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You don’t need to miss out on the list of profitable business ideas in Canada. With good business in the country, your life well be very smooth.

Are you just new and you think of a profitable business ideas to get started? Are you a busy type of person with tight schedule but you wish to start a profitable business?

Are you a civil servants and you wish to have a plan B income? You don’t have to worry if you fall among those categories of people that have just mentioned am going to list out most profitable business ideas that you can just get started and generate income for yourself.

Profitable Business Ideas in Canada

  • Dog Care Business:

If you are staying in Canada and you wish of starting a profitable business you can think of taking care of dog for their owners because many of this dog owners doesn’t have time to take care of their dog so if you love dog as a pets.

You can earn from it as well by taking care of it for their owners while they pay you for it and your earning will be per hour depending on how much you wish to charge many people are charging amount ranging from $10 to $40 per hour just for rendering this kind of services alone.

  • Start up a Handyman Business:

Handyman job in Canada involves rendering home services to people or office owners many of handyman job include carpentry work, plumber work , and electrician work.

All this work requires you to learn it from the expert before you can start offering it to people and many atimes to learn it from the expert you need to become an apprentice and stay with them for some period of time so that you can understand the basic of doing this job the average pay for an handyman in Canada is from $25.53 per hour.

  • Marketing Consultant:

You can make a huge amount of money as a marketing consultant providing your services for business owners that which to increase their sales no need for you to worry about which kind of profitable business ideas.

You need to get started if you know you are good already in marketing all you have to do is to decide the kind of client that you want to work with and also have some credibility to proof your expertise which include recognizing certification the average pay for a marketing consultant per hour is $43 per hour.

  • Home appliances repair:

Human being don’t like losing their home appliances that they bought with huge amount of money which is why the services of home appliances repairer is needed so that it will help them to fix up some of their home appliances.

To become a home appliances repairer, you need to become an apprentice and learn about it of which it will require some time before you can get their certification the average pay for home appliances repairer is $130 per hour.

  • Babysitter Services:

The rate of birth rate is increasing everyday in Canada and many of this women are working class people so there is need for you to open a day care service to help this women to take care of their babies for them till they return back from work.

For you to start this business it doesn’t requires much all you have to do is to get certification about your business and some capital to establish your business in a good location that can attract high paying women for your services.


Pros of Doing a business in Canada

  • They have a better and secure economy.
  • You will have multi options to fund your business.
  • They have the least number of unemployment rate in their country.
  • They have intellectual property protection.

Cons of doing a business in Canada

  • High tax rates for business and individual
  • Lack of skilled labour in many industries.
  • Unusual delay in getting license to startup your business¬†
  • It takes alot of procedure before you can be awarded any contact.


Have detailed out the basic things you need to know about starting a profitable business ideas in Canada you can do further research and analysis before you can take the bold step and establish your business.

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