. Attachments to the application include:

  • Details about the position’s training program.
  • History of residence
  • A medical evaluation.
  • Evidence of English proficiency

The application will subsequently be sent to the Immigration Department for processing by you or the employee. Your staff can begin working after they have received their work permit documents.

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