Recruitment Agencies in Bulgaria for 2024/2025 Citizens and Foreigners

Are you a foreigner currently seeking greener pastures in Bulgaria? Then you need to know about the Bulgaria Recruitment Agencies 2023.

Moving higher into a more better place in your career, or increasing your monthly income and salary is the dream of every foreigner  or Citizen residing in Bulgaria.

So as an International expats seeking greener pastures,knowing about the 2023 Recruitment Agencies in Bulgaria will be a major step to reducing your stress in securing an ideal job in Bulgaria.

On these page, we will be talking a look at 2023 Top Recruitment Agencies for  foreigners in Bulgaria. are list here and many more information you need to know as a foreigner seeker to know more about the Best Bulgarian Recruitment Agencies and many more relevant information about the Bulgaria Top recruiting agencies.

Top 2024 Recruitment Agencies in Bulgaria.

Knowing the right Bulgaria Recruitment Agencies when applying for an Internation job or as a citizen answers majority of the challenges you may face when securing your dream job.

Here are a list of recruiting agencies in Bulgaria.

  • Topskills Recruitment
  • Horizon Bulgaria
  • Bulwork Company limited
  • JobTiger
  • Cosmos Agency
  • InterContinental Recruiting
  • Correct Consult Bulgaria
  • Work Abroad LLC
  • Chance Agency Ltd
  • Recruitment Agency Balkain Invest
  • Talantix Global IT Recruitment Bulcon Group
  • IBC Student Exchange
  • Novi Global Recruitment Bulgaria
  • HRS Bulgaria
  • Holgersson Eood
  • Arsis Global Consulting Bulgaria-Talentor Bulgaria
  • Adecco Bulgaria
  • Sofia Tech Recruitment
  • Sutherland Global Services Bulgaria
  • Cargill CBS Bulgaria
  • SBA Flex Recruitment
  • Talantix


Who can work in Bulgaria?

As an Foreigner ,citizen or even international experts wishing to work in Bulgaria and wondering how possible it is? Well,goodnews!

It is very much possible Bulgaria. However this is Dependent on the visa you have at your disposal whilst at Bulgaria. This is not applied to foreigners from European Union Countries as they are allowed to work without a visa or permit.

What is the normal salary in Bulgaria?

According to an article reported by  ZaPlatomer, an average person in Bulgaria earns approximately 920 BGN- 3696 BGN-. However,It could be higher in some cases

What kind of work is in demand in Bulgaria?

Works that are in demand in Bulgaria are jobs that pay the most and they include Executive management jobs,Finance Control and strategy, Sales and Business development,Consulting ,Accounting and Professional services
Bulgaria remains one the countries with a stable and a fast growing economy . As a citizen in Bulgaria or an international expats ,recruitment Agencies in Bulgaria provides an adequate platform to build your career and get the right paying job opportunities.
Need more information on Recruitment Agencies in Bulgaria,then drop your comment and book mark these page for more.

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