How to check Steam gift card balance – Check balance now

Have you ever come across an abandoned Steam gift card while cleaning your room? Don’t toss it away it might contain some extra cash! If you’re not sure whether you spent all of the money on your last purchase, check your steam gift card balance and think of ways to use the money that’s left.

The steam gift card is used to load money into your steam wallet. When you buy a digital or physical gift card, you redeem it by adding the value of the gift card to your Steam Wallet.

In this article, we will enlighten you on how to check your balance on a steam gift card, how to redeem a Steam gift card, how to use a steam gift card, and lots more.

Reasons why you should know how to check the balance on a gift card

Some of the reasons why you should know how to check the gift card balance are as follows:
  • If you are purchasing from a third party, verify the balance to ensure it is unused
  • If you want to resell the gift card, you must first determine its value.
  • If you wish to make purchases with an already used gift card, you must first determine how much money is on it.
  • When donating a gift card to charity,you must know how much it is worth

How to check your Steam gift card balance

To check the current balance on your GameStop gift card follow the simple step’s below:

Step 1: Log in to your Steam account on your mobile device by accessing the steam website.
Step 2: In the top right corner, your wallet balance will be presented below your profile name.
It is displayed beneath your profile name.

When you know how much money is left on your Steam gift card, you can do the following :

  • Purchase an item
  • Sell the gift card for money
  • Exchange the gift card
  • Donates the physical card
  • Request cash back


How to redeem Steam gift card

  • Visit the Steam website or launch the steam client.
  • In the top right-hand corner, click on your profile name.
  • Select “View My Wallet.”
  • “Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code” will appear.
  • Fill in the blanks with your gift card code.
  • Continue by clicking the button

How to use a steam gift card

They are available in several values ranging from $5 to $100.
A Steam gift card can be used to purchase games, software, and other related goods from their website.
To use a digital Steam gift card, you must accept it from your account after receiving it from a Steam friend. Following your acceptance of the gift, monies will be transferred to your SteamWallet.
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