How to Prepare for a Job interview

How to prepare for a job interview – a general guide on how to perform excellently during the interview.

It is said that a person who fails to plan has planned to fail. If you do not prepare well for a job interview beforehand, there is every possibility that you will mess it up. If you have been invited for an interview by an organization or a company, you are in the right place to get the right information.

How to Prepare for a Job interview

It is a known fact that a lot of job applicants do not know how to prepare for an interview. This is why a lot of them are prone to interview mistakes.

One must therefore know how to get himself or herself ready and pass a job interview so as not to make silly mistakes

In this article, I have provided everything required for those who applied for a job and were called for an interview.

What you do and how you compose yourself for an interview will go a long way in determining whether you will be hired for the job or not.

Common interview questions

There are some interview questions that keep on repeating themselves and reoccurring in every job interview. To get employed for that your dream job, it is important that you are familiar with these questions

1. Why should you be hired
2. Where do you see yourself in five years
3. What are your strength
4. What are your weakness
5. Tell us about yourself
6. Why do you want to work here
7. What’s your motivation
8. Why did you leave your previous job
9. Tell us your salary expectation
10. What do you do when you are under pressure
11. What is success in your own words
12. What are your skills
13. What can you do to grow this company

How to answer interview questions

Knowing the common interview questions that are frequently being asked at any interview is not as important as knowing how to answer them effectively. With these steps, get to know how to answer questions at job interviews.
1. Don’t beat around the bush, your answers should be direct
2. Do thorough research of the company before going for an interview
3. Do not fret when answering questions
4. Do not rush while answering, take your time

Do’s and Don’ts

You should know what you are supposed to do and what not to do during an interview for a job you had applied for. Know the following and you will be sure of passing that job interview.

1. Pay a lot of attention to instructions
2. Sell yourself, that is your skills
3. Ask the interviewer smart questions

1. Don’t overdress
2. Don’t cross your arm while answering questions
3. Don’t give false information
4. Don’t talk anyhow, have manners

Conclusion: Performing excellently during the interview is one of the greatest ways to get a good job. Make sure you follow the hints provided above.


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