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Work visa sponsorship in Mongolia for foreigners 2024/2025! Are you a foreigner wishing to migrate to an East Asian country? Do you require visa sponsorship jobs?  Have you thought about applying for a visa sponsorship job in Mongolia for foreigners? While considering acquiring a visa for Mongolia, you may have wondered, “Can I merely get a sponsored visa for my work?” Then you should read this article.

Expats looking to relocate to Mongolia will find a diverse range of job opportunities. Mongolia’s main industries are construction, mining, oil, and textile manufacturing. The country is gradually opening up to foreign investment and has a brisk tourism industry.

You get to know the current visa sponsorship jobs in Mongolia for foreigners, you will also learn about the work permit for Mongolia, the average income in Mongolia, how to get sponsorship, and much more in this article.

Work Permits for Mongolia

Foreign nationals must obtain a work permit in order to work in Mongolia. Work permits are only issued if you are sponsored by your employer, who must be a Mongolian company.

The Mongolian government also imposes annual quotas on the number of foreign nationals who may work for a company, typically ranging from 5% to 20%.

The bureaucracy involved in obtaining a work permit can be frustrating; you must obtain a Letter of Invitation from your prospective employer, which must be verified by the Mongolian Immigration Agency, the Labor and Welfare Agency, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Your prospective employer will then arrange for a 30-day visa, and upon arrival in Mongolia, you will be required to register your address before being issued a work permit.

Although the process is lengthy, it is far less difficult than obtaining a work visa in other Central Asian countries.

Remember that you must register with the Mongolian Immigration Authority within a week of arrival if you want to extend your visa beyond 30 days; if you have a work permit, this will most likely become a year-long multiple entry visa.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Mongolia for foreigners 2024

The best salaries are in jobs related to the mining industry, and the country is looking to grow this sector so now is a good time to get involved. If you’re qualified in either the health or teaching sector, you can expect to be paid far above the local average, too.

There is plenty of work available for native English-speaking expatriates looking to teach English as a foreign language, although the salaries leave little room for saving after living costs and rent. Media-based positions in English-language publications are also available with similar salaries.

Check out the current visa sponsorship jobs in Mongolia for foreigners below:

  • LMIA Car painter
  • LMIA Senior Automotive Mechanic
  • Construction Supervisor
  • Digital Sales Manager
  • Civil Supervisor
  • Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Warehouse Assistant
  • Communications Assistant, Ulan Bator, Mongolia
  • Head of Project Management Office
  • Design Engineer
  • Internal Control Manager
  • Warehouse Storeman


What is the average income in Mongolia?

In 2019, the average salary in Mongolia was 966,000 MNT, or approximately 394 USD in 2021. is the source. What exactly is this? Mongolia is likely to continue to see salary increases, both in terms of minimum wages and average figures.

Work Visa Sponsorship

A work visa is authorization granted by a foreign government to a visa holder to work in their nation for a certain firm. The process of acquiring a work visa can be time-consuming and complicated, but it is doable with the assistance of an expert immigration lawyer.

What exactly is Work Visa sponsorship?

Finding a sponsor is the first step in obtaining a work visa. Your sponsor must file an application on your behalf and demonstrate that they can hire you. They will also have to demonstrate that no qualified local people are available or ready to undertake the work.

In addition, your sponsor must fulfill certain financial standards, including as having enough money to support you while you are in the country.

Furthermore, certain nations may require potential employers to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIAven by the host country that permits someone to enter its country for work reasons). A person can acquire a work visa by either residing in their home country or being sponsored by an employer who has obtained approval from the host country’s government to employ them.

How can I get sponsorship?

There are several options for obtaining work visa sponsorship. One method is to look for job advertisements that include work visa sponsorship criteria. Another possibility is to approach local businesses and ask if they can sponsor you for a work visa. You might also seek referrals from immigration lawyers in your region.

It is critical to understand that not all businesses are able or willing to sponsor employees for work visas. As a result, it is essential to conduct research before applying for employment and ensure that the position you are interested in satisfies the requirements for a work visa.

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