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Jobs in Nepal that will sponsor foreigners’ visas in 2024/2025! Are you considering a job in a South Asian nation? Nepal is a landlocked nation in South Asia that was originally known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. It may be found mostly in the Himalayas. Are you an outsider looking for work in Nepal that will sponsor your visa? If so, you should read this article.

All foreigners must get a work visa in order to work legally in Nepal. Multiple government offices must get authorization for the practice, and failing to do so might lead to later compliance issues. For many people, working abroad can be a once-in-a-lifetime chance. A job abroad is interesting in addition to the chance to work for well-known firms because of the living conditions.

This article will cover a variety of topics, including visa sponsorship employment for foreigners in Nepal, types of work visas available there, where to find jobs in Nepal, an overview of Nepal’s economy, and much more.

Work Visa Categories in Nepal

Nepal has one form of work visa that permits the bearer to work lawfully in the nation for a set period of time. Individuals can visit the nation on a tourist visa and then apply for a work visa in particular places if they are offered a job.

When your staff applies for work visas, they will agree to a monthly base cost. They can also pay for a single re-entry or multiple re-entry visas. They should examine these possibilities if they want to leave the nation one or more times throughout their employment term. Re-entry solutions allow your personnel to remain legally employed throughout their employment contracts and avoid the need for repeated reapplication.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Nepal for foreigners 2024

Below  are some of the available visa sponsorship jobs in Nepal for foreigners:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Research Associates
  • Civil Engineers
  • Sheetmetal Worker
  • Landscape Gardener/foreman
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Multimedia and Campaigns Manager
  • Boilermakers
  • Domestic & Commercial Electricians
  • EOI – Electricians & Refrigeration Mechanics

Prerequisites for Obtaining Nepal Work Visas

When your employees first arrive in the nation, they will almost certainly apply for a tourist visa. Basic visa requirements include a passport, evidence of housing, and proof of financial capabilities. They will apply for work visas at the Department of Immigration and will require the following things to complete the application process:

  • A letter of appointment or an employment contract.
  • A valid passport or a passport photocopy
  • A copy of their current visa, such as a tourist visa, is required.
  • Application for a work visa
  • Various government departments’ documentation
  • Your company’s tax clearance.

To hire staff, you must comply with all legal obligations as the employer. Employees will not be given work visas if they do not have tax clearance or other compliance issues.

The Application Procedure

Most employees will most likely be in the nation on a tourist visa when they apply for a work visa. Their visa status will change after the process is completed. The procedure is as follows:

  • Receive a work offer: Your employees must show the Department of Immigration that they have an employment offer. Make that you provide them with an appointment letter or contract outlining the terms of their employment. It should indicate the duration of their employment to establish how long they require the visa.
  • Visit the Ministry of Home Affairs: The Ministry of Home Affairs is a significant part of the country’s administration, and your staff will require a work agreement from the Ministry of Home Affairs before applying for a visa.
  • Contact the Department of Labor: To get a work permit, workers must contact the Department of Labor and Occupational Safety.
  • Work with the proper department: Throughout the country, there are several labor departments — you must find the suitable sector for your company and direct your staff to acquire a letter of reference from that department.
  • Submit documents: Workers must submit their appointment contract, job agreement, permission, and letter of recommendation, as well as the necessary visa application form, to the Department of Immigration.
  • Fee: According to the employment contract, either you or the employee will be required to pay a charge of about NPR 8,798, which will reoccur monthly. A single re-entry costs around NPR 2,346, while multiple re-entry status costs approximately NPR 8,094.
  • Wait for visa issuance: During this final phase, your employees will acquire their work visa, which will take precedence over their initial tourist visa status. Once the visa is approved, they can begin working.

Only Foreign nationals holding working visas are allowed to accept jobs and work in Nepal.

The common Most common jobs in Nepal

  • Farmer.
  • Teacher.
  • Engineer.
  • Construction worker.
  • Hotelier.
  • Government jobs.
  • Tour guide.
  • Retailer.

What is reasonable pay in Nepal?

In Nepal, the average monthly salary is roughly 80,700 NPR. Salaries vary from 20,400 NPR (the lowest average) to 360,000 NPR (the highest average) (the highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average monthly payment, which includes housing, transportation, and other perks.


With an average compensation of roughly 50000 rupees, project management has become one of Nepal’s highest-paid professions. Along with executive and management expertise and education, a certain degree of education and experience in the relevant sector is necessary.

An overview of Nepal’s economy

While the majority of Nepal’s workforce (about 76%) is employed in agriculture, the sector only contributed 36.1% of the country’s GDP in that year (GDP). Service-based industries, which made up 48.5% of the GDP but just 15.4% of the labor, contributed the majority of the GDP.

The renowned Gurkha warriors who fight with the Indian and British forces bring in over $50 million USD annually for Nepal. This contribution accounted for more than 20% of the country’s GDP in 2009.

Tea, rice, wheat, corn, and sugar are among the crops farmed in Nepal, usually in the lush Terai area in the south. A sizable workforce is required to prepare these products.

Nepal is undoubtedly a desirable destination for tourists, particularly trekkers, given its abundance of natural beauty and different habitats, but the development of the tourism industry has been constrained by weak infrastructure and political unrest.

Finding a job in Nepal

Expert foreigners can find jobs in Nepal. There are positions available for a variety of positions outside of volunteer labor, including management, finance, accounting, administration, web development, and teaching. In Kathmandu, there is an abundance of employment.

Charities and other nonprofit organizations like Oxfam, educational institutions, governmental agencies, and a sizable number of technology firms that offer jobs in anything from web design to software engineering are among the employers.

For ex-pats who are moving to Nepal for work, there are several internet options. For instance, the Jobs Nepal website organizes job postings by categories, job kinds, or locations and lists a large number of firms searching for competent individuals.

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