Recruitment Agencies in Colombia for foreigners and citizens 2023/2024| Check Employment Agencies today

Recruitment Agencies in Colombia for foreigners and citizens 2023/2024!The recruitment firms in Colombia have a qualified group of recruiting specialists to meet your needs for candidate sourcing and job openings.

For small and medium-sized businesses where hiring is not a constant or consistent process, outsourcing to staffing services companies in Colombia is an affordable and practical option. Hiring an internal recruiter for sporadic staffing needs will result in a loss for such organizations.

The recruitment firms in Colombia have access to a sizable database of the resumes of competent job seekers who are actively looking for employment and who would be a perfect fit for your organization.

The best and most popular online job portals, business networking websites, and social media platforms are available to the staffing consultants to advertise your company’s job openings.

Are you looking for a list of Colombian recruitment agencies that hire both locals and foreigners? Do you want to know what a recruiter does and why you might think about hiring one? Are you interested in learning the dos and don’ts when working with recruiters? You should read this article without a doubt.

What is a Recruiter and Why Would I Consider Working With One?

Recruiters connect various tiers of applicants with available positions. Employers pay recruiters to discover qualified candidates for particular positions. The candidates are not charged by recruiters for their services. This is something to keep in mind because, despite calling themselves recruiters, employment firms will charge you for their services.

The advantages of working with recruiters are numerous. Staff members of all levels can find temporary work in a variety of industries. You can pick the hours and location of your work when you have a temporary job. Therefore, you have the choice to work during the school year and take the summers off. Additionally, some firms solely use recruitment agencies to fill specific positions. Working with a recruiter can increase the amount of attention your CV receives for a specific kind of position.

List of Recruitment firms in Colombia for nationals and foreigners 2023/2024

See below for a list of Colombia’s Top Best Recruitment Agencies.

  • Outsourcing S.A Oficial
  • LHR
  • Saitemp SA
  • Todosistemas STI
  • Gente Oportuna
  • Timbi
  • Origen BPO
  • Alcor
  • DevsData Tech Talent LLC
  • Talent Place

Colombian recruitment

Recruitment and staffing are challenging undertakings in Colombia that frequently depend more on who you know than what you know. The country heavily relies on recommendations, which might also enable you to save recruiting expenses. Encourage any candidates you decide to hire to invite their friends to apply. In industries like services, sales, and production, recommendations are a great way to fill open positions.

If you choose to use job boards to find employees in Colombia, you will typically need to include the salary. Job boards showcase income and might let job seekers filter positions by salary. Putting forth a competitive compensation can help you draw in more applicants and boost your ranking in the search.

How to Recruit Employees in Colombia

Writing an employment contract and an offer letter is the first step in the hiring process in Colombia. Make sure to provide a description of the employee’s probationary period as well as the employee’s pay in Colombian pesos.

In Colombia, fixed-term contracts between one and three years and undefined duration contracts both have a two-month maximum probationary period. The probationary period cannot be longer than one-fifth of the agreed-upon duration for fixed-term contracts describing less than a year of employment.

Getting Ready for an Agency Interview

You can decide whether your needs align with those of the recruiting firm and its clients during the interview. The following are some possible queries:

  • Whom do you list among your clients?
  • What sectors do you have expertise in?
  • What types of tasks do you prefer to handle?
  • When is the ideal time to contact and inquire about available work?
  • Who manages acquiring my employment and responsibilities here? Do you have my contact information?
  • Do you offer training to temp staff? If yes, what kinds of workshops or training sessions do you provide?
  • You or the business I’m placed at would be the hiring organization?

Employment laws in Colombia

The Constitution, the Substantive Labour Code, and the Social Security Regime are the three laws that govern how Colombian employers must comply with legal requirements. An employee is only permitted to work a total of 48 hours each week, either Monday through Friday or Monday through Saturday. From 2023 to 2026, this will gradually decrease to 42 hours.

More than two extra hours per day or 12 extra hours per week cannot be worked by your staff. Employees are paid an additional 25% of their base income for every hour they work after that, or 75% more if they work on Sundays or holidays.

In Colombia, employers normally pay their staff once every month. Weekly pay is given to more casual workers. As of January 2022, Colombia employment compliance regulations additionally require that you offer employees a payslip and that they receive a monthly minimum wage of 1,000,000 pesos.

Looking for recruiters

There may be ongoing agreements between some recruiting firms and larger corporations. For instance, a recruiting firm might exclusively send workers to big tech companies. Determine any specialized fields you want to work in when browsing recruiting companies. If you find a company that interests you, you can get in touch with its human resources division. Inquire if they utilize a certain staffing firm or “preferred vendors.”

The Directory of Executive Recruiters contains details on recruiters. It is a list of contingent and retainer-based businesses organized by industry and location. The majority of public libraries have copies of the directory. Additionally, you can locate hiring companies online, in trade journals, and through networking.


Dos and Don’ts When Working With Recruiters

It’s possible that a recruiting firm won’t always have jobs for you to apply for. You should register with several organizations to increase your possibilities.

Create a thorough cover letter. This message will not have the same substance as one you could send to a potential employer. This is because you’re attempting to make the recruiter think of you for a variety of openings rather than just one particular job. Be careful to write a cover letter that is both clear and succinct before sending it to a recruiter.

You must be articulate when speaking with recruiters. Answer questions directly and show enthusiasm for your career and your goals. It is best to treat the initial phone conversation or meeting as an interview.

When speaking with recruiters, act professionally to set an example for your clientele.

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