Visa sponsorship jobs in Armenia for foreigners 2024/2025 | Current Skilled/Unskilled jobs openings

Foreigner visa sponsorship jobs in Armenia 2024/2025! In Armenia, there are several work opportunities. Foreigners who have lately arrived in the country fill some of these roles. How did they arrive at this point? Textile manufacture and chemical processing have long been major businesses in Armenia’s economy.

These industries have contributed significantly to the country’s GDP. To work in Armenia, foreign residents must first get a work permit. To get a work visa in Armenia, you will need to be sponsored by your future employer.

These employers must comply with a variety of conditions, one of which is that no Armenian citizen fill the post. As a result, before submitting your application, you must have a job lined up in Armenia.

In this essay, we went over all of these measures to assist your work in Armenia. So we will examine the foreigner visa sponsorship jobs in Armenia, how you can find work as a Foreigner in Armenia, the economy overview in Armenia and much more in this post.

List of Foreigner visa sponsorship jobs in Armenia 2024

If you are seeking Jobs with good pay in Armenia for foreigners then consider the below

1. Teaching Jobs in Armenia

The majority of teachers who travel to Armenia intend to volunteer. For teachers interested in teaching English, a TEFL certificate is suggested. International or private school positions are often based in Yerevan, Armenia’s capital, and require teachers to hold a teaching license from their home country.

2. Tutoring/Teaching Jobs

Throughout the year, there are numerous teaching and tutoring positions available. Because the school year in Armenia begins in early September, teacher recruiting for private or foreign schools typically begins in January or February. Volunteering and English language teaching roles may be offered throughout the year, based on availability.

3. Driver Jobs

Are you a seasoned driver who has always wanted to drive in a foreign country? Armenia will provide you with a living and allow you to bring your family with you. There are numerous Armenian companies that will assist you with obtaining a Green Card and a permanent position with one of the country’s leading transportation companies.

Furthermore, truck drivers account for a large percentage of driving professions in Armenia. You will be responsible for carrying things from one location to another in these positions. If you’re a truck driver, you’ll be operating big or tractor-trailer trucks while doing tasks safely and efficiently.

Qualifications and criteria include a minimum of three (3) years of recent driving experience.

4. Caregiver Jobs

Armenia really does have some opportunities for foreign caregivers. Caregivers assist a wide spectrum of people with personal care and support. This assistance usually comprises assisting people with their everyday tasks, such as showering and cooking meals. Seniors, persons recovering from surgery, disabled adults, and veterans are the most common clients of caregivers.

This can happen in an institution or through in-home care. Caregivers must have a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree in general education (GED). In addition, most caretakers must have a valid driver’s license.

5. Hotel/Restaurant Jobs

Armenia’s restaurant business is thriving, busy, and full of job prospects. If you want to work in the restaurant industry, there are plenty of chances available.

Work Visa Types in Armenia

Some foreign people, such as those from the United States, Australia, Spain, and Sweden, do not require an Armenian work visa. Most individuals, however, will need to apply for one of the following visas:

  • Official visa: There are two sorts of official visas, each valid for three years and one year. Depending on the demands of the applicant, it is provided as a single-entry or multiple-entry option.
  • Diplomatic visas are available to anybody who has a diplomatic passport or status. Multiple-entry visas are valid for three years, single- and multiple-entry visas for one year, and a single-entry visa for 120 days.
  • Transit visa: This one-year single-entry or multiple-entry visa permits individuals to remain in Armenia for no more than three days. It’s great for travelers passing through Armenia on their way to another destination.

All official, diplomatic, and e-visas are issued and extended by Armenia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Police of Armenia’s Passport and Visa Department manages tourist and transit visas.

Work Visa Requirements for Armenia

Unless they are a highly trained foreign expert, business owners, or executives, every one of your foreign employees will require a work permit in Armenia to lawfully work for your firm. As an employer, you must first seek Armenian residents to fill the position. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MLSA) will perform a labor market test in Armenia to ensure that no qualified or accessible local workers exist.

You can apply for a work visa on behalf of a foreigner if the MLSA cannot discover appropriate applicants or if you have good reasons for rejecting that personnel. Work permits have a set duration, however, they can be renewed upon request. After receiving their work permit, the foreign national must apply for a temporary residence permit with the Passport and Visa Department.

The Registration Procedure

To get a work permit on behalf of your staff, you must submit the following documentation to the MLSA:

  • A type of application.
  • Passport of the employee
  • A diploma demonstrating education or qualification for the position.
  • There are two photographs.
  • Evidence of payment of government fees.

A work permit costs around AMD 25,000 ($52). The temporary residency permit costs AMD 105,000, or around $219. The MLSA can grant a work permit in as little as 13 business days after receiving these papers.

 Vital Issues to consider

Work permits in Armenia are subject to stringent fines. If you do not get a work permit for your staff, you may face a punishment of AMD 100,000-150,000. Furthermore, if your staff overstay their visa, they may be penalized between 50,000 and 100,000 AMD. You must fund charges such as return travel, housing, personal property transit, and family members’ fees once your employees have obtained a work visa.


Armenian Economy Overview

Armenia has a booming and varied economy that is welcoming to ex-pats, but it is not simple to expand and bring in international labor. Unless they fall into a category that exempts them from work permit requirements,  workers will require an Armenian work visa and a work permit.

Armenia’s economy has traditionally been built on heavy industry, with the key sectors being textile production and chemical processing. However, since gaining independence from the Soviet Union, Armenia has sought to diversify its economy, and the service sector now accounts for nearly 45% of the country’s total GDP (PPP) of 19.649 billion AMD. Industry and agriculture are the other two major economic sectors, accounting for 35% and 19% of GDP, respectively.

How to Find Work as a Foreigner in Armenia

Below is a list of resources for foreigners searching for jobs in Armenia. The sites mentioned below should have a response rate of 0.5 to 1.0 percent. Nonetheless, I encourage giving these sites a try because you never know what you may learn from a simple e-mail or application.


Job Finder is one of Armenia’s most popular job search websites. Google Translate can assist you if you do not speak English and need to browse the web.

2. Jet Career

You’ve most likely heard of Career Jet. It is a large job search engine. They offer Armenian search results.


A great job search engine with Armenian job vacancies.


The vast majority of job advertisements on are directed at Armenians. However, you cannot score if you do not shoot. After your resume has been translated, please submit it. Watch what happens.

5. Career Center

The Career Center offers job postings, internships, and scholarship opportunities.

6. LinkedIn 

Finally, this enormous professional social network is a significant resource for building field and location relationships. It’s as simple as that! These are the best places for a foreigner to search for job in Armenia. You may also use them to look for job opportunities in Armenia.

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