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Available Recruitment Agencies in Laos for foreigners and citizens. Are you interested in working in Asia? Do you want to know what is required to be able to work and live in Laos? Do you wonder if Foreigners work in Laos?

Are you international ex-pats wondering how easy it is to get job in Laos? or maybe is Laos a good place for expats? Then this article is for you! we have written all you need to know about Laos Recruitment Agencies for foreigners and Citizens.

Laos is a country located in southeast Asia. Its major industry is the growing and selling of rice. Laos as a country is heavily dependent on foreign aid from international organizations like the IMF and from neighboring countries.

Here will be compiling the best job recruitment agencies in Laos that render affordable services and provide recent jobs for Citizens and foreigners in Laos. We will also take a look at frequently asked questions on Jobs in Laos for Citizens and International Expats.

Top recruiting agencies for foreigners and citizens in Laos 2023

There are several recruiting agencies in Laos for both indigenes and expats, but these are the best recruitment agencies that we recommend if you are looking for a job in Laos either an expat or citizen.

  • Lao Job Co., LTD
  • 108 GROUP CO.,LTD
  • CVconnect company recruitment
  • Lao Consultancy group
  • Bousavan employment provision
  • Ijob recruitment company limited
  • Lanexang labor state enterprise Co.,LTD.
  • Lao labor promotion (LLPC, Co.,LTD.)
  • Lao state employment enterprise (LSEE)
  • KP service and labor development CO.,LTD.
  • Vientiane employment service
  • Xaiya employment CO., LTD
  • Inter labor Co.,LTD
  • Deaunsavan employment company
  • Sinxay employment service
  • Duangphachan employment service CO.,LTD.
  • NP employment service CO.,LTD.
  • Khammany employment service CO.,LTD.


Requirement for Job Recruitment for International expats in Laos

For you to work as a foreigner in Laos, you must have a work permit. Getting a work permit is usually hard although the easiest way is by applying for a teaching job as an expatriate. The cost of a work visa is around 400 USD.

The documents required when applying for a work permit is a recent passport photograph, a valid passport of up to 6 months beyond the stay in Laos and an application form that you have completed and signed.

Is it hard to get a job in Laos?

Jobs in Laos are not easy to get as over 70% of the economy of Laos is dependent on agriculture. It is advisable to apply directly to the headquarters of foreign companies as those are the ones with the highest paying jobs or you apply to embassies. There are teaching jobs you can apply for.

Can a foreigner work in Laos?

Many foreigners working in Laos are usually employed by foreign companies, embassies or international organizations like the World Bank or the United Nations. Interns and volunteers usually find work as English teachers. As a foreigner, you should endeavor to learn a little of the Lao language, at least the basics

How much are workers paid in Laos

Currently the minimum wage in Laos is 900,000 LAK or 111 USD per month. This minimum wage has been in effect since April 1, 2015. Although for expats, their salary is considerably higher, depending on the company there are working for and the position.

All workers including expats are required to pay personal income tax (PIT) and the rate varies depending on your salary. The highest rate is 24%, that is for those earning 40,000,001 LAK and above per month.

For those earning 24,000,001-40,000,000 LAK, the rate is 20%. For those earning 12,000,001-24,000,000 LAK, the rate is 15%.

For those earning 6,000,001-12,000,000 LAK, the rate is 12%. For those earning 3,000,001-6,000,000 LAK, the rate is 10%. For those earning 1,000,001-3,000,000 LAK, the rate is 5% and for those earning less than 1,000,000 LAK per month the rate is 0%. The regular work hours is 48 hours per week.

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