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Profitable business ideas in Suriname 2023! Starting a profitable business is one of the best decisions any wise entrepreneur could make. It is not always about owning a business, but how successful an entrepreneur is in the business he ventures into and how profitable the business is to him. All businesses are established for the purpose of generating income and profit for their owners. Suriname is one of those countries that offers great opportunities for both locals and foreigners to start up their own businesses with good and favorable business policies.

Suriname is a country in Northern South America, and it is officially known as the Republic of Suriname. It shares land borders with Guyana, French Guiana, and Brazil. Suriname has an economy that offers many good things to foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

The government has been doing everything possible to make Suriname’s economy sustainable for both the locals and foreigners that have business there. Some of the target areas the government wants to improve on are agriculture, tourism, and technology.

In this article, we will talk about the different profitable business ideas you should invest in to get back your capital and make profits in no distant time.

Profitable business ideas in Suriname

How to Start a Successful Business in Suriname

Starting a successful business in Suriname, like in any other country, requires careful planning and execution. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Market Research: Understand the local market and identify business opportunities.
  2. Business Plan: Create a detailed plan, including your target market and financial projections.
  3. Legal Requirements: Register your business, get licenses, and comply with tax regulations.
  4. Financing: Secure startup capital through savings, loans, or investors.
  5. Location: Choose a suitable business location and set up the necessary infrastructure.
  6. Branding and Marketing: Develop a strong brand and marketing strategy.
  7. Team Building: Hire employees with the right skills and commitment.
  8. Product/Service Development: Ensure reliable suppliers and quality control.
  9. Customer Service: Focus on excellent service and feedback.
  10. Financial Management: Maintain accurate records and manage cash flow.
  11. Adapt and Innovate: Be flexible and responsive to market changes.
  12. Networking: Build relationships in the local business community.
  13. Sustainability and Compliance: Consider sustainability practices and stay compliant with local regulations.
  14. Monitor and Scale: Continuously assess your business and plan for growth.

Starting a business in Suriname requires dedication and adaptability. Seek local advice and stay determined as you pursue your entrepreneurial goals.

Export and import business ideas in Suriname

Export and import business ideas in Suriname can offer significant opportunities due to the country’s strategic location and its access to regional markets. Here are some export and import business ideas for Suriname:

1. Export Business Ideas:

  • Agricultural Products: Suriname has fertile land for agriculture. Export products like rice, fruits, vegetables, and exotic spices to neighboring countries or international markets.
  • Wood and Timber Products: Suriname has abundant forests. Export timber, furniture, and wood-based products to global markets.
  • Minerals and Metals: Explore the export of minerals such as bauxite, gold, and precious stones to international buyers.
  • Fish and Seafood: Utilize Suriname’s coastline for exporting fresh and processed fish and seafood products to countries with high demand.
  • Handicrafts and Artisanal Goods: Promote Surinamese crafts, such as indigenous art, jewelry, and textiles, to a global market through e-commerce platforms.

2. Import Business Ideas:

  • Technology and Electronics: Import consumer electronics, gadgets, and IT equipment, which are in demand in Suriname.
  • Automobiles and Spare Parts: Import vehicles, auto parts, and accessories to cater to the local automotive market.
  • Medical and Healthcare Products: Import medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare supplies to meet the healthcare sector’s needs.
  • Fashion and Apparel: Bring in trendy clothing, shoes, and accessories to satisfy the local fashion market’s demands.
  • Agricultural Machinery: Import modern agricultural machinery and equipment to enhance Suriname’s farming practices.
  • Construction Materials: Import construction materials like cement, steel, and building components to support infrastructure development.
  • Food and Beverages: Import international food products and beverages to offer a diverse selection to consumers.

