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Recruitment Agencies in El Salvador for  Foreigners and citizens 2023/2024! Where do you go when your corporate firm needs to hire and acquire staff? You may advertise your openings on job boards for your field or make connections on LinkedIn. How do you hire El Salvadorians while attending to so many other duties since it might not be viable to follow the same procedures there?

External companies known as recruitment agencies help organizations discover qualified applicants. Employers assign them the responsibility of locating applicants for open positions within their organizations in order to save time and money and to gain access to the wider candidate pool than a direct advertisement or company network can.

In El Salvador, there are numerous recruiting companies that assist companies and organizations in hiring the best personnel as well as job seekers in locating the dream employer. What are El Salvador’s most well-known employment firms?

Because there are so many options, it is simpler to look at the top 10 list we have compiled for you and choose one of the top agencies on the market in 2023.

El Salvador recruitment

El Salvador’s steady economic expansion has increased job prospects, particularly in the country’s capital of San Salvador. You might discover that some job hopefuls speak English as more foreign workers arrive in the nation. Jobs can be posted on LinkedIn, LatinTopJobs, and to attract expats.

You can post job listings for both locals and non-locals in the San Salvador publication Diario Latino. Keep in mind that hiring someone from a different country will come with additional obligations.

Employer Procedures in El Salvador

An oral or written contract is the best way to hire staff in El Salvador, while we advise using a robust written contract in Spanish. Every employment agreement must specify the conditions of pay, benefits, health insurance choices, requirements for termination, entitlement terms, working hours, and more. Make sure to always mention pay and salary levels in U.S. dollars in your offer letters and contracts.

Best Recuriment Agencies in El Salvador for  foreigners and citizens 2023/2024

The following list includes some of El Salvador’s recruitment organizations for both foreigners and locals, along with their contact information:


  • Address: 3a Calle Poniente No. 5134, San Salvador, El Salvador.
  • Telephone: +503 2529 7400.
  • Web page:

2. Outsourcing El Salvador

  • Address: 75 Avenida Norte y, 9a Calle Poniente 537, San Salvador, San Salvador CP 1101, El Salvador
  • Telephone: +503 2565 2222
  • Web page:

3. Comet Job – Empleos en El Salvador

  • Address: k 4 1/2 Alameda Manuel Enrique Araujo Edificio Carbonel B-2 San Salvador CP, 1101, El Salvador.
  • Telephone: +503 7749 7823.
  • Web page:

4. Tecoloco El Salvador

  • Address: Pasaje Bella Vista, Block 118, #3-138. 9a Calle poniente Bis., San Salvador, El Salvador.
  • Telephone: +503 2257 8300.
  • Web page:

5. Skill Outsourcing Services

  • Address: Colonia Escalon 81 avenida norte, 11 calle poniente #720A San Salvador CP, 1101, El Salvador
  • Telephone: +503 7844 1814

6. Sykes El Salvador

  • Address: Blvr. De Los Heroes, San Salvador 1101, El Salvador
  • Telephone: +503 2261 3600
  • Web page:

7. TELUS International El Salvador

  • Address: Centro Corporativo Cascadas, Calle El Pedregal y, Av. Sergio Paiz, San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Telephone: +503 2523 8300
  • Web page:

8. Prospectiva Roi & Action

  • Address: Dentro de Asistencia Italiana Contiguo a Basílica de Guadalupe, Final, Blvr. Los Proceres No 161, San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Telephone: +503 2243 0235
  • Web page:

9. Teleperformance TP1

  • Address: Pje. 3, San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Telephone: +503 2250 5700
  • Web page:

10. Recursos Humanos ACECENTA DE R.L.

  • Address: Local 03, Paseo General Escalon, Edificio Salvador Del Mundo, San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Telephone: +503 2503 0660
  • Web page:

What occupation is most prevalent in El Salvador?

Agriculture and manufacturing are the main industries in the nation. El Salvador consistently grows coffee, corn, rice, and other grains on its 1.3 million acres of fertile land. This produce brings in a substantial sum of money for the nation, and the coffee sector alone supports 82,000 jobs.

How can I get a job in El Salvador?

In El Salvador, the majority of your staff will require both a work permit and a visa for permanent residence. Foreign nationals who frequently visit the nation on business may submit an application for a Frequent Traveler Card there. Work permits and temporary residency permits are merged.


What dialects are used in El Salvador?

Spanish from El Salvador is the nation’s official tongue. Although this Spanish dialect is similar to that used across the rest of Central America, it is known as Salvadorian Spanish due to differences in pronunciation and usage. Except in major tourist hubs, English is not generally spoken.

Do you have any inquiries about the recruitment organizations in El Salvador? Use the comment area below and remember to bookmark our page for the most recent updates.

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