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Jobs in Portugal that can sponsor visas for foreigners in 2024/2025! Don’t know where to begin while looking for employment in Portugal that sponsor visas? Do you want to learn more about the labor market in Portugal? Are you looking for a list of the current foreigners visa sponsorship jobs in Portugal?

One thing about to put in mind about Visa Sponsorship jobs in Portugal for foreigners is that It can be challenging to find the ideal job opportunity, especially if you’re thinking about going abroad, as many positions require a specific language proficiency in addition to a specialty. There are plenty of job opportunities in Portugal for foreigners, so those who want to visit and settle there won’t need to worry too much.

Here, we give you a list of jobs in Portugal that will sponsor your visa and instructions on how to work there as a foreigner. In this page, you’ll also get a broad overview of the work opportunities for foreigners on the Portuguese labor market.

Portugal’s Employment Market and Visa Sponsorship jobs for foreigners

Because many chances primarily depend on language soft skills, the accessibility of the Portuguese job market varies for people who speak English and those who speak Portuguese. Having said that, more and more companies are opening offices in Portugal and are specifically looking for fluent English speakers.

Portuguese speakers will typically have more job opportunities in professions requiring specialized training, such as those for architects, accountants, engineers, doctors, and lawyers. There are still a number of careers that demand English speakers.

For instance, the labor market in Lisbon is currently open to foreign applicants, and there are numerous job possibilities for developers in the IT and software sectors.

Lisbon in particular has transformed over the past five years into a start-up hotspot, increasing the amount of English-speaking chances for foreigners. Hosting the Web Summit likely contributed to this rise in startup activity.

You’ll notice that Portugal’s tourism industry is booming, making it easy to find an English-speaking job there. However, the start-up industry hasn’t been the only one growing across the nation.

Portugal Work Requirements and Eligibility

To live and work in Portugal, European nationals are not need to have a visa or a work permit. These residents merely need to get a tax identification number from Finanças and register their address with the city hall.

You must first apply for a visa if you are a citizen of a third nation. To do this, you must arrive in the country with a job contract or the promise of a job contract, and you must then apply for a residence permit.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Portugal for foreigners  2024/2025 list

The following is a list of current positions that provide foreigners visa sponsorship in Portugal:

  • Corporate Services Analyst
  • Account Executive
  • Product Engineering Lead
  • Information Technology Senior Associate
  • Corporate Services Senior
  • SpecialistSenior IT Business Analyst (Global POS).
  • Software Engineer – Front End
  • IT Generalist
  • Java Full Stack Software Engineer (m/f)
  • Senior Software Engineer – Front End
  • Staff Accountant
  • Data / Business Analyst (Graduate)
  • Data Scientist
  • Application Support Engineer
  • Corporate Services Senior Specialist

How to Work in Portugal as a Foreigner

You might want to know some crucial information about the job market in Portugal and the industries that are open to expats, whether you’re a digital nomad looking for a remote work opportunity, a student interested in taking up a quick summer job, or a permanent resident seeking to start a career in Portugal. You’ll be in a better position to decide on future employment chances in the country if you do this.

Portugal’s Working Conditions and Pay

A typical full-time job in Portugal lasts eight hours each day, or 40 hours per week.

Portugal’s minimum wage, which is now €822.5 a month based on 12 payments per year or €665 based on 14 payments, is lower than that of the majority of other EU member states. These pay scales will be applicable to the travel and hospitality industry as well as call centers. However, depending on where you work in the hospitality industry, tips could dramatically increase your pay.

Be not discouraged; if you work in a start-up or professional service, the pay in these roles will increase significantly.

Portugal CV Advice

Three sections make up the typical Portuguese CV. Your personal information is listed first, followed by your most recent work experience, degrees, and certifications. Having said that, you are free to select the structure that highlights your unique skills and best suits your career journey. Simply bear in mind the following advice.

One page should be adequate to show you fit a position. Short CVs are valued. Your CV could be two pages long, but never more than three, depending on which positions you apply for and whether you need to go into more technical detail.

Average Salary and the Minimum Wage.

The monthly gross average wage in Portugal is 1,100 EUR (1,200 USD). This number is highly arbitrary. The average gross salary for highly qualified workers is 1,800 EUR (2,000 USD). It drops to 900 EUR for people without a university degree (990 USD). So what does a good salary look like in Portugal?

You may begin to understand the issue residents have with the current job market and the rising rent prices if you realize that the average rent in the country is 1,100 EUR (1,200 USD). Aim for at least 1,500 EUR (1,650 USD) net if you want to live comfortably in the nation because you can locate housing for one-third of your pay with this amount.

The Most Demanded Jobs and Their Pay

Portugal’s most sought-after occupations are found in the hospitality (hotels, restaurants, caterers, etc.), communication (call centers), information technology (IT), and healthcare industries (doctors and especially nurses).

We give a list of these in-demand professions, along with other typical vocations and their average salaries, for your reference.

Average Salary Per Year.

occupations EUR USD 22,11,000; 23,33,000 20,000 – 22,000 Architect General Practitioner 25,800 28,500 Technician at the help desk 10,000 11,000 80,000 to 88,500 for hotel managers Manager of Marketing 27,900 29,700 Nurse 12,000 13,200 Manager of Products 39.000 42.900 Front desk 12,700 14,000 Engineer in software 22,000 24,200 13 000 14 300 teachers Designer of UX 22,000 24,200 15 000 16 500 Web developer

What is the Portuguese workplace culture like?

Portugal’s workplace culture varies significantly from sector to sector and even company to company.

Startups tend to be agile, fast-paced, and all hands on deck. They also don’t need a lot of bureaucracy. These workplaces, which are conveniently located in, among others, Lisbon, Porto, Braga, and Aveiro, tend to be competitive but are also often warm and welcoming—otherwise, we wouldn’t be talking about the hospitable Portuguese—instead.

However, more established and conventional industries could be stuck in their ways. These businesses frequently use hierarchies to organize their operations, their employees may place a high value on social standing and ranking, and their general work environments may be competitive and resistant to change.


Typical Workdays and Hours

A average work week in Portugal is 40 hours, worked from Monday through Friday. Although each business is free to choose its own hours, a normal workday in Portugal lasts from 9:00 until 17:30, with a 1.5-hour lunch break in between. Unless otherwise specified in your employment contract, you are not required to work on the weekends, and the majority of Portuguese people don’t. The Portuguese typically promote and actively engage in leisure activities.

If you have any questions on the Visa Sponsorship jobs for foreigners in Portugal comments for us as you put what we’ve explained here or in any of our other articles into practice, feel free to leave a comment below.

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