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Are you moving to Vanuatu for work? Are you in need of a visa-sponsored job? The Vanuatu working visa could be the best option for you. Vanuatu is an island nation with diversified culture, a rich history, great architecture, a fantastic beach lifestyle, and endless economic potential.

As a result, this strategically positioned South Pacific island is rapidly becoming an economic and real estate magnet for investors and international people.

In this article, we will take you through the various types of visa sponsorship jobs in Vanuatu, the requirements for a Vanuatu work permit, and the application process in detail so that you can have a seamless relocation experience to Vanuatu.

Benefits of Working in Vanuatu

The following are the benefits of working in Vanuatu

  • Tropical climate
  • Amazing beach life
  • Tax friendly nation
  • Flourishing economy
  • Attractive real estate market

Visa sponsorship jobs in Vanuatu for foreigners 2024

Visa sponsorship jobs in Vanuatu for foreigners are listed below:

  • ICT Systems Administrator / Team Leader (Vanuatu)
  • Solar Electrician in Vanuatu
  • General Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Adviser
  • Senior Program Officer
  • Digital Training & Advisory Consultant
  • Development Facilitator
  • Senior Development Facilitator
  • Client Support Executive

Work Visa classifications

Vanuatu’s gorgeous nation provides three types of Vanuatu work visas. Learn everything there is to know about them by reading on:

  • Long-Term Work Visa – A one-year work permit. Individuals who choose to remain in Vanuatu can extend their work visa for up to four years.
  • Temporary Visa – An applicant can apply for a Vanuatu Temporary Visa if his or her employment stay is for four months or less.
  • Exempted Visa- This sort of visa is available to people whose employment stay is for a duration of one month or less.

If you are migrating to work for a religious organization, you will be allowed to apply for a work visa that remains valid for a year. The application fees for the various categories of work permits are the same. However, keep in mind that your annual tax may vary depending on how long you stay in Vanuatu.

Work Visa Requirements in Vanuatu

An applicant’s employer must file the application form for a Vanuatu work visa. Check that you have all of the essential paperwork to submit to the Department of Labor and Employment Services. Here is a list of Vanuatu visa criteria that you must meet in order to obtain a work permit.

  • A valid passport is required for the applicant/employee.
  • Photographs of the applicant in passport size.
  • Reason for hiring a Vanuatu non-citizen.
  • A copy of the employment advertisement.
  • Applications are accepted in accordance with the job description.
  • Completed the Vanuatu working visa application completely.

If an employer is seeking a Temporary work permit or an Exempted work permit, they must additionally provide a copy of their employee’s travel information. When an employer applies for a Long-Term Work Visa, they must disclose the employment contract.

It should be reminded that the application procedure will not be completed until the possible foreign hire signs. As a result, employers must thoroughly review the application form and clarify the scope of work with the individual recruited for the position.

Vanuatu Working Visa Application Form

Although the application process for the Vanuatu Working Visa is simple, the processing time is slightly lengthier. As a result, keep all of your paperwork close to reaching. The Department of Labor and Employment Services in Vanuatu will assess your application. Vanuatu focuses on facilitating the employment of foreign residents in addition to promoting investment prospects in the country. However, your application will be extensively scrutinized by the Commissioner of Labor, who will then decide whether or not the hiring is necessary based on a variety of circumstances. They will look at the following items:

  • Scan your job notice.
  • Examine whether Vanuatu nationals with the needed credentials are present in the country.
  • Examine your job history.
  • Consider both local and national concerns.
  • Examine the qualifications of the foreign candidate in depth.
  • Create training sessions/programs for non-citizen candidates to attend once their employment permit expires.

The Commissioner reviews an employer’s request to hire a non-Vanuatuan after reviewing all paperwork. If the applicant satisfies all of the qualifying conditions and presents a copy of the job contract, the Vanuatu administration may also grant a three-year work visa.


Other aspects to consider

Organizations that employ foreign employees must keep a record of all work permits. The following information should be included in the record:

  • Work permit numbers.
  • The candidates’ nationalities
  • The duration of each work permit.
  • Employers should be aware that they must pay an annual work permit tax per Vanuatu work visa.

The Vanuatu working visa does not entitle you to legal residency in the nation. If an employee desires to stay in the nation for more than a year, he or she must apply for the Vanuatu Resident permit on his or her own. Employers are not permitted to apply for residence visas on behalf of their employees.

The benefits of living and working in Vanuatu

Why? Because of the amazing lifestyle and hospitable population, as well as the growing economy and world-class healthcare.

Work in Vanuatu – Work permit applications in Vanuatu are handled quickly if all necessary documentation is submitted. With a work-friendly infrastructure, Vanuatu provides a terrific employment experience to both natives and foreigners visiting the island.

Move to Vanuatu – Because of its strategic position, this island country is gaining popularity among investors and professionals. Furthermore, the tropical environment and economic prospects accessible in the country entice people from other nations to migrate here.

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