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Mauritania Recruitment Agencies for foreigners! Northwest Africa is the home to the nation of Mauritania. Algeria to the north, Mali to the east and southeast, and Senegal to the southwest are its neighbors. West of Mauritania is where you’ll find the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of the nation, Nouakchott, is home to around 4.3 million people. Arabic is the official language, however, French is also extensively used.

Due to the country’s small population, it can be challenging to locate educated workers seeking specialized roles. Despite this challenge, you need to appoint qualified workers who can maintain your company. In order to comply, you must also know how to hire Mauritania workers.

Do you need info about Mauritania recruitment? Are you seeking the list of the top Mauritania recruitment agencies for foreigners and citizens? Would you like to know about the Employment laws in Mauritania?

Mauritania recruitment and Agencies

Thanks to favorable improvements in its business environment over the past ten years, Mauritania is quickly becoming a viable location for corporate expansion. You can start your staffing and recruiting procedures in a number of ways:

Manage your internal hiring: Consider posting job openings on various job search websites if you prefer to manage your Mauritania staffing internally. Try to post on general websites, business-related social media sites, and portals for your industry. This will give you the highest chance of success and help you cover all your bases.

Hire a local talent recruiting agency: Managing the hiring process internally might not be the ideal option if you’re hoping for a speedy hiring timeframe. You may locate and hire talented individuals much more quickly by working with a local headhunting agency. However, hiring firms typically do not guarantee legal observance. Due to the complexity of foreign employment restrictions, it is essential to verify all information and follow local hiring standards.

Associated with a global PEO An international PEO can assist in hiring top people and acting as the employer of record. Your organization can benefit from a complete piece of mind knowing that you are not liable for your new hires’ adherence to the law in addition to expediting your hiring procedure.

Recruitment Agencies in Mauritania 2023/2024

Check out the list of the top recruitment agencies in Mauritania for foreigners and citizens below

  • Target Recruitment & HR Solutions
  • Beta Conseils
  • ZH recruitment
  • Airswift
  • Tangent International Ltd
  • Altea Energy
  • UTM Consultants Ltd
  • Pnet (Pty) Ltd
  • Yotspot – Yachting Opportunities & Training

Employment laws in Mauritania.

Working hours are regulated by Mauritania’s employment compliance legislation. Employees are only permitted to work a maximum of eight hours per day and forty hours per week in non-agricultural industries. Although there are certain exceptions, employees must receive a weekly 24-hour period of rest on Fridays. Regulations for overtime are established through collective bargaining agreements or Ministry of Labor decrees.

The employment contract must be signed by each new employee from Mauritania that you hire. Once that is done, you must register them with the local government and social security (CNSS). Before they officially begin, you must collect copies of their birth certificate, criminal history, two ID photos, copies of their diploma, and more.


Employing People in Mauritania: A Guide.

You must first think about your employment contract when learning how to hire Mauritania workers. You may form a clear agreement with your staff using this contract and stay out of trouble legally. The majority of employment agreements are written in Arabic and can be either short- or long-term. Indefinite contracts last until terminated, but fixed-term contracts often have a period that is explicitly stated and has a calendar date.

Key details including remuneration, benefits, termination conditions and working hours should be included in every contract. To avoid any misunderstandings with employees, be careful to state pay and compensation amounts in Mauritanian ouguiya.

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