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Recruitment Agencies in Argentina in 2023/2024 for foreigners and locals! The South American continent contains the nation of Argentina. It shares borders with Chile to the west, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, the South Atlantic Ocean, and the Drake Passage to the east, north, and south, respectively. The recruitment companies in Argentina have a sizable database of candidate profiles from many different industries for various managerial, non-managerial, and technical tasks.

Recruitment consultants are skilled in finding candidates and screening their resumes in accordance with job descriptions and other hiring requirements provided by their clients. In order to actively advertise the job openings in your company, staffing firms in Argentina have access to the most excellent and well-liked online job portals, business networking websites, and social media platforms.

For small and medium-sized businesses where recruiting is not frequently necessary, outsourcing to staffing services companies in Argentina is a viable and cost-effective option. To locate the ideal individual who matches both the essential talents and the firm’s attitude, the staffing process necessitates the rigorous study of the job profile and company values.

This page explains how recruitment agencies work, lists the best firms for both foreigners and locals, explains how to tell if a firm is trustworthy and much more.

Argentina recruitment Agencies

There are many ways to advertise available employment in Argentina. Newspapers continue to be widely read in the nation, including titles like La Nación and El Clarin. One of the least successful ways to find a job in Argentina is through LinkedIn. But times are changing, and more people are turning to business social media.

In the nation, speculative applications are also typical. You may receive applications by mail and online if you are in charge of staffing and recruitment for your firm in Argentina.

Many candidates will write to their chosen organization for consideration, particularly those looking for internships or applying to be a teacher. Always read through these applications because some of them might become excellent team members.

How do employment agencies function?

The procedure could seem a little confusing if you’ve never dealt with a recruitment firm before. Contractors and direct hires are the two main skill categories offered by recruitment companies.


Agencies efficiently hire workers from a pool of skilled talent that the agency employs itself for contractors. Contract workers are often compensated hourly, plus a premium charged by the recruitment firm. In the event that a company decides to engage a contractor as a full-time employee, certain recruitment companies also charge a contract-to-hire fee.

2.Hiring directly

For direct hires, the agency aids in the recruitment and full-time employment of a candidate by the employer. The recruitment fee, which is often calculated as a percentage of the talent’s first-year base salary, is how the agency generates revenue. However, rates can be higher for more difficult hires. Most agencies charge between 20 and 30 percent of the talent’s salary.

Usually, this fee is paid:

  • Upfront.
  • throughout several stages, as the agency completes tasks.
  • on a temporary basis (the client only pays if the agency makes a successful hire).

Naturally, price schedules differ amongst agencies, so do your homework before deciding to work with one.

Top Recruitment Companies in Argentina for foreigners and citizens

You can locate employment opportunities or staffing solutions in Argentina thanks to the various recruitment firms there. Popular choices comprise:

1. Robert Walters:

Robert Walters is a prominent international recruitment agency in Argentina. They specialize in putting people in mid to senior-level jobs across a range of sectors, including engineering, marketing, finance, and IT.

2. Progreso:

Progreso is a top employment agency in Argentina that focuses on hiring experts for temporary, contract, and permanent positions across a range of sectors, including IT, finance, engineering, and human resources.

3. KPMG:

KPMG is a significant professional services company in Argentina. They provide clients in numerous industries with recruitment and staffing solutions in addition to consulting and auditing services.

4. Adecco:

With locations in important cities including Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Rosario, this international staffing firm is well-represented in Argentina. They provide outsourcing, permanent placement, and temporary staffing services.

5. Hays:

This global staffing firm with locations in Buenos Aires and Rosario has departments with expertise in IT, finance, engineering, and human resources, among other fields.

6. Manpower:

This international staffing firm has offices all around Argentina, notably in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Rosario. They provide outsourcing, permanent placement, and temporary staffing services.

7. Randstad:

Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Rosario are just a few of the major locations where the worldwide staffing firm Randstad has operations. They provide outsourcing, permanent placement, and temporary staffing services.

8. Matthew Page:

There are several locations for this international employment agency in Argentina, including ones in Buenos Aires and Cordoba. The industries they specialize in placing people in include finance, IT, engineering, and human resources.

To pick an agency that satisfies your demands and has a high reputation, it is a good idea to explore these and other organizations.


How to determine if a recruitment company is reliable

Review websites like Trustpilot, Google, and Yelp have made it much simpler to identify hiring and recruitment firms with a bad reputations. You still need to exercise due diligence, though. When determining whether to work with a staffing agency, consider the following three factors:

Case studies with actual clients

Make sure to carefully read case studies to understand more about the benefits or services the agency offered.

Assurance procedure.

A guaranteed policy states that the agency will make a replacement hire at no cost if a new recruit doesn’t work out—typically if they quit the company within a specific time frame.


The field of recruiting is intricate and extremely specialized. Although offering services for a range of job titles and abilities is common for larger recruitment firms, it can be a warning sign for smaller agencies.

Do you require a recruit for a specialty technology position? Choose a company that only recruits tech professionals. Need assistance choosing which positions to fill? Look for an agency that you can work with to recommend talent.

No matter which agency you use, search around to evaluate costs and qualifications and don’t be shy about requesting client references for additional confidence.

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