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Ghana visa sponsorship employment for foreigners 2024/2025! Are you looking for a job in west Africa that will pay for your visa? In Ghana, there are various career prospects for foreigners. Do you want to know the best recruitment agencies you can find in Ghana? If so read this article.

Ghana’s persistent economic growth makes this West African country a feasible alternative for enterprises looking to expand abroad. However, before any international workers can begin working in a firm in Ghana, it is ensured that they have the required visas and permissions.

So in this article, you will get to know the visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners in Ghana,  the work visa qualifications in Ghana, the registration process, and much more.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Ghana for foreigners 2024

The following are the available visa sponsorship jobs in Ghana for foreigners in 2024/2025

  • Sales Representative
  • Communications and Public Relations Associate At United Nations University (UNU)
  • Company Secretarial Services – Experienced Associate
  • Chief Customer Officer At Airline Company
  • General Programme Officer At ActionAid Ghana (Upper West Region)
  • Junior Trader
  • Promotions & Events Coordinator At Tigo Ghana
  • NextGen Business Analyst at Africa Foresight Group
  • Project Leader
  • Programme Officer At Camfed Ghana (Tamale)
  • Administrator At Yees Africa
  • Business Development Manager
  • Driver
  • Refrigeration Engineer
  • Performance Monitoring Specialist, USAID West Africa PELA II at Panagora Group
  • Registered Nurse
  • Regional Quality Improvement Specialist At URC (Takoradi and Ho, Volta Region).

Work Visa classes in Ghana

Ghana, like any other country, provides a set of visas to foreign nationals. Citizens of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) are permitted to enter Ghana without a visa. All other international nationals must get a visa from the Ghanaian embassy in their home country.

Visa types include:

  • Single-entry visas allow holders to enter Ghana once and remain for up to three months.
  • Foreign nationals will require a resident permit and a work permit in addition to an admission visa to live and work in Ghana.

Qualifications for Ghana Work Visas

It is the employer’s responsibility to apply for a work permit on behalf of any foreign workers hired. The following papers must be provided by the employee:

  • A valid passport photocopy
  • A curriculum vitae that demonstrates the employee’s qualifications to work in Ghana.
  • A medical certificate is required.
  • Police background checks from the employee’s home country.

Aside from these papers, the employer must provide:

  • The employment agreement.
  • The current audit code for the firm.
  • A certificate of tax clearance.
  • Regulations of the corporation code.
  • Certificates of formation and registration for the firm.
  • The certificate allows the corporation to begin operations.
  • Evidence shows the corporation advertised the position in Ghana to local workers.

Foreign nationals who have obtained a work permit will still require a residency permit before they can begin working in Ghana. The following documents are necessary for this permit:

  • Two passport photographs
  • A genuine, original passport.
  • A valid work permit.
  • A contract of employment.
  • A non-citizen identification card.
  • Documents for business registration and tax clearances for the employer


The Registration process

While the list of documentation necessary to get work and residency licenses in Ghana may appear onerous, the application procedures are very simple.

The potential employee should begin by applying for an entrance visa at the Ghanaian embassy in their home country — or in the neighboring nation if there is no embassy in their home country. In addition to a completed application form, candidates must present a visa that is valid for at least six months, passport pictures, a letter from their employer, and proof of yellow fever vaccine.

The employee should also give the employer any documentation required to apply for a work permit and a residency permit. Work permits and residency permits should be applied for through the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS).

Once these permits have been issued by the GIS, the employee may go to Ghana and begin working.

 Important Factors

Some workers may desire to bring family members with them to Ghana, so your organization should be aware of the procedure for them as well. Foreign employees with valid residency can apply for dependent resident permits on behalf of spouses, children, and parents over the age of 60. Applicants must show proof of their link to the employee, such as a marriage or birth certificate, in addition to the regular documentation.

Best Recruitment Agencies in Ghana

Looking for Best Recruitment Agencies in Ghana? Find the list of Top Best Recruitment Agencies in Ghana here

  • JobSeek Ghana Recruitment Agency
  • JobHouse Recruitment Agency (Ghana)
  • Labor Power Recruitment and Staffing Solutions Ltd
  • XyCareers Ghana
  • JobsinGhana
  • Result Oriented Professional Services (ROPS)
  • Power Intel Consulting
  • Africa Manpower
  • Era ITA Services
  • Rockcee Travels & Recruitment Consult Ltd.

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