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Have you been trying to figure out what kind of profitable venture you should make in Tanzania? You won’t need to worry anymore since this post will introduce you to some lucrative business ventures in Tanzania. This article will inform you of the profitable business ideas that are available, the products that are in high demand in Tanzania, and whether or not Tanzania is a good location to support the growth of profitable businesses already established there, as well as profitable online business ideas.

Tanzania is a country with a lot of potential for entrepreneurship and innovation. With a population of over 60 million people, a growing economy, and a strategic location in East Africa, Tanzania offers many opportunities for business-minded individuals who want to start their own ventures.

Whether you are looking for a low-cost, home-based, online, or unique business idea, Tanzania has something for you.

Profitable business ideas in Tanzania

What products are in high demand in Tanzania?

In Tanzania, the following products are currently in high demand and are expected to remain popular in the coming years:

  1. Mobile Accessories: Mobile accessories are in high demand in Tanzania due to the widespread use of mobile phones for various purposes, including official, business, and leisure. Products like cases, screen protectors, chargers, and more are sought-after. Given the increasing use of smartphones as primary cameras, mobile accessories offer a profitable business opportunity.
  2. Health and Beauty Products: Health and beauty products are always in demand, driven by a growing health-conscious population. Popular items include skincare products, cosmetics, fragrances, and hair care products. These products provide diverse benefits, from maintaining youthful skin to enhancing one’s appearance, making them consistently popular.
  3. Computer Accessories: Tanzania, like many other countries, experiences a high demand for computer accessories. With the widespread use of computers and laptops, people frequently seek accessories to ensure smooth operation. Key items include keyboards, mice, cables, printers, and scanners, making a computer accessories business a profitable venture.
  4. Electronics: There is a strong demand for electronics in Tanzania, evident in the increasing number of online shoppers. Items like smartphones, laptops, and tablets are particularly popular. Technological advancements have driven this trend, making life more convenient. Electronics remain in high demand, presenting a profitable business opportunity.
  5. Clothing and Accessories: Clothing and accessories are consistently sought after by online shoppers in Tanzania. People are always on the lookout for trendy clothing to add to their wardrobes. Items such as dresses, shirts, pants, and skirts are top-selling products. Investing in these clothing items can be a profitable venture.

These products cater to the needs and preferences of the Tanzanian market and offer promising business opportunities for those looking to enter these sectors.

Is starting a business in Tanzania advisable?

Starting a business in Tanzania can be a rewarding and challenging experience, depending on your goals, resources, and market research. Tanzania has a lot of potential for entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as some challenges and risks that you need to consider. Here are some of the pros and cons of starting a business in Tanzania:


  1. Favorable business environment with a growing economy, attractive tax policies, and political stability.
  2. Strategic location in East Africa, providing access to a larger regional market.
  3. Opportunities in key sectors like agriculture, mining, tourism, and manufacturing
  4. Abundance of skilled workers, especially in technical fields.
  5. Government incentives, including tax breaks and import duty exemptions, for businesses


  1. Lengthy and costly procedures (up to 26 days and 27.7% of income per capita) for starting a business
  2. Challenges in infrastructure, corruption, bureaucracy, and legal enforcement.
  3. Restrictions on foreign ownership in sectors like banking, insurance, mining, and telecommunications
  4. Security concerns include terrorism, crime, and civil unrest.

Before deciding to start a business in Tanzania, carefully consider these factors and ensure you follow the necessary legal procedures for registration, tax compliance, and licensing.

Profitable business idea in Tanzania

In finding a profitable business to go into some persons may find it difficult on which business to start and they are saddled with questions about whether or not the business will thrive putting location and capital into consideration, here are a number of profitable business ideas that will grow in Tanzania:

1. Digital marketing:

If you are good and conversant with things related to search engine optimization and other web optimization efforts, starting a generalized digital marketing company will be very profitable to you, coupled with the fact that it is what you are good and skilled at. That way, you can attract customers who want different services but only want to pay once.

Digital marketing is a great profitable business idea in Tanzania, and you can also hire freelancers in those niches. In digital marketing, your profit may likely range between $47K and $93K+.

Skills required include Budgeting, sales, search engine optimization (SEO), video marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, Google Analytics, social media marketing, as well as UI/UX design. To get started, the tools required include; Project management software, a design program, a data collection tool, SEO and PPC tools, cloud sharing tool, and collaboration tools

Highest-paying states: Washington, New Jersey, Minnesota, Rhode Island, and Oregon

2. Social media marketing :

Social media marketing helps business owners manage their business appearance, reputation, and growth on popular social media platforms. If you’re good at relating to people, identifying content opportunities to attract viewers, and keeping up with ever-changing the latest trends, experiment with social media management.