Before starting an export or import business, conduct thorough market research, understand the legal and regulatory requirements, and build relationships with suppliers or buyers. It’s essential to stay updated on trade policies and tariffs both in Suriname and the target markets to ensure a successful venture

Suriname economic outlook and business prospects 2023

The economic outlook and business prospects in Suriname for 2023 are subject to several factors and conditions. Here’s a summary:

1. Economic Outlook:

  • Resource-Dependent Economy: Suriname’s economy heavily relies on natural resources like gold, oil, and bauxite. The global prices for these commodities can significantly impact the country’s economic performance.
  • Recovery from Economic Challenges: Suriname has faced economic challenges in recent years, including high inflation and fiscal deficits. In 2023, the government’s economic policies and reforms will play a crucial role in stabilizing the economy.
  • Diversification Efforts: To reduce reliance on commodities, Suriname is making efforts to diversify its economy. This includes promoting sectors like agriculture, tourism, and renewable energy.
  • Foreign Investment: Suriname is actively seeking foreign investment to support economic growth. This presents opportunities for international businesses to explore investments and partnerships.

2. Business Prospects:

  • Natural Resources: The mining and energy sectors offer significant opportunities, especially for companies involved in oil, gold, and bauxite exploration and production.
  • Agriculture: Suriname’s fertile land provides opportunities for agriculture, with the potential for exports of rice, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Tourism: The country’s natural beauty and cultural heritage make tourism a growing industry. Entrepreneurs can invest in hotels, eco-tourism, and travel services.
  • Infrastructure Development: The government’s focus on infrastructure development creates opportunities in construction and related industries.
  • Technology and Services: As Suriname modernizes, there’s a demand for IT services, telecommunications, and e-commerce businesses.
  • Sustainability: Businesses promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices align with the global trend and can find a niche in Suriname’s emerging market.
  • Trade and Regional Cooperation: Suriname’s location within CARICOM and its trade agreements present prospects for cross-border trade.

Profitable business ideas in Suriname

Here are some profitable business ideas in Suriname that you can consider:

1) Tourism:

Investing in tourism in Suriname will give more returns to the entrepreneur, as Suriname is one of the tourist attractions in northern South America. The rainforest interior of Suriname holds much appeal to visitors. Under tourism, you can have a supplying industry such as hotels, hospitality, and the service industry. Suriname has fresh water and a large tropical rainforest that attracts people, especially tourists. In tourism, you can have a hospitality business that offers basic services that help in improving tourism in the country.

You can also have a hotel or restaurant that caters to the needs of those who visit the country. One of the latest developments in the tourism sector is the Bergendal Eco & Cultural River Resort that was built.

2) Open a Restaurant:

Restaurants will always top the list of profitable businesses as without food one will be weak and unable to function as he or she should. In Suriname opening a restaurant is one of the profitable business ideas because most workers may not have the time to prepare meals for themselves but they can always stop by a restaurant to grab breakfast or lunch during lunch break. Tourists who also come into the country to explore will also try out the country’s local dishes while the business owner makes his profit.

3) venture into mining:

Mining is a very profitable business in Suriname, it is one of the countries where gold can be found. Mining in the country is one of the main businesses people focus on in Suriname. It has a signed deal with Iamgold on a gold mine.

The mining business is one of the major businesses and backbones of Suriname’s economy which makes it quite profitable for entrepreneurs who are wise enough to venture into it. With the right skills and knowledge in the field of mining, one could make waves in Suriname in regard to business. Aluminum is mined in the country and then exported to other places. This is a big advantage for those who want to start a mining business in Suriname. You must have mining equipment to start this business.

4) invest in the oil sector:

Suriname is a lucrative player in the global oil sector, particularly known for its robust oil production. The nation’s state-owned oil corporation, Staatsolie, has successfully attracted numerous foreign oil companies, signing lucrative contracts in various areas of the industry. Businesses focusing on the production of kerosene, diesel, gas, and related products can thrive in this environment.

The high demand for oil-based products such as gasoline and diesel, which power most vehicles and essential appliances, coupled with the prevalence of gas and kerosene usage in cooking, creates a fertile ground for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on this profitable industry.


If you ever want to choose a business, don’t just make haphazard decisions; source information that will guide you to invest in profitable businesses in Suriname. I hope this article will help you choose something profitable and not just a business with very little or no income rate.