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Visa sponsorship jobs in Tonga for foreigners 2024/2025! More than 170 South Pacific islands make up the Polynesian nation of Tonga, most of which are surrounded by white beaches and coral reefs and are covered with tropical rainforest. Lagoons and limestone cliffs guard the main island of Tongatapu.

Each year, Tonga receives thousands of visitors for a number of reasons. One of those variables is work. There are many companies that could sponsor your visa and guarantee your safety if you choose to work in Tonga.

As a result, we have listed some of the visa sponsorship roles that are open to foreign people in Tonga in this post if you are searching for employment there. The job permit, how to apply for a work visa in Tonga, and many other topics will be covered as well.

Employment Permit

Anyone or any organization wishing to work in Tonga for any period of time, whether in the public or private sector, must get an employment visa.

Jobs in Tonga that will sponsor foreigners’ visas 2024/2025

The Jobs in Tonga that will sponsor foreigners’ visas 2024/2025 are listed below

  • Senior Full Stack Developers (Node.js/React.js)
  • Container Ship Master
  • Sales Manager
  • IT communication officer
  • Sales & Data Analyst, Media & Experiential
  • Senior QA Automation Engineers
  • Lead Cost Engineer
  • Heavy Lift-MPP Electrical Engineer
  • Oil/Chem Tanker 2nd Engineer
  • Senior Nurse for Clinical Single Point of Access

Who is required to apply for an employment visa?

  • a non-Tongan national seeking employment in Tonga’s public or private sectors.
  • a person or group working voluntarily and altruistically in the Kingdom.
  • However, special immigration requirements apply to groups from outside that frequently send volunteers to Tonga and if the Tongan government has a formal agreement with the organization in question that has been authorized by Cabinet.

Extension of Tonga’s Work Visa

Work visas for Tonga are renewed and only good for a maximum of two years. In other words, it is possible to extend a Tonga work visa. To extend a visa, you must get in touch with the immigration department. Remember to submit your application prior to the validity period expiring.

High-Paying Jobs

Although it is appealing to live and work in Tonga’s tranquil atmosphere, there are some other considerations that must be made. The payment is the most important of them all. How much do individuals in Tonga make in a month? The range of the monthly pay is 200–3560 USD, depending on the position. Of course, big salary is associated with having high skill levels.

The most well-paid occupations in the United States include those of a doctor, judge, lawyer, bank manager, chief executive officer, chief financial officer, orthodontist, and professor, just like in other parts of the world.

Can I find a job in Tonga?

Foreigners must apply for a business license if they want to open a new company or want to create a subsidiary there. An employment visa is required for non-Tongan nationals who have a job offer or who want to work in the Kingdom of Tonga.


How do I apply for a work visa in Tonga?

The following conditions must be satisfied:

  • For each candidate, two most current passport images.
  • within six months of the departure date, a valid passport
  • a medical report that a licensed doctor has provided within the last six months.
  • a three-month-old national police clearance from the state or country where you are living.
  • Contact information for two character references.
  • Ministry of Labor, Commerce, and Industries letter of support (MLCL).
  • a 230 USD cashier’s check or a 230 USD money order made out to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Tonga, Beijing, PRC.
  • Form must be fully filled out and signed (one application per family).
  • A letter of support from the Inland Revenue Department outlining the applicant’s history of tax payments is necessary for renewal applications.

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