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Are you interested in working in the Caribbeans? Do you want to immigrate to Guyana to live and work? There are several Recruitment Agencies in Guyana that provides the latest job vacancies for fresh graduate.

There are several vacancies in Guyana ministries for 2020 which are available for both Citizens and foreigners in Guyana.

Guyana is an emerging economy in the Caribbean with growing tourism industry. Securing a job in Guyana has been made easy with the help of various international recruitment agencies in Guyana. We will be looking at these agencies soon!

Here will be compiling the best job recruitment agencies in Guyana that render affordable services and provide recent jobs agencies for Citizens and foreigners in Guyana. We will also take a look at frequently asked questions on Jobs in Guyana for Citizens and International Expats.

Best Recruiting Agencies in Serbia for Citizens and Foreigners in Guyana 2023

There are several recruitment agencies in Guyana that offers the best job vacancies in Guyana, but here we have compiled for you some of the best recruitment agencies for both foreigners and citizens. Some of these recruitment agencies offer recruitment for Jobs outside Guyana 

  • NSB Omega 
  • Leader Engineering Guyana Inc
  • Excel Guyana Inc.
  • Worrkforce Consultinggy
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Schlumberger Guyana
  • Guyana Logistics And Support Services Inc.
  • Strategic Recruitment Solutions Inc
  • Brunel Guyana Inc.
  • Sure Gig
  • El Dorado Offshore Guyana and Trinidad
  • Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency
  • Accedo Inc.
  • Job centre
  • Airswift
  • Job List


Requirement for Job Recruitment for International expats in Guyana 

As a foreigner in Guyana seek employment, there are major requirements you will need to meet. For you to work in Guyana you need a work visa and to get a work visa, you need a valid passport of up to six months, passport photograph, an application for work permit and a job offer from your employer

Is it hard to get a job in Guyana

Getting a job in Guyana in recent years is relatively easy due to it’s ever growing tourism industry. This has brought about job opportunities in the teaching, medical and diplomatic relations industry in Guyana.

Can a foreigner work in Bhutan?

A good workforce is needed in Guyana due to the lack of educated citizens in the country, this has given an opportunity to foreigners to exploit this by applying for jobs in Guyana.

The recent finding of oil on the shores of Guyana has attracted foreign investment into the country to invest in the oil and gas sector.

Jobs in demand in Guyana

The jobs most in demand in Guyana are in the agriculture industry which contributed over 30% to the GDP of the country. Specialists in the agriculture industry, aquaculture industry and the ICT industry are also in demand in Guyana. The oil and gas industry is also a sector that requires skilled workers.

How much are workers paid in Guyana

Workers in Guyana are paid an average of 175,000 GYD per month. The lowest salary that a worker can earn is around 44,300 GYD, while the highest average salary of 782,000 GYD. Salaries also vary based on the company and position.

Also the experience of the workers determines the salaries they are paid. Those who have experience of up to ten or fifteen years are paid a salary of about 35% more than freshers or those who are just starting.

Also, job pay depends on the educational qualification of the worker the higher your academic qualification, the higher your pay. A bachelor’s degree holder earns about 24% mire that those with just a diploma or certificate.

Those with master’s degree earn about 29% more than workers who have bachelor’s degree only. While those with a PhD earn about 14% more than workers with just a master’s degree and bachelor’s degree. 

What are the highest-paying jobs in Guyana?

  • Dentist – 389,000 GYD
  • Chief Executive Officer – 370,000 GYD
  • Dietitian – 333,000 GYD
  • Chief Financial Officer – 331,000 GYD
  • Financial Manager – 330,000 GYD
  • Attorney – 312,000 GYD
  • Hotel Manager – 305,000 GYD
  • Sales Manager – 297,000 GYD 
  • General Manager – 293,000 GYD 
  • Bank Branch Manager – 291,000 GYD
  • Information Technology Engineer – 287,000 GYD
  • Pilot – 285,000 GYD

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