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Foreigner Jobs in Sweden 2024/2025 with Visa Sponsorship! Would you like to relocate to Sweden? Looking for Jobs in Sweden Sponsoring Visas? You are now on the appropriate page. Sweden is a member of the Schengen Area, a European nation, and a lovely location to live. Sweden offers many career chances to foreigners and is regarded as one of the European nations with the highest earnings. 

In order to help top Companies address their labor need, Sweden is providing possibilities to foreign workers in a range of areas. Those without experience are also encouraged to apply because the organization is also hiring recent graduates. Take advantage of the opportunity to work and live in Europe.

As there are many employment openings for foreigners right now, we strongly advise people from all around the nation to apply for Swedish positions. All of the businesses in Sweden that offer employment opportunities will be covered in this article. You also get to know the top 10 Swedish Positions for Visa Sponsorship, how you can apply for a job in Sweden that will sponsor my visa as a foreigner and lot more.

Please carefully study all information provided and use the links in this page to apply to the specific companies.

Are There Foreigner Jobs in Sweden?

Sweden publishes a list of its top job openings every year. These are typically skilled worker professions in fields like engineering, education, and information technology.

If a foreigner is considering relocating to Sweden, they should review the list to check if their line of work is included. Jobs on this list are typically in such high demand that emigrants don’t even need to speak Swedish fluently to apply.

Some of the occupations include:

  • pharmacist
  • senior high school teacher
  • civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers
  • chemists
  • vocational teachers
  • software and system developers
  • dentists, doctors, and nurses
  • university professors

Finding a Swedish company willing to sponsor your visa

You will need a willing employer in order to secure sponsorship for your work visa so that you can work in Sweden.

You should seek for relevant jobs in Sweden for that purpose. If you find a job that you want, the business must first get the Swedish Government’s approval before hiring a foreign worker.

The employer will then issue you a job offer, which is used to obtain a work permit and visa, allowing you to enter Sweden, work there, and stay there, once authorization from the Swedish government has been granted.

Your qualification must be recognized by the Swedish Government as being equivalent to their qualification in order to do this.

A useful site to look for open positions at organizations willing to sponsor your visa application is Stack Overflow Jobs.

Top 10 Swedish Positions for Visa Sponsorship

Listed below are some of Sweden’s most in-demand jobs for sponsorship of visas:

  • Computer support expert.
  • Controls specialist.
  • Technician for maintenance.
  • A project manager.
  • Service desk specialist.
  • Analyst for development.
  • Association of HR operations.
  • Analyst for customer support
  • Paralegal in business immigration.
  • Apprentice in cyber security.

Jobs in Sweden that Sponsor Visas for foreigners 2024/2025

Here, I’ll mention a few businesses that provide employment sponsored by visas.

1. Assa Abloy.

The world’s top supplier of surplus solutions is Assa Abloy. They provide goods and services for automated entrances, locks, doors, and gates. They have 49,000 personnel spread across more than 70 nations. Click the aforementioned link to apply for the sponsored positions.

2. Ericsson

The mobile networks and technology of Ericsson are well-known globally in the telecommunications industry. This Swedish corporation employs about 100,000 people at the moment.

In Sweden, there are currently 239 job opportunities. If you have at least a bachelor’s degree, you may apply. To apply for this position, visit the following website.

Click Here (In the Filter, choose Location: Sweden.).

3. H&M.

A well-known clothing company worldwide is H&M. It includes apparel for men, women, and children. One of the most well-known Swedish brands, it provides more than 5000 jobs globally and sells economically cost apparel and accessories. To apply for this position, click the following link;

Work zones

commercial operations
IT management, leadership, and a lot more.

Click Here (In the Filter, choose Location: Sweden.)

4. EURES Job Portal

Thousands of employment are available through EURES in Sweden and other European nations. EURES is the best choice if you require sponsorship to work in Sweden. You can apply from anywhere in the world and look for full-time or part-time jobs at any level.

Steps on how to apply 

5. Jobs at Google Sweden.

Positions have become available in Google’s Sweden headquarters. You can apply to Google from anywhere in the globe because it supports equal employment opportunities.

Work zones

Sales, Support, Service, Engineering & Business plan

Visit Here

6. Sweden’s Apple Inc.

Apple supports diversity and fair opportunity. At Apple enterprises worldwide, all foreign applicants are welcome.

Visit here to apply for Apple jobs in Sweden.

7. Spotify

Everyone has access to Spotify on their phone, which enables users to listen to millions of tunes and quickly share them.

To Apply, Click Here (In the Filter, choose Location: Sweden.).


IKEA is a well-known and enormous maker of furniture for homes. They create furniture of the highest caliber. They have almost 460 stores spread throughout about 50 nations. To apply Click Here

Work zones

  • Design.
  • Finance
  • Property.
  • legal group.
  • chain of supply.
  • Projects, people, and support
  • Creation.
  • Communication.
  • Production.
  • Leadership.
  • Encountering and interacting with clients.
    innovation and education.

Which employers in Sweden are looking to fill Sponsorship positions?

Truecaller, Kindred Group, PwC, Lifted Care, Mindler, Pride in London, PA Consulting, PDSVision Group, Bricknode, and OOAK Relations are the top employers now hiring for Sponsorship positions.

Why should I work in Sweden?

Sweden is a popular destination for people seeking employment abroad. Due to its liberal employment laws, easy immigration regulations, and publicly funded healthcare and education, Sweden is among the most sought-after locations to live and work.

Due to its central location in Europe, Sweden is well positioned to be the most beneficial place for national promotional efforts in the Northern area of Europe. Additionally, it is ideal for regional operations centers, multi-country circulation hubs, and joint check centers. Due to its high percentage of female participation and skilled employment, Sweden has a good understanding of the globalization of humanity.

The majority of Swedish workplace associations are positive, and they flourish most when there is disagreement and criticism. All workers in Sweden are guaranteed a minimum of 5 weeks of paid vacation per year, regardless of their line of work.

Employees can also take advantage of paid sick leave, which can last for a minimum of 13 days. There is also a two-parent cap on the amount of paid parental leave that employees can take.


How can I apply for a job in Sweden that will sponsor my visa as a foreigner?

Sweden has a large number of businesses that sponsor foreign workers, enable them to obtain entrance visas, and allow them to work there. The government of Sweden offers a variety of work prospects for people with expertise in information technology, therefore there are many options for those with those skills in Sweden.

A new Swedish visa for job seekers allows you to enter Sweden without a sponsoring party or a job offer. Swedish businesses encourage all international applicants to work with them due to a labor shortage. For those of you looking for work abroad, this has gotten really simple.

In most situations, a work permit is required if you are a citizen of a non-EU nation and want to work in Sweden.

Applying online for a work permit is the quickest and simplest method. Applications submitted online are prioritized and sent directly to the Swedish Migration Agency.

There are online resources available for those looking for employment opportunities in Sweden.

The top websites for finding jobs in Sweden are listed below:

  • Metro Jobb
  • Facebook groups

Jobs in Sweden that sponsor visas are typically challenging but eventually lucrative. The work environment is very collaborative and welcoming, but standards are high and competition is fierce. Additionally, salaries are quite high.

If you have any questions or feedback as you put what we’ve covered in this post on Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Sweden for Foreigners or in any of our other articles into reality, kindly leave a comment below.

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