Visa sponsorship jobs in Belgium for foreigners 2024/2025 | Available Skilled/Unskilled Job Vacancies

Jobs in Belgium that can sponsor visas for foreigners in 2024/2025 for both skilled and unskilled workers! Belgium, a country in Western Europe, is well-known for its Renaissance architecture, medieval cities, and its status as the EU and NATO’s administrative center. The nation is divided into several areas, including the German-speaking region to the east, French-speaking Wallonia to the south, and Dutch-speaking Flanders to the north. Elegant art-nouveau structures and majestic guildhalls may be found at Grand-Place in Brussels, the city’s bilingual capital.

If you’re a foreigner, do you need a job in Belgium that will sponsor your visa? Attempting to obtain the most recent list of Belgian employers who sponsor visas Would working in Belgium be of interest to you? Are you seeking for the conditions that must be met before a work visa can be issued?

On this page, you may learn about the work permits needed to work in Belgium as well as the current visa sponsorship jobs for foreign nationals in 2024/2025. Along with how to apply for a work visa in Belgium, you will discover more about the requirements for a work visa for Belgium.

Jobs in Belgium that can sponsor visas for foreigners in 2024/2025

For foreigners, Belgium offers many job options. Some of the jobs in Belgium that can sponsor visas for foreign nationals are listed below:

  • Electronic Test Technician
  • International HR Consultant
  • Junior Traffic Engineer – traffic planning
  • Business Development Manager
  • Project Administrative Assistant
  • Junior Communication Officer
  • Junior Marketing Specialist
  • Customer Operations Advisor
  • Administrative Support
  • Management Assistant
  • Sales Assistant

Belgian Work Permit

The first step in obtaining a work visa for Belgium is to locate employment there. It is advantageous to be employed before you can apply for either a residence or work permit in Belgium because your work visa is related to your residence status.

Work visa categories in Belgium

There are three types of work permits for foreign nationals in Belgium. These groups consist of the following:

  • Work Permit Type A: To be eligible for this permission, the applicant must have possessed a Type B permit for at least four years during a ten-year stay in Belgium that was unbroken. Permits of Type A are perpetual.
  • Work Permit Type B: With this document, foreign workers may occupy positions that are not open to Belgian citizens. It has a one-year expiration date after which it can be renewed.
  • Work Permission Type C: Students and other transient travelers are eligible for this permit. It is only good for a year at most.

Your staff will probably require Type B, which is the most typical type of work visa. Employees must have both a work permit and a resident visa in order to stay in Belgium.

Is a Visa Required to Work in Belgium?

You need a work permit if you want to work in Belgium under an employment contract as a foreign worker. It also applies to residents of Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway who are not EU members.

To live and work in Belgium as a non-EU or EEA national, you must submit an application for a work permit. To enter Belgium, you must first apply for a long-stay visa, and once there, you must submit an application for a resident permit with employment privileges.

Conditions for a Work Visa for Belgium

The following papers are necessary for a work visa in Belgium:

  • Passport. You must obtain a current passport.
  • A work permit. You should have a job in Belgium before requesting a work visa. You’ll be able to live and work in Belgium if you have a work permit.
  • Certification of health. You must demonstrate that you don’t have any medical conditions that could harm the general public’s health.
  • Evidence of accommodation In Belgium, you must demonstrate that you will have a place to reside.
  • Evidence of financial capacity You must provide evidence that you can support yourself financially in Belgium.
  • Evidence that you have never been convicted of a crime. You should insist on a declaration from the police officer stating that you have never been convicted of a crime.

How to apply for a work visa in Belgium

In order to live and work in Belgium, foreign employees must get a work permit. The business must demonstrate that no job-seeking Belgian nationals are available who are qualified to fill the position before submitting an application for a work visa. The application procedure can then start. The steps in the procedure are as follows:

  • The employer applies for a work permit with the Belgian immigration authorities.
  • When a work permit is approved, the authorities send a copy to the Belgian Embassy in the prospective employee’s home country.
  • The worker applies for a residence visa by going to the Belgian Embassy there.
  • The employee may visit Belgium once they have their visa and authorization.
  • The employee notifies the relevant authorities on their arrival in Belgium and provides their residential address.
  • The worker submits a request for an ID card.
  • The employee offers their fingerprints and retrieves their ID card.
  • These procedures must be followed before the employee can start working for your company in Belgium.

Process time for a work visa for Belgium?

It could take 8 to 10 weeks to get a work visa. Given that he must apply for you, it depends on the business you would be working for.

How much does a work visa for Belgium cost?

A work visa was €180. All forms of long-stay visas are covered by this fee. Your employer will pay the fee when you submit your visa application to the Belgian Immigration Office. It is per person.

How to Obtain a Residence Permit for Employment Once in Belgium

When you first arrive in Belgium, you must register with your local town hall or administration in the foreigner’s registry. After that, you will have to submit an ID card application and give your fingerprints. You will receive your identity card, which serves as your residency permission, once you have satisfied these conditions.

Can my family travel with me?

After finding adequate housing for yourself and your family, you may bring them with you. You should be able to demonstrate your ability to support them financially. At the Belgian embassy in your place of residence, your family members must apply for a visa type D for family reunification.


How long am I permitted to work in Belgium on a visa?

In the majority of European nations, the duration of a work visa is one year. You can, however, extend it in the majority of them. Your local city hall’s immigration office is where you may renew your work visa. You can apply for either permanent residence or a work permit type A after five years of residence and employment in Belgium.

If you have a job in Belgium, you are able to live and work there indefinitely with a work permit A.

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