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To search for employment chances there, you need always be aware of the top Seychelles-based businesses. There are several renowned enterprises in Seychelles, but its primary sectors are fishing, tourism, and drinks. The African Union runs their trade organization.

They are a lot of labor force in Seychelles which accounted as a result of top companies that we have in the country among the labour force 3% are Agriculture,  23% are industry while 74% are services.

Seychelles generate their revenue from exporting products such as canned tuna, frozen fish, and petroleum products revenue generated by export products alone is worth $564.8 million and the major country that partner with them to have a successful exporting products are United Arab Emirates, and  France. Here, you are going to learn more about the Seychelles top companies and many more.

Top Companies in Seychelles

Here is a list of Top Companies in Seychelles

  1. Mauritius
  2. Select Seychelles
  3. Eden Island Seychelles
  4. Apoticarius
  5. Petroleum Oil Alliance Inc.
  6. Bitimage
  7. San Financials Limited
  8. Kent Holdings Limited
  9. France Boissons
  10. Quantrade Corp.
  11. Csg Securite
  12. Ittranslations, Inc.
  13. Public Utilities Corperation
  14. Allspatial Geospatial Software and Services
  15. Belcloud Hosting Corporation
  16. Toulven Consulting Ltd
  17. Global Voice Group
  18. Silhouette Cruises Seychelles
  19. Polytoken Fund
  20. Falcon Insurance Seychelles
  21. Astrill Sys Corp
  22. World Wide Work Service Ltd
  23. Gisp Group
  24. Desroches Island
  25. Cricwizz.Com
  26. Le Relax Hotel Management Limited
  27. Csi Africa Group Ltd
  28. Online Janet Ltd
  29. University of Seychelles
  30. Silver Bear Capital Inc.
  31. Broad Gate Financial
  32. Tickmill
  33. Telexray Sal
  34. Impact Marketing Seychelles
  35. Xtrabytes Ltd.
  36. Maritime Services Excellence Global Ltd
  37. The Station Seychelles
  38. Alliance Francaise Des Seychelles
  39. Immedium Inc.
  40. The James Michel Foundation
  41. Teleforce Ltd.
  42. Hr Vinix Ltd
  43. Fx Prime
  44. Nature Seychelles
  45. Educarriere Holding Ltd
  46. A.C.T – Offshore Limited
  47. Side by Side Travel Service
  48. My-Cool-Sms
  49. Smash Box Media
  50. Arma Maritime Logistics Ltd
  51. Different Choice Fbc Inc
  52. Adbee Marketing Ltd
  53. Diving Cruises Seychelles
  54. Technoguard System
  55. Xchangerate
  56. Leverj
  57. Libertylace
  58. Aso Engineering
  59. Amotera Pictures Ltd
  60. Corporate Backoffice Solutions Ltd
  61. Mcw Administration
  62. MasterVendorlist.Com
  63. Club Liberte Casino
  64. Savoy Resort & Spa Seychelles
  65. Optimized Sense Ltd
  66. International Ships Support Group
  67. Ownzered Inc
  68. Trinnov Audio
  69. Hampton Investment Group
  70. Blue Sea Drivers Ltd.
  71. Burnette Associates Ltd.
  72. RapidSeedBox.Com
  73. Sailfishing Charter Seychelles
  74. Yns Business Group Ltd
  75. Crystal Wordwide Ltd
  76. Cerf Island Resort
  77. Victoria Cold Storage
  78. FactSheet.Co
  79. Bellacre
  80. Consummo Seychelles
  81. SimpleFxSignals
  82. Sacos Insurance Group
  83. Premium Realty
  84. Cassis Seychelles
  85. Macarena Solutions
  86. Abacus Limited
  87. Player-Leads
  88. Airtel Seychelles
  89. Spearhead Capital Ltd.
  90. Tejas Consultants
  91. Hunt, Deltel & Co. Ltd
  92. Nexus International Services Group
  93. Eden Island Marina
  94. Seychelles Ministry of Environment and Energy
  95. Bitmex

How to Open a business in the Seychelles

  • You will need to come up with trading name that you want to use and run your business and the preferred language can be language.
  • You need to obtain a registered address in Seychelles note address must be legal and not illegal.
  • You need to choose the type of company that you want to open.
  • You need to go head and draw up your business plan which must be based on shareholding structure.
  • After you have completed it, kindly go ahead and register your business with the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA)
  • It all depends on the type of business that you want to open, you also need to apply for another special license from Seychelles Licensing Authority.
  • Finally,  you have to open a business bank account and according to IBCs it’s a legal requirement that your bank account must be located in Seychelles.

Benefits of Opening a Business in the Seychelles

These are the benefits of Opening a Business in the Seychelles:

1. It’s very simple and easy:

If you ever think of starting a business in Seychelles you have nothing to worry about the process of starting a business in Seychelles is very simple if you are a non-resident in Seychelles and you which to open your business all you have to do is to walk up to International Business Companies (IBCs).

And it doesn’t take long for you to register business all you have to do is to follow their procedures and in the next 24 hrs your business name will be incorporated and their language of communication in terms of running a business is English language.

2. Lack of Taxation :

Seychelles is one of the favourable place for business men to start up their business because this country is promoting their start up in many ways and one of the way is that if you are running your business in Seychelles

 and you have an income that is coming to your business from outside country you won’t be subjected to any taxation likewise to the money you gain in running the business you won’t also be tax. It is quite sure that you are going to pay your resident tax.

3. Excellent Structural Support for Startup:

You may panic especially if you are not staying in Seychelles you maybe asking how can I register my business this is very simple.

There are many firms that are available in Seychelles that helps people who are not available in the country to register their business on behalf of them

During this period you don’t need to travel to Seychelles by yourself to register your business and this firm that is going to handle the registration is going to charge you a token for this.

Biggest contributors to Seychelles economy

The biggest contributors to the Seychelles economy include:

  1. Tourism
  2. Fisheries
  3. Offshore Financial Services
  4. Real Estate and Construction
  5. Agriculture
  6. Marine Services and Shipping
  7. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  8. Renewable Energy
  9. Financial Services
  10. Education and Training


Successful enterprises in Seychelles

Here’s a list of successful enterprises in Seychelles:

  1. Cerf Island Marine Park Authority
  2. Seychelles Breweries
  3. Air Seychelles
  4. Cable & Wireless Seychelles
  5. Seychelles Trading Company (STC)
  6. Eden Island Development Company
  7. Constance Hotels and Resorts
  8. PwC Seychelles
  9. Aldabra Clean Energy
  10. Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA)

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