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Recruitment Agencies in Panama for foreigners and citizens 2024/2025! With a population of roughly 4.5 million, Panama is a nation in Central America. The Caribbean Sea, Colombia, the Pacific Ocean, and Costa Rica form its western, eastern, northern, and southern borders, respectively. Panama City serves as the nation’s capital. Because of its advantageous location, Panama has long served as a significant transportation and trade hub.

Panama’s recruitment agencies have expertise in assisting businesses in locating and employing qualified applicants for job vacancies. These organizations frequently work with a variety of industries and can support staffing requirements that are permanent, temporary, or contract-based. They often have a database of resumes and job seekers, and they employ various strategies to identify individuals and match them with job openings.

Some employment agencies in Panama might additionally provide further services including help with job placement, career coaching, and assistance with pay negotiations. While some agencies may be more specialized and work with a wide range of businesses and employment positions, others may be more generic.

Are you asking what kinds of employment agencies are there in Panama? Do you want to know the list of Recruitment Agencies in Panama for foreigners and citizens? Or you might be looking for the list of the highest and lowest-paying jobs in  Panama. No worries, read this article to get the answers to all your questions.

What kinds of employment agencies are there in Panama?

In Panama, there are various kinds of recruiting agencies that can support employers in finding and hiring personnel. Typical categories of employment agencies include:

1. Temporary staffing firms:

These firms offer companies temporary employees to replace absences, workload peaks, or special projects.

2. Permanent placement agencies:

These organizations assist businesses in filling long-term positions inside their enterprises. Typically, the agency will manage the entire hiring process, including posting the job, vetting applicants, and conducting interviews.

3. Executive search firms:

These companies specialize in helping businesses find top-tier executives and management personnel. They frequently work on a retained basis, which means the business pays the firm in advance to use its services.

4. Contract staffing firms:

These firms offer workers to businesses on a temporary basis, frequently for certain projects or assignments.

5. Diversity recruitment firms:

These firms focus on finding and placing people from various backgrounds in a range of industries. They might concentrate on hiring persons who belong to underrepresented groups, such as women, people of color, or those with disabilities.

6. Niche recruitment agencies

Recruiting firms that focus on filling specialized positions in fields like IT, engineering, or healthcare are known as niche firms.

Depending on whether they are owned by the government or a private corporation, recruitment agencies in Panama may also be categorized as either public or private.

List of Recruitment Agencies in Panama for foreigners and citizens 2024

Want to know the available recruitment agencies in Panama? Check out the list of Recruitment Agencies in Panama for foreigners and citizens below:

1. Man Power Panama

  • Address: Panama City, Panama
  • Telephone: +507 377-5300
  • Guy: Human resource consulting
  • Web page:

2.Agencia de Empleos Human Solutions Pty

  • Address: Edificio Las Camelias, Panamá, Panama
  • Telephone: +507 6309-4341
  • Guy: Employment agency

3. Panamá Jobs

  • Address: Plaza Paitilla, Planta Baja, Local 12, Panamá, Panama
  • Telephone: +507 215-3105
  • Guy: Temp agency
  • Web page:

4. Amrop

  • Address: Edificio Plaza Pacific, Piso 3°, C. 66 Este, Panamá, Panama
  • Telephone: +507 395-7190
  • Guy: Executive search firm
  • Web page:

5. Recursos Humanos Panamá | Talent Consulting

  • Address: Molon Tower, C. Aquilino de la Guardia, Panamá, Panama
  • Telephone: +507 395-3503
  • Guy: Human resource consulting

6. Konzerta

  • Address: Torre de las Américas, torre B, piso 20. Ofic. 20A, Panamá, Panama
  • Telephone: +507 302-5252
  • Guy: Employment center
  • Web page:

7. Panama Marine Services

  • Address: 2F38+8WM, Panamá, Panama
  • Guy: Professional services
  • Web page:

The highest-paying jobs in Panama

List of Panama’s highest-paying jobs and their average monthly salaries (PAB).

  1. Chief Executive Officer Top Management – 5,825 PAB
  2. Managing Director Top Management – 4,343 PAB
  3. IT Director Top Management4,273 PAB
  4.  Country Manager/Director Top Management4,261 PAB
  5.  Leasing Director Leasing – 4,056 PAB
  6. Economic/Financial Manager Top Management – 3,864 PAB
  7. Lead developer Information Technology – 3,781 PAB
  8. Finance Manager Management – 3,707 PAB
  9. Air Traffic Controller Transport, Haulage, Logistics – 3,678 PAB
  10. Pilot Transport, Haulage, Logistics – 3,609 PAB

Panama’s lowest-paid positions

List of Panama’s lowest-paying jobs and their average monthly salaries (PAB)

  1. Seller / Cashier Commerce588 PAB
  2. Nursery School Teacher Assistant Education, Science & Research – 712 PAB
  3.  Cleaner General labor750 PAB
  4.  Seamstress Textile, Leather, Apparel Industry762 PAB
  5. Pre-school/School/ Kindergarder nurse Medicine & Social Care – 796 PAB
  6. Porter, Information Staff General labour – 802 PAB
  7. Medical Orderly Medicine & Social Care – 817 PAB
  8. Assistant Teacher Education, Science & Research – 822 PAB
  9. Security Guard Security & Protection – 838 PAB
  10. Caregiver Medicine & Social Care – 841 PAB

Can an ex-pat find employment in Panama?

A tourist visa can be obtained by foreigners who intend to stay in Panama for up to 90 days, although the bearer is not permitted to work. Foreign workers must get an immigrant visa, establish residency, and then apply for a work permit in order to live and work in Panama.


Economy of Panama

The services sector, which makes up about 80% of Panama’s GDP and the majority of its foreign income, is the foundation of that country’s economy. The Panama Canal, banking, business, the Colón Free Trade Zone, insurance, container ports, flagship registry, health and medical care, and tourism are just a few examples of the services offered.

Manufacturing of textiles, cement, beverages, adhesives, and spare parts for aircraft are all industries in the nation. In addition, Panama exports textiles, shrimp, sugar, coffee, and bananas. Panama’s economy is entirely based on the US dollar, which is recognized as legal cash there.

After temporarily losing its indigenous currency as a result of its secession from Colombia (with American assistance), Panama was the first foreign nation to adopt the U.S. dollar as its official currency (1903). Panama has a history of having low inflation and a high-income economy.

Panama salaries.

Employee salaries in Panama typically range from 9,588 PAB (low pay; employees’ actual wages may be significantly lower) to 31,356 PAB (high salaries, actual salaries can be even higher).

This is the annual wage in its entirety, including bonuses. Within the same employment position, salaries can differ dramatically.

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