Duties of an Administrative Officer | All You Need to Know

Duties of an Administrative Officer for a business organization, legal firm, institution and you desire to know exactly what the duties of an Office administrator entails? Are you confused about what the roles of an Administrative officer are all about Well, we are here for you?

An administrative Officer, often known by different names such as Receptionist, front desk officer, secretary, personal assistant, etc can be a rather demanding job especially when the job description and demands are not properly understood.

On this page, we will be walking you through the roles and duties of an Administrative Officer and all you need to know about being an Administrative Officer.


Duties of an Administrative Officer.

The roles and duties of an administrative Officer fall under the management umbrella of an Organisation as it focuses more on the effective management of resources for the smooth running of the organization.

The duties of an Administrator can be divided into these four categories namely

1. Coordination- An administrative Officer should be able to properly handle the day-to-day management of activity of the organization and reduce the havoc disorderliness brings. Coordination plays a vital role in the duty of an Administrative Officer.

2. Planning-  An administrative Officer must know how to strategically and tactically plan for things as they act as a bridge between the Customers or Client and the Business, institution, or Organisation.

3. Communication- This is a core duty of the Administrative Officer as they do lots of paper works and stuff requiring little details, knowing how to effectively communicate information is key as there may be a need to book appointments, pass information to colleagues and staff of the Organisation, fix meetings, etc. All this needs effective communication in other to be done as you are the voice of the organization

4. Organising-  An administrative Officer must be proactive. Since they deal with lots of paperwork, there will be a need to know how to prioritize information and organize them into a systemic structure that can be easily located in a short period.


Skills Needed by an Administrative Officer to carry out his/her duties.

  • Must have a good interpersonal relationship with people
  • Good communication skills
  • Must be a detailed person
  • Have good problem solving and analytical skills
  • Should be able to make good logical and skilled decisions

These are the necessary details about the Duties Administrative Officer and skills to help make that duty easy and convenient to perform. Kindly drop your comments and share them with someone who needs this information.

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