To Companies in Tajikistan 2024 | List of Popular Companies

You wish to know the top Companies in Tajikistan? Tajikistan is blessed with business opportunities many top companies focusing on agric and other industries. 

This country economy is depending on agriculture and services, aside that this country is seriously into drug as of 2012 this country was ranked by Gross Domestic Product as a country with Heroin trafficking.

Tajikistani is also blessed with labour force as 2012 their labour force was said to be 2.1 million with this is a favorable condition for startup that is looking forward for human input to establish their business

In addition to these Tajikistan Companies, the number of the labour force in this country is in favour of several field and one of it is agriculture out of the total number of labour force that we have in Tajikistan 47.9% is agriculture this show how love the youth is having to agricultural development.

This is agriculture in Tajikistan has generated over $1.3 billion alone as of 2012 from exporting agricultural products and other things alone and the total revenue of this country is $ 2.046 billion this shows that there is abundance of opportunities in this country we are going to look at the top companies that we have in this country.

Top Companies in Tajikistan

  • Tcell:

Tcell is a telecommunication industry that is located at Tajikistan and this company is owned by Central Asian Telecommunications Development and the majority of services that is being provided by Tcell include 3G/4G LTE for smartphone users, prepaid and post paid sim card for mobile users to use for calls, and they also provide internet services for organizations to use in browsing.

  • Alif Bank

Alif bank provides credit cards to customers that they can use to shop for anything that they want while they are allowed to pay back the money based on installment over along period of time and they also make their app to be available to all customers both iOS and Android version so that it will be possible to access all their features.

  • Alif Mobi

Alif Mobi is one of the online wallet just like opay it allows users to receive and transfer funds via the app, you can also use it to pay for your electricity bills, water bills and mobile/dstv subscription. This app is user friendly and they have made it possible for you to be able to fund the wallet at any time and use it to do what you want.

This app is available on Google playstore for smartphone users and also available on Apple store for iPhone users.

  • Chu Gap:

Chu Gap is mobile app for both smartphone users and iPhone users this app is very important to firms and industries because it allow users to send and receive message, call each others and also share their files this app can be downloaded on Google playstore and also from Apple store.

  • Somon:

Somon is an app that make it possible for business owners to connect with their target audiences and sell to them with somon app business owners can easily go in there to register their business while in return they are also make it possible for users to search for any local business in their area to get their phone number and email address to patronize them.

Other Top Companies in Tajikistan

  1. Farride Group Ltd
  2. Kasoi Traiko ko
  3. Ali Mirzo
  4. Panacea
  5. IP Halikov Zafar Anvarovich
  6. International business Ltd
  8. The Proletarian Ore Mining Processing Plant
  9. Firdaws
  10. ABd Trading Co., Ltd
  11. TAJPET
  12. East field
  13. JSC Faroz
  14. Technological Investments LLC
  17. Turvest Trade
  19. Shohona
  20. Ibrahim Bashar LTD
  21. Manas Al Khaleej LLC
  22. Jahonnek LLC
  23. Barakat Isfara Ltd
  26. CJSC Mavsim & Co
  27. Mu bai Ltd
  28. NABWT
  29. Private Businessman
  30. Chaudhary Pharma
  31. Pamir Trade Co. Ltd.
  32. Hayat Medicine LLC
  33. Semotadj
  34. Merios Limited
  35. Khusrav & Daler LLC


Tajikistan Requirements before applying for visa

  1. You must have a valid passport.
  2. You must get a valid card either debit or credit.
  3. You must have a zero criminal record/report.
  4. Your country must be eligible for the eVisa.
  5. You must have additional documents as required by the body.

How can I apply for Tajikistan visa?

  1. Through online at Tajikistan portal
  2. At the Tajikistan embassy.

What visas are available in Tajikistan?

  1. Tajikistan Tourist Visa
  2. Tajikistan Business Visa
  3. Tajikistan Private Visa
  4. Tajikistan Investment Visa
  5. Tajikistan Work Visa
  6. Tajikistan Study/Academic Visa

How much is labour salary in Tajikistan?

Labours in Tajikistan collect 1,948 TJS/Month that’s approximately $177.702/month

What’s the cost of Tajikistan visa?

They don’t charge much it cost $30 for you to get Tajikistan eVisa and if you can add extra $20 to it they will issue permit to you that will allow to visit GornoBadakhshan Autonomous Region.

What are the main industries in Tajikistan

  1. Agriculture
  2. Forestry
  3. Fishing
  4. Mining and Minerals
  5. Industry and Manufacturing
  6. Energy
  7. Serv
  8. Tourism

How can I get work visa in Tajikistan

For you to get a work visa to Tajikistan you must have:

  • A passport with two blank sheets and 3 months of validity.
  • A letter of employment contract with the assign company in Tajikistan.
  • A letter of assignation from the company that employ you.

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