You can be a generalist, but specialists who excel in Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest are in high demand currently as well. With social media marketing in Tanzania, you can earn as much as $50K–$89K+.The Skills required for this business include; Copywriting, graphic design, community engagement, and viral marketing.To get started these  Tools are needed for your business: Design tools, computers, social media analytics tools, cloud sharing tools, post-scheduling tools, and project management systems.

3. Dropshipping:

Dropshipping is a retail practice that involves shipping products to customers through third-party vendors. This means you never store or handle the products. In turn, dropshipping requires less capital to start than traditional retail methods.

The drop shipping business is a very profitable business in the 21st century. The global dropshipping market grows by 28.8% in each passing year. With the rise of online shopping and e-commerce in Tanzania, more product sales happen through online stores without inventory.

Before starting a dropshipping business, test your product to ensure its quality so that you can confidently promote it. : In drop shipping, your earnings are totally dependent on your marketing skills. Skills required: customer service, task management, sales, accounting.

Tools to get started: Dropshipping supplier, eCommerce site.

4. Graphics design:

If you are creative and like to communicate using visuals, graphic design could be the perfect business for you to pursue in Tanzania. Graphic designers are in high demand and it is a very profitable business. you can work from home.

With some practice, drive, and the right tools, it is really possible to make a good living whether you are doing brand work, apparel design, 3-D modeling, animation, or illustrations. Potential income may range between $37K–$68K+.Skills required for this business include; Illustration, image retouching, typography, branding, formatting, web design

Qualifications: Bachelor’s in graphic design, fine arts, design, visual communication, or communications
In order to start graphics design in Tanzania these tools will be needed: Adobe Creative Cloud, Figma, Canva, Procreate, high-resolution computer, and Sketch.

5. Writer/Author:

If you are in Tanzania and you spend a lot of time reading or writing, you have a good and impressive vocabulary, and the idea of sharing value with the world through words that appeal to you, try your hand at becoming a professional writer. There are so many types of writing you can do. You can become a book author, technical writer, magazine contributor, exam writer, proposal writer, screenwriter, lyricist, or try out a number of alternative niches. potential income rate: $32K–$82K+.

To Excel in this business, you must be skilled in Spelling, grammar, storytelling, and digital publishing. One educated in the following field will be of added advantage: Bachelor’s in English, creative writing, or journalism.

Tools to get started: computers, Grammarly, word processors, and plagiarism detectors.

6. App Development:

Different kinds of apps are much sought-after in Tanzania. You can avail of this opportunity and start your business app development company. Try making apps for different service companies wherein the app will make their companies reach customers. On the other hand, customers will also find it convenient to use the apps for their benefit.

7. Computer and Smartphone Repairs:

With the increase in computer and smartphone usage in Tanzania. Starting a computer and smartphone repair business will be profitable and will give good earning potential as the demand for these gadget repairs is inevitable. If you are skilled in computer and smartphone repair, you can start your cell phone repair service business. You can do it from your home and after your business scales up rent shop space. A good personal network both at the official as well as local level will fetch you a good income from this business.

8. Petrol station:

Petroleum products are in high demand in Tanzania and various other countries in the world. It is a very profitable business in Tanzania. The demand for petroleum products is rising and roadways are the main system of communication. Therefore, you can start a petrol station for petroleum products like; diesel or kerosene from the ports to the farms. You need to invest in oil tankers and dependable drivers for this business. Along with that, you need the necessary licenses and permits.

9. Start a Salon Business in Tanzania:

The salon is a profitable business idea, especially in the urban areas of Tanzania. Professional services, the use of top-class beauty products, and a cool furnished and well-decorated salon will fetch you many clients. Selling of beauty products from your salon is also a very profitable business idea.

10. Business Consultant:

In a growing economy like Tanzania, there is a good demand for business consultancy. You can start your consultancy firm and provide consultancy on financial services, accounting services, business planning and strategies, business viability, profit projection, and preparation of bankable project reports. You have to be an expert in finance and banking to be a successful business consultant. If you are good at this,it will sure earn you clients and business owners from different parts of Tanzania which will be a plus for more profits.

11. Meal delivery:

A lot of people in Tanzania are business owners and office workers some of which may not have enough time to prepare their meals. So the need for meal delivery arises and it is very profitable in Tanzania. If you have an acumen for cooking, you can start the business of meal delivery at the workplace or home. The food should be well-cooked and as per order and the delivery has to be prompt and punctual. Advertise your service online and offline and depend on referral clients also.

12. The Event Management:

Event management is a profitable business in Tanzania. You can start your event management company and work as an event manager, taking on all the responsibilities of organizing corporate events or social events like Marriage, birthdays, and other parties. You need good contacts, efficient staff, and immaculate service to become a successful event manager. Creating a website for your company is also very essential.


Tanzania is a good place to start a business. Many profitable businesses grow rapidly in the country. Also, since the government of the country promotes business ideas for the development of the economy, the tax rate is affordable for all business owners.

